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Rwanda: racism and genocide, Hamitic ideology*.

Save the savagery of inferior peoples !

Historians Jean-Pierre Chrétien and Marcel Kabanda specialists of Great Lakes region, decrypt in a book, the process of which resulted in 1994 on Tutsi genocide in Rwanda racist ideology.
In the Europe of the late nineteenth century racism legitimized colonial expansion, the open or insidious conducted by major powers against black African war. It claimed to "save" the savagery of "inferior peoples".
In France, Paul Broca (1824-1880) , founder of the Anthropological Society of Paris, said that never a "people with black skin, woolly hair and prognathous face could rise up spontaneously civilization".

The intellectual inferiority of the Negro can be read on his face expressionless or mobility.

In 1872, also obsessed with human rankings, Louis Figuier published "Human Races", a large volume reprinted several times which in turn conveyed racialist archetypes: "The intellectual inferiority of the Negro can be read on his face expressionless or mobility. The Negro is a child. The people of negro race that exist in a state of freedom, within Africa, can hardly exceed the level of tribal life. On the other hand, there is so much trouble in many colonies, to make good use of the negroes, trusteeship Europeans is their so essential to keep them in the benefits of civilization, the inferiority of their intelligence, compared to the rest of mankind, and an indisputable fact".
These "thinkers" of Room were relayed on the ground by "White saviors", adventurers and missionaries. It is difficult to imagine the thick prejudices they conveyed. In our secularized European societies, "creationists" American retrograde struggling to ban the teaching of evolution today is fun. But in Europe of Paul Broca, Louis Figuier (to cite only French) and many others, public opinion shaped by Christianity was "naturally" creationist. It was thought that the history of humanity was contained in the Old Testament.

The accounts of explorers sustainable permeate the Western collective unconscious.

In Central Africa, the "discoverers" were advancing Bible in the pocket. As they explore the African Great Lakes between 1857 and 1863, the British Richard Francis Burton (1821-1890) and John Haning Speke (1827-1864) tried to find in the Old Testament origin of peoples and kingdoms they crossed. The stories of Livingstone, Stanley, Burton, Garnier, Brazza, Shackleton, Scott, Amundsen and others circulated in popular magazines such as "Around the World" broadcast to hundreds of thousands of copies. These stories were read and discussed with passion. They permanently permeate the Western collective unconscious .
According to the ideology of the time, all human settlements and all animal categories came from Noah's Ark , rescued from the flood. In a fit of anger, the patriarch Noah was then cursed his son Cham (or Ham), who fled with his wife and children to who knows where. This mysterious asylum not it the "Land of Mountains of the Moon" where the great geographer Ptolemy placed the ancient source of the Nile, mythical river? It was the conviction of Richard Burton and John Speke, and also their interest "media". Inspired racialist of the time, they also persuaded that "ordinary Negroes" were not really men, they did not come out of Noah's Ark and a lower component were somewhere between primates and humans.
But faced with other "Negroes" on different morphology, larger, with fine features and sophisticated empires who ruled in the Great Lakes region, Burton and Speke - especially the last- clamored for their return that they not only had found the source of the white Nile, but also the lost tribe of Israel (after the flood, Noah would curse their dark skin). Otherwise, how these "Negroes" would they be able to "rise spontaneously to civilization"?

The history of Rwanda could not be other than the receptacle of a "tropical Nazism".

These people "superior" were, according to John Speke, the "Hamitic" or "Hamites", depending on how you spelled the name of the cursed son. The "Hamitic" (the terminology used by the seed) were scattered among the other Negroes, they called themselves Hima Tutsi, etc.. In the story of John Speke 's discovery of the sources of the Nile, there is a picturesque passage where the explorer tries to convince an Ankole king of his Jewish ancestry/Hamitic.
These delusions "ethnographic" could remain outdated and ridiculous, but the manipulation of the body as Hamitic ideology of domination or conquest of power by settlers, missionaries, and the elite of the "decolonization". We will not unveil the light demonstration of historians Jean- Pierre Chrétien and Marcel Kabanda policy ravages of this ideology to the Tutsi genocide in Rwanda and the massacre of Hutu Democrats - who denounced this ideology - in 1994. European raciology produced Nazism. The history of Rwanda could not be other than the receptacle of a "tropical Nazism". Jean- Pierre Chrétien and Marcel Kabanda, who are also humanists remind aptly after a flawless demonstration.
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* CHRETIEN J.P. & KAMBANDA M., Rwanda, Hamitic ideology and genocide, Belin, Paris, 2013.

*Review of Jean- François Duparquier published by Afrikarabia on 23/09/2013.

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