mardi 5 juin 2012

UK: noteworthy gaffes of the Duke of Edinburgh .*

He did not look serious in his tunes, but the Duke of Edinburgh still has the word in jest, even if his humor sometimes borders on British diplomatic incident ...
His last burst? While the Duke was on a visit with the Queen yesterday, it slipped to a police officer "I would be arrested if I touched the zipper" in speaking of a young woman dressed in a slinky red minidress of closed a long pull. The officer laughed at this a long joke.

The husband of the Queen, who turns 90 tomorrow, was in great shape and shed his humor over the handshakes. He has asked an old lady wrapped in a blanket (aluminum) if it would be "the next to be baked" because she looked like a turkey ... The old lady was not shocked and even told her daughter that "the remarks he had made the day".

That's just lengthen the long list of good (or bad, it depends) Prince Philip:
- "Looks like you're ready for bed!" he said to the President of Nigeria, who wore the traditional dresses.
- "You always shoot with arrows?" he asked the Aboriginal leader William Brin during a visit to Queensland, Australia, in 2002.
- "We have not come here for our pleasure. We have other ideas it for fun" during a trip to Canada in 1976.
- "I would like to go to Russia, even if these bastards murdered half my family," he replied in 1967 when asked if he wanted one day to visit the Soviet Union.
- "What a stupid question" he replied to a BBC journalist, during a banquet at the Elysee Palace in Paris, who had to ask the queen if she enjoyed much of his stay.
- "People say that what is usually worse after a fire, it is the damage caused by water. We are still drying Windsor Castle," he explained to the survivors of the attack Lockerbie in 1993.
- "Atrocious" the duke replied when asked his opinion on Beijing during a tour in China in 1986.
- During the same visit, he explained to a British student: "If you stay here any longer, you'll go home with slanted eyes".
- "There are a bunch of people in your family tonight,"
he had slipped the entrepreneur Atul Patel at a reception with 400 influential Indians in Britain in 2009.
- "So who took the drug here? Looks like he is drugged" when speaking of a young Bangladeshi age 14 in 2002.
- "You are all part of the same family?" he asked members of a Métis dance troupe, in 2009, at the Royal Variety Performance.
- "You're a woman, does not it?" he asked a Kenyan woman in 1984.
- "If she does not fart or do not eat hay, she is not interested!" he said about his daughter, Princess Anne.
- The singer Tom Jones in 1969: "You gargle with what? Stones?" and adds: "It is very difficult to see how a person who is, in my opinion, the author of the most hideous songs can be as successful."
- "Oh, it's you who have this horrible car? Remember? When you came to Windsor Castle"
to Elton John. He also commented during a show by the artist: "I would like someone cut the mic".
- Economically, the Duke has already goofed: "Everyone told us to take more than a good time. Now they are unemployed, they complain," in 1981.
* Collected by Caroline Albert, Editor in Belgian daily 7 on 7.

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