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Iceland: "There is no reason that God is male."

I still remember this beautiful blonde who was often invited by the Swiss Television (RTS today) to talk about his country and his position as President of Iceland. If she was not a typical name of the country "Vigdís Finnbogadóttir" foreign viewers like me would have taken an announcer from Bern, so she replied with candor and sobriety to questions of Geneva journalist Jean-Philippe Rapp. This happened between 1980 and 1996, when she presided over Iceland.

The political exception Icelandic.

Today another beautiful blonde, blue-eyed 37-year running for the presidency of the Icelandic Republic. Journalist-star, her name is Thora Arnosdottir.
Icelandic first exception, she was pregnant when she was nominated for the presidential election April 4, 2012. In one week, she gathered the 1,500 signatures necessary for this purpose.
And it is in the countryside, 17 May 2012, she gave birth to her third child (a girl). And this is after breastfeeding her baby she runs a political rally to another. It's time for her husband to pamper the child while Madame was hoarse before the voters softened.
In Iceland, it's like instead of shocking. It is far from the French countryside muscular both literally and figuratively.
And further jousting macho Russian or Italian. Between the false American prudishness, punctuated by sex scandals and tenderness Democratic Icelandic, as he has a real gap.

The vintage 2012 election was exceptional.

The Icelandic presidential election which takes place every four years, not only passionate crowds, except that of June 30, 2012 which promised colorful.
Indeed, the blonde Arnosdottir Torah, radio reporter and television Ríkísútvarpið (UVR), the second woman to run for the post of president after Vigdís Finnbogadóttir (1990-1996) was opposed to the outgoing president, Olafur Ragnar Grimsson, a man of 69 years contesting his fifth term.
A novice against a man of experience, in other words a reed against an old oak. TV Personality of 2010 and Audience Award in 2012, she filled his political inexperience by its popularity.
Her rival, partly hampered by the case of "business Vikings" who led the Icelandic banking system into bankruptcy in 2008 had its advantage of having restored national pride for Icelanders.
He had refused to ratify a bill to use taxpayer money to compensate the Icelandic UK and the Netherlands which savers were affected by the collapse of Icesave online bank in Reykjavik in 2008.
In January, he announced he would not seek a fifth term, he was reckoning without public pressure. With more than 30,000 signatures, his supporters forced him to run again.
         Unheard of in Europe: 20 years as president of the Republic for this former university professor who has ended the most serious financial crisis of the country's history. Reelected with 52.5% over June 30, 2012, he can confidently expect to retire in 2016.

Iceland had to be a state dominated by women.

Even for those who fight for gender equality in politics, except Iceland might be a case of conscience. If Arnorsdottir Torah had been elected President of the Republic, she would have been at the head of a nation dominated by women. Because they occupy all positions of the highest state.
Since 1st February 2009, the Joint Icelandic government is led by the Social Democratic lesbian Johanna Sigurdardottir (b. 1942).      Another Icelandic exception: in June 2010, she married her partner official since 2002, writer and journalist Jonina Leosdottir (born 1954).
The presidency of the National Assembly Icelandic (Alpingi) composed of two-thirds of men is held by a woman, Asta Ragnheibur Johannesdottir (born 1949), also social democratic, member since 1995 and former Minister of Social Affairs.
Best of all, since April 2002, the omniscient Evangelical Lutherian church is led by Icelandic Reverend Agnes Sigurdardottir (born 1949), mother of three children, divorced for 16 years and grandmother.
When she was elected the first bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran National Church of Iceland, she said that "there is no reason that God is male."
What shake the Christian dogma of the Trinity.
In this tiny volcanic island nation of 320,000 people and where women vote since 1915, the reins of the state would be completely fallen into the hands of the weaker sex if Amorsdottir Torah had been elected President of the Republic. Which is not excluded in four years. This will be a world first.
Fortunately, men still harbor the last fortress of Economy and Finance!

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