mardi 6 août 2013

Vatican/Argentina: Pope François is a football fan!

Pope Francis, holds the "socio" number  88235!

         When we say in Argentina, Football is more than a religion, it's hard to believe (even visionaries created Maradonian Church, in tribute to the legendary number 10 Albiceleste). Yet when Argentine footballers make the sign of the cross before the penalty shoot their fanatics do the same in the stands. An Argentine pope could he be different from his compatriots?

         Pope François (Jorge Mario Bergoglio) supporter claimed of Club Atlético San Lorenzo de Almagro, pays "religiously" monthly dues of "social", said Monday the vice president of the club in Buenos Aires, host and producer of TV, Marcelo Tinelli.
         "I wondered: Will he pay? He should not, I think. " But no. It was confirmed that he is up to date (of contributions) and pays religiously every month by direct debit, "
said Fox Sports on the popular host system.
         According to the leader of the club, Pope Francis, who holds the number socio 88235, continues to pay despite his honorary membership since 2008, when he was Archbishop of Buenos Aires.

Founded by a priest!

         Founded in 1908 by the priest Lorenzo Massa, the club in the first division of the Argentine league and its stadium is located in the district of Bajo Flores, one of the most disreputable of Buenos Aires.
         On 25 June 2013, at J.M.J. of Rio in Brazil is therefore “Hincha (support)” was in the angels, when he received a scarf of San Lorenzo (Blaugrana), offered by a supporter of the same team.
         Mr. Tinelli part of the Argentine delegation, will travel to Italy for the friendly match between the Albiceleste and Italy, on August 14, 2013 in Rome.
         Pope François receive both teams "privately" on the eve of the match, but do not expect to attend the meeting, said Thursday the spokesman of the Holy See.
         The hearing will be held in the Clementine Hall of the Apostolic Palace. During the general audience of his early pontificate, François has already met several times with footballers, they would willingly offer their jersey.

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