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Francophonie and Swissness: Salerno! Salerno! Salerno! plain dull! by Marc Bonnet.

In his Letter on Concerts of 1758 addressed to d'Alembert, Rousseau prophesies: "because they can not be men, women make us women." Observation and dark prophecy made today.

Cassandra was always right.

Few generations of feminists have succeeded in castrating the most angry of us. The white man is, now, mentally or gelding capon. Thanks be to Muslims, the last bastion of manhood.
       Rousseau I mentioned here in Chapter V of "Emile" - they still know how to assign Sophia, rect: Aisha, modesty, erasure and dedication of some of our native chatter, our modern companions, have now “déprises”. They affront to Nature.

So singular masculine end.

And now the Furies are targeting the male. Vocabulary and syntax. It-it must be “emasculé-e-s.
To attack the words is tantamount to the language. It is not a means of expression, but a representation of the world. It has the culture, an organic link.

Language is a living species ...

It is born, it evolves. Neither teething, or wear, or obsolescence-oblivion-not save. Language is fragile and exposed. We must have a care environment. Linguists know that threaten it: the crimes of love, war crimes and freedom ...
The first lead to purism, a sacred language, rooted in its perfection. Have in the seventeenth century French only and ultimate reference for a crime of love.
The second welcome complacent, even servile, all foreign reports, consent to the blurring of boundaries between the written and oral. These are the crimes of freedom.
Some well-meaning to add these custom killings: the language, they intend to mix morality. Worse, equality.
That Miss Sandrine Salerno. The broad scope of our defeats (hence my title Hugo's).
Our administrative advisor is a product of the democratization of education and porosity of social classes. Uncultivated for having repudiated any inheritance, she copy of our modernity.
       Necessarily feminist if one concedes that feminism is first and claim the arrogance of the disinherited. A woman left in a word ...
Now she dares declare "that a language does not have to be beautiful, but to be fair."

Undercity taste.

Thus arises a whole vocabulary euphemistic, not discriminating, respectful of others and their differences.
Neither dwarf nor blind nor deaf people are now called by name.
Neither the idiots that are sure they have the intelligence of the heart.
Only culture, tradition and which is used, based language. Create our precious ridiculous the decree.
It is necessary, they prescribe, to de-sexualize the vocabulary ... by feminizing. Roland Barthes, in his inaugural lecture at the Collège de France, said of the language is fascist.

She will now, women at that.

The Academy rule that for over three hundred years "the most beautiful use of the Court and the City" is rejected because sexist. Ideologically fogged brains have excreted an "epicene dictionary."
Flipping this lexicon, you retain some pearls of Newspeak salernienne. Brief scrapbook: a "assesseuse", a "commise administrative", a "Mairesse", a "prédécesseuse" and the delicious “Sapeuse pompière”. The grotesque was played at the incongruous; ugliness ridicule.
Bundles to the Thesaurus of Jean Nicot, dictionaries or Furetiere Trévoux. The Littré and the Dictionary of the French Academy yet. And Bescherelle.

A burning

Sandrine Salerno, Theresa Moreau (obscure writer who befitted the dark) and other pedants - cuistresses do you want? – “Farandolent et s’esbatrent” around the fire.
Dismal and fatal Sabbath.

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