jeudi 21 juin 2012

Gabon / Jamaica: Bob Marley to Pascaline Bongo: "What you're ugly?"

In a documentary film about the Jamaican singer Bob Marley released in France June 13, 2012, Ken MacDonald, director of the famous film "The Last King of Scotland" about Ugandan dictator Idi Amin Dada, brings alive the Reggae star through the testimony of a dozen characters, among which former girlfriends.
President Omar Bongo Odinga official visit to the United States with her daughter Pascaline, then aged 23. She begs him to go to a concert of his idol Bob Marley is obviously loving it. At the end of the concert, she slips into the Rasta Man​​'s lodge, but their story of unrequited love ends badly for the Gabonese president's daughter.
"What you're ugly! "Said Bob Marley right now, time for one photo souvenir together.
In 1979, at age 34, the famous Jamaican musician in search of her African roots is visiting missed in Gabon. It is already known and appreciated in Africa for his hits "No Woman, No Cry" and "Exodus Kaya."
During his stay in Libreville, President Bongo avenges his eldest daughter by refusing to Bob Marley.
At 56 years, Bongo says Pascale and this unfortunate episode in front of the camera of the filmmaker: "It's because I had relaxed hair."
His mother Patience Dabany, whose real name is Josephine Nkama (born 1944) did not she had avenged herself by becoming a singing star after being scorned and abandoned by her husband Omar Bongo Odinga after 18 years of marriage ?

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