mardi 4 septembre 2012

Morocco: The French roots of King Mohammed VI *

A confidence ... Mohammed V made ​​by his friend Dr. François Cléret adds a surprising biography of Hassan II, if one believes the French physician, the paternal grandmother of Hassan II was the original French.
       "At the end of 1955, a few days after his return to Morocco after twenty-seven months of exile, Mohammed V told me a secret:" The deep joy I feel today to be in the middle of my people, he said, is a bit overshadowed by the death of my mother, Lalla Yacout, the eve of my return. This woman, whom I loved very much, had a great importance in my life. Today, I'll give you a revelation.      
       My mother was French. She was removed at the end of the nineteenth century near Hyères, in Provence, by the last Barbary Tunisia, who sold her  to pirates of Salé. Finally, Haouz tribes have offered her to my father, Moulay Youssef ".
       Once on the throne, says the doctor, the young Sultan gave his "mother" of living conditions. Throughout his life, including in Madagascar where he could not take him, he remained in contact with her.
       Thanks to her, the Sultan spoke good French, and he had to use an interpreter or voluntarily spoke in broken French, it was to deceive his French interlocutors or to gain time for reflection . Mohammed V was never mentioned his affiliation with his doctor friend. Hassan II was he aware of the existence of this foreign descent?
., Hassan II entre tradition et absolutisme (Hassan II between tradition and absolutism), Fayard, Paris, 2011.

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