mardi 10 septembre 2013

Vatican: Pope François offers religious orders to resettle refugees in empty convents.

The Catholic Church for its original purpose.

         Pope François Tuesday called Rome the religious orders to welcome refugees in empty convents, which must not be used to " make money ".
          "The empty convents do not serve the church to transform them into hotels to earn money. Empty monasteries are not us, they are in the flesh of Christ represent the refugees
" has he said during a visit to a home in the capital center.

         "Certainly this is not something simple, criteria are needed, but also the responsibility of courage. We do so (for refugees), but perhaps we are called to do more",
he added.

Like Saint Francis of Assisi (1182-1226)!

         Continuing on helping the poor and refugees, the Argentine Pope said that "charity which leaves the poor as it is not enough: it is not enough to give a sandwich"
as " true mercy (...) demand justice, is that the poor can find no way to be".
         Due to the quasi-permanent absence of religious vocations, the Catholic Church by opening the doors of its empty convents to these helpless sheeps by wars and dictators worldwide, will gain new vocations, who will know what it means the words "Charity and mercy". Like St. Francis of Assisi, who has spent his entire life to the promotion of solidarity with the poor and marginalized, the Pope who has his name finally became the pontiff of the poor and needy.

         During this visit to the refugee Astalli center, run by the Jesuits in the center of Rome , the pope met many volunteers and religious refugees.

         True to his understated style, Pope Francis had visited the center to the edge of a regular car, with no other escort than the head of the Vatican Gendarmerie.

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