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D.R.of Congo: But where is therefore the President Kabila?*

Shells falling on the city and killing Congolese civilians. The country is attacked. The population collects the bodies of victims and turns to rescue the wounded. The national army is trying to contain the advance of attackers. Wounded soldiers arriving from the front line and tributary in hospitals. Civilian casualties in the city by shrapnel also flock. Families are distraught, the shops close, the economy is paralyzed. The country is in danger! Rwanda and Uganda want to put the Congo on knee and force its leaders to submit to humiliating negotiations Kampala to the balkanization of the country. The population is hostile to the negotiations regardless of the price. It is expected a strong national response, the President of the Republic in the first line.

A President is responsible for his people!

This is when the Head of State reveals commander leading his people to victory over the enemy. No more paperwork to the presidency and diplomatic protocols. The President takes the clothes of the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces (Article 83 of the Constitution of the Democratic Republic of Congo) .
         The President must get on TV and address a solemn message to the nation. The people, anxious, must review its President as often as possible to be reassured about the state of the nation and the conduct of military operations.
         The government strives to educate families on the situation of "compatriots" living in the conflict-affected region.
We must review the President visiting cities and provinces to mobilize the nation. His ministers are on the ground to reassure the population and coordinate the war effort and donations in solidarity for the " compatriots" affected by the conflict.
         This is the moment par excellence where the nation is galvanized and imagination shines in terms of solidarity and national passion, awakened by the first citizen of the country, the President of the Republic.
We give blood for the victims welcoming in hospitals. The President goes through the aisles hospital to comfort the injured. He received the victims' families and promises hell for those who dared to touch his "country" and "his people".
He goes to the front line, gathers soldiers and boosts their moral. He donned military fatigues officers with his name written above in bold. He lunched in the camps with his soldiers and reassures the younger of them. "You are the hero of the Congo. The people support you 100% ". The people are reassured. The soldiers moral high. The enemy has to behave. One people, with his soldiers. It is in a country, say ... about normal.

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, it happens nothing like that.

         The President did not say a word about the shelling attacks against the population of Goma. There are no national mobilization for the "Congolese victims" of Goma. The injured are being treated with the help of foreign aid organizations. Blood donations, the war effort , ... nothing. In Kinshasa, the President and his "politicians" chatter. They speak of national consultation and concoct a new government in which "all" dream of making a fortune.
On the front, the population of North Kivu discovered for the first time, exceptional Congolese soldiers. Under the command of a Colonel Mamadou N'Dala, we discover disciplined Congolese soldiers, combative, not plunder and do not rape. The key moment to trigger a patriotic united nation behind his soldiers movement. Has rarely seen such soldiers in the Congo. But everyone starts to worry about their fate. Because, they are just left there and did not receive orders to hunt the enemy. Rwandan combatants benefit and are in the process of taking the bull by the horns.
The President did not set foot in the province, yet strategic, North Kivu since April 2012. An eternity for people and an army at war. President George W.Bush made ​​several tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. This is morale. Barack Obama visited Afghanistan even before being elected President. Seen playing basketball and lunch with the soldiers to reassure them. President François Hollande rushed to Mali as fast as he could to cheer the French soldiers.
Congo, nothing ... The local population and perhaps even soldiers on the front line are no longer illusion. The President is not there. Alongside the wounded in hospitals or families of the victims? No more.

The country is at war, but the President is absent from where he should be.

         While in Goma, we demonstrate in the streets carrying the bodies of victims. The Congolese do not protest against the interior minister and the defense minister who would not have taken the measures needed to prevent the bombing of the M23. What is already the name of the Congolese minister of defense? ...
The Congolese do not show either against their President. He is not there. Worse, they do not even protest against the Congolese state. They protest against the U.N.. We never saw that.
A people demonstrating against the United Nations because the U.N. peacekeepers have not sufficiently protected. The Congolese people is probably the first people to make his entrance, without formality, in the world of "global governance".
Some theorists have announced that the United Nations disappear one day in favor of a single global authority exercising sovereign powers of all the peoples of the planet.

Congolese are perhaps ahead of time.

Then the "Uruguayan" peacekeepers shoot into the crowd to disperse demonstrators. This is outrage in the city. Not against the Congolese authorities should already have these heckle "Uruguay" killing Congolese in their own country. Uruguayan soldiers took the opportunity to deny any responsibility in the death of two protesters.          Where are the authorities of the Congolese population to give them the exact version of the incident? Nowhere. José Mujica Cordona aka “Pepe Mujica” the Uruguayan president, took the opportunity to accuse without proof or evidence, the Congolese police. The Congolese government does not publish denial and let the image of the national police to smear a foreign leader.
Once again, the Congolese back to their Way of the Cross alone. They descend into the streets to protest, not against "their" state truancy, but against the only country they have left the U.N..

Too ask the U.N..

An update is needed. The U.N. envoy in Congo, the German Martin Kobler, is obliged to do what he never expected to have to do. He assumes the duties of Head of State disappeared.
He should reassure the public by promising that the enemy, even if he managed to bomb Goma, never set foot in the city. Martin Kobler must also go to the front to cheer Congolese soldiers and peacekeepers engaged in fighting against the M23. He returned to Goma and visit the hospitals treating the wounded. Civilians, Congolese soldiers and three peacekeepers.
Phew! The Congolese people finally takes its President came straight from Germany. At least he takes the side of the people in distress and boost morale of the troops. He visited hospitals and ensures that the injured are being treated.
But, alas! Martin Kobler can not be the President of this people abandoned in the African savannah. He is only one U.N. official. He likes the Congolese, but he can not be their president. He is forced to tell the truth immediately to avoid leaving thrive foolish hopes.
The United Nations Mission in the Congo did not come to deal with all the problems of Congo. United Nations Organization Stabilization Mission in the D.R. Congo (M.O.N.U.S.C.O.)  is to support the Congolese government in its mission of securing the country. "Press", and that things are clear. In other words, if there is more Congolese government to "support" the U.N. troops standing still, as in November 2012. The national army had abandoned the city. Civil authorities also (governor, mayor , ...). There was therefore more state support. The M23 settled in the city under the noses of peacekeepers who naturally are not intended to substitute for the state.

Whose fault? But where is the "President" Kabila?

         All this refers to the responsibility of the makers of kings in Africa, carpet somewhere in upscale salons in Europe and in America. The next time people like the Belgian Louis Michel and the Spanish Javier Solana consider redistributing the cards in Central Africa and the Great Lakes, it will still be a little more demanding. Congo is too important to be abandoned in an empty state also amazing. The country needs a President, this President, a President who faced challenges and unwavering commitment to his people, especially in difficult times. He can be, moreover, a friend from Belgium and Western businessmen, why not. But before all this President. Just enough to spare the U.N. often unjustified criticism.
He asks too much of the U.N. Mission in the Congo and to "poor" Martin Kobler. This is not it the President of Congo.
But where is the "President" Kabila?
“Boniface Musavuli, published by DESC-WONDO on August 30, 2013.

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