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Central Africa Republic: The Empress Catherine accomplice of the coup against Bokassa 1st.

We hardly spoke of the crucial role of the Empress Catherine Bokassa, born Denguiadé, crowned along with her husband Bokassa I, December 4, 1977, played in the overthrow of her husband after 14 years of rule by French President Valery Giscard d'Estaing on  September 21, 1979.
Jean-Barthélémy Bokassa, eldest son of Martine Bokassa's, born Nguyen, the first daughter of the former emperor of the Central and the late Dr. Jean Bruno Dédéavode (executed January 24, 1981), Jean-Bedel Bokassa says on its website devoted to rehabilitation of the latter: this cautionary tale:
"A Hardricourt, Catherine's Jaguar was parked in the yard. Martine (Bokassa) knocks on the bedroom door of his stepmother. No one answers. She hits harder, crosses the threshold. Shutters closed, the room is plunged into darkness. She found the switch in the dark. The light dazzles, while it enlightens thousands of precious objects scattered around the room. Streams of objects in gold and diamonds, watches from major designers, jewelry set with stones most precious ... These trunks are filled with the jewels of the family. His thoughts jostle the memory of the death of his wedding he comes to mind. Catherine (Bokassa) left Central last month. Why have won this war chest! She remembers the words of Catherine: "They kept their word, it is alive! "Before the newscast announcing the coup.
"Mother Catherine! I've not heard it ", exclaims Martine, decided to seek clarification of his stepmother.
Catherine smiled when Martine asked why all these trunks. She feels no shame to admit that she not only knew everything, but she somehow participated in the fall of Jean-Bedel (Bokassa I).
Jean-Bedel bring the latest in "La manipulation (manipulation)" of R. Delpey: Martine was mortifi"The Empress is then released by recounting how the case was prepared by the President. She told Maurice (...). You remember that the Empress was in France she had officially been invited by Valery Giscard d'Estaing at how the Kigali Conference (Franco-Africa Summit). I now know the reason for the invitation ... Valery Giscard d'Estaing has made it clear to the Empress that he needed her for everything goes as smoothly as possible. In return, he pledged to make him get a number of benefits and privileges ... Of course, she had to promise not to tell me what was prepared against me "

Martine was mortified.

-Constantine heard everything. He eclipsed to return a gun in his hand.
"Do not kill her. I do not want to be complicit in the murder. I already have enough to worry about it "stops Martine said dryly.

-Frightened, Catherine locked herself in her room.

Jean-Barthélémy Bokassa is particular author of:

- Les Diamants de la Trahison (Diamonds of Treason), Pharos-Paris, 2006.
- Saga Bokassa. Un Témoignage Poignant . Un éclairage inédit, (Saga Bokassa. A Poignant Testimony. New light), Les Portes du Soleil, Paris, 2009.

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