samedi 18 mai 2013

Saudi Arabia: 300 lashes for having encouraged a woman to convert to Christianity.

In Saudi Arabia, two men are to be sentenced to prison and hundreds of lashes. Their crime? Have encouraged Saudi to convert to Christianity.
         The case has been tried in the court of al-Khobar, in eastern kingdom. The verdict is uncompromising to the two protagonists, a Lebanese forty years and a Saudi. They both sentenced to six and two years in prison, and 300 and 200 lashes.
         Their crime? Have encouraged a young Saudi woman to convert to Christianity and allowing him to get papers to leave the country. You should know that apostasy is a crime punishable in Saudi Arabia, the land of Islam, moreover, of the death penalty.

The apostasy punishable by death.

The woman, whose identity has not been revealed, however, was appeared last summer on a video saying she converted to Christianity, a disgrace to his family. The young woman took refuge in Sweden, where she now lives under protection.
         The story seems hardly credible. Except that we are in Saudi Arabia, the only country in the world where the practice of any religion other than Islam is forbidden and King Abdullah advocates, however, an interfaith dialogue.
From RFI Correspondent at Ryad

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