mercredi 19 septembre 2012

What to do with the Arabs?


(...) In an island ever closer, facing a sea of ​​increasingly unknown, under a sky increasingly unpredictable, Robinson Crusoe, the white man who invented the pick and hope without God asks: "What do Arabs"?
Especially after the murder of the U.S. ambassador to Benghazi. If we help them, they believe in the conspiracy. If we ignore them, they cry to the shopping inhumanity of the West. One time it was believed that they wanted to be free, but in fact they just wanted to worship more freely and voluntarily crashing more.
It was believed that they sought free land, but they wanted the sky for them. We can not throw overboard all like Bin Laden. Or repress in the desert. Or involve them in the conquest of the moon, or convince them to accept the difference as a religion and not religion as a difference.
What to do? exclaims Robinson who cares for its resources but also for the meaning of life and the environment and comfort and gas, the mission of her white skin and the invasion of the Chinese or the threat of violence. What a neighbor that can not be moved, nor kill, nor remove or ignore? What do the "Arabs" in the end?
Vote for the Islamists. And what do the Islamists? Living in the afterlife.
Therefore unable to speak between Robinson and who wants to live an Islamist who hastens to die to prove he's right.

Extract from the article Kamel Daoud "Why Abdelaziz Bouteflika he dies so often? "published inAlgérie-Focus” on  17 September 2012.

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