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Guatemala / Switzerland: Guatemala's police archives in Swiss coffers.

Swiss coffers does not only provide security money of the World.

         Often accused the Swiss banks to hide money from humanity in its coffers. It also appears that they may also harbor "under the seal of secrecy,"
Archives and confidential documents it is difficult to keep in states politically uncertain.
         The retired general Otto Perez Molina was elected President of the Republic of Guatemala November 6, 2011.
Proponent of "hard hand policy,"
it is the first soldier to return to power since the end of the Civil War (1960-1996). He is among the men who negotiated and signed peace agreements.
         But, however he is accused of violations of human rights during the civil war.
         So her first reaction when he came to power is to try to slow the process of historical reparation.

80 million documents rotting in the basement of the Police.

         While the inspectors were looking for explosives in the old police center in the heart of Guatemala City, they come across more than 80 million documents wet, gnawed by rats and fungi. Stacked, they would have formed 8 Km wall.
         Awesome! June 5, 2005, after formally denied their existence, the national police and saw arise the archives of its activities during the civil war. A treasure trove for historical justice, a threat to the minions of dictators.
         Over 200,000 Guatemalans were killed and 45,000 missing in this civil war, which lasted from 1960 to 1996, 93% of victims are attributed to government forces (police, national army, and paramilitary groups), according to the inquiry. If Guatemala is politically stable, it remains one of the worst cut-throat of humanity.
         With 17 murders per day, it is more dangerous to live in Guatemala City in Baghdad. This is a consequence of the peace accords in 1996 that decided to reduce two-thirds of the army and disband the national police.
         A whole generation of men who had done nothing else but the police ended up chasing both idle and over-armed. They therefore hired by Narcos traveling between Colombia and Mexico through Guatemala with total impunity, with 97% of murders have never been elucidated.
         It is revealing that a fire has ever destroyed the archives timely, tangible evidence of police terror. Probably because the situation started to justice is a utopia in which nobody believes in this country.
Two police officers decorated for removal of the student Fernando Garcia.
         "The government said that these piles of papers were worthless, it was only administrative notes,"
says attorney for human rights Manuel Vasquez. This is partly true. In the minutes that endless scribbling agents of the order, never found a clear command to execute or kidnap.
         But administrative jargon ends by dint of crossing dates, locations and license plate numbers of cars, by revealing his grisly secret.
         On 18 February 1984, two police officers remove the student Fernando Garcia. They are distinguished for this act, as the student activist was gone forever. This was after a trial based on the archives that the two performers were sentenced to 40 years in prison in 2012.
         "It's the little policemen who were convicted, their implication was clear. It was like a pilot trial. Subsequently, we will attempt to determine the vertices of the hierarchy, "
Manuel Vasquez hopes.

Three Crown attorneys fees for processing millions of documents!

         Where to start when the victims are hundreds of thousands, archival documents to strip for three million by Crown prosecutors in human rights?
         It only remains to victims' families only one solution: to mobilize lawyers and NGOs to open investigations. Petrified by the fear of facing the unknown, even in families with money hardly dare venture to complain.
         So far only four trials have been initiated. Even after forty years, the population remains suspicious vis-à-vis this murderous policy and justice virtually nonexistent. Guatemalans reluctant vis-à-vis the call to give his DNA to identify free the skeletons exhumed from mass graves regularly.
         In 2008 after his election as President of the Republic, Alvaro Colom promised "security with intelligence."
"Certainly he has not met his promises, but did not prevent justice,"
says the lawyer Maynor Alvarado Estuardo Galeano.
         The issue of police records is supportive. Hundred and fifty officers spend their time cleaning them page by page, to sort, read them and store them. A mammoth task for apprentices sleuths that requires an annual budget of one million dollars. In one year, they were able to scan 12 million documents on 80 million. Guatemala has not paid a single Quetzal, are Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany, the U.S. and UN funding this work.
         The Helvetic Confederation takes care of the logistical support of the project since 2006. A copy called "safety" of each document is scanned archives in Bern sent quarterly to be kept for life insurance in the Federal Archives. They serve as proof of truth if a dictatorial government were to destroy the originals.
         Prudence of good quality for a people without justice for 52 years.

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