mercredi 15 mai 2013

Belgium/D.R. of Congo: 10 Belgians summoned in Lumumba's murder.

The weekly Marianne Belgian edition forthcoming Saturday revealed the names of 10 Belgians involved in the complaint filed by the family of Congolese Prime Minister Patrice Lumumba was assassinated January 17, 1961.
         The Chamber judgment indictments in Brussels on 12 December 2012 authorizing the continuation of the investigation shall contain the name of Etienne Davignon, then attached to the office of Foreign Affairs. Of the 10 persons named, three died.
         According to Marianne Belgium, we also find the names of Charles Huyghe, then Chief of Staff of the Minister of Defence of Katanga, that of Jacques Bartelous, magistrate, Francis Son, deputy leader of the Katanga gendarmerie, captain Claude Grandelet officer career, Jacques Brassine de la Buissière, political scientist and diplomat, and René Grosjean, detached from the "council office" around the Katangan leader Moise Tshombe.

         Three persons covered by this complaint have died. Roger Leva, lieutenant supervising police Tshombe died in 2012 as Fernand Vervier, lawyer and political scientist attached to the office of African Affairs. The career officer seconded to Congo, Armand Verdickt died in 2011

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