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Africa: When our moms bare!

The FEMEN have invented nothing at all! *

In Kiev, Paris, Tunis when they exhibit a good cause, the FEMEN are all pretty, slender, shapely and frankly, sexy. As participants in a "Miss Topless" contest. Not strange. No big spotty or skinny with saggy breasts. The ugly: please refrain. Besides, the man behind the " feminist topless" is a Ukrainian named Victor Svyatski a dominant macho, a close friend of the founder of the movement, Anna Houtsol.
         "This is his movement and he personally chose the girls. He chose the prettiest because they sell more magazines. Pretty girls make a ... It became their image, how they sell their brand " says the director in newspaper "The Independent".
"These girls are weak, says Victor Svyatski in the film. They have no strength of character. They do not even have the desire to be strong. They show subject, soft, not timely, and full of other factors that prevent them from becoming political activists. These are qualities that it was essential to teach them". Proud of his leadership on FEMEN, he adds: "It's true, I am the patriarch of an organization that fights against patriarchy. But the paradoxes are part of history. After all Marx and Lenin were bourgeois".

When anger bordering on despair, then strips off!

Far from the beautiful FEMEN, express of his anger topless is not characteristic of a period or region. FEMEN activists are not the first or the last to demonstrate in the streets topless. Manifest the naked or semi-naked breasts is a method already used many times by Africans.
In Africa, this is a bad sign to see women express their dissatisfaction in this way. In African beliefs, it is similar to the curse. These hanged or fleshy breasts (different pretty little breasts of FEMEN) symbolize motherhood, respect and attachment to the mother. We may be Democrats, customs die hard in Africa.
Because, says Sokari Ekine, International Coordinator of Women of the Niger Delta, "the act of taking off his clothes, especially for brides and older women is a way to dishonor men. Some people think that if they see the naked bodies, they will be afflicted with a great evil or insane".

Nigeria: women defy the colonial authority topless.

In 1929, Nigeria, Igbo women rebelled en masse against the colonial authority. In his book dedicated to African women , historian Catherine Coquery-Vidrovitch demonstrates how women's groups were active and would stop at nothing to advance their ideas. "In most cases, they prevailed, at least momentarily. The colonial authorities disarmed, could not use the hard way. It is not massacring women, it would have caused a scandal, they quickly understood and their high relative impunity, they played in shamelessly".
Rebelote in 2002, Nigeria, women in the fight against pollution caused by the oil industry managed to paralyze for a week's biggest oil installation area by simply threatening to undress. The workers of the refinery immediately abandoned their posts for fear of being a victim of the "curse of nakedness".

In the Democratic Republic of Congo ( ex-Zaire), sometimes we went further.

In 1975, during the official visit to Kinshasa of French President Valery Giscard d'Estaing, the march in silence in front of Kinshasa Mobutu Sese Seko and host. Reached their height, they decided at once to exhibit their callipyges rear. Stupor French President and his delegation while Mobutu clumsily tries to justify this confidence speaking customs resurgies the depths of his political authenticity. Curse all Zaireans knew perfectly.
         After the parade, it's a breaking blows batons mercilessly distributed to passers and curious by Zairian police. The "Nyankaragata " who dared to sully the reputation of the guide of "authentic Zairian Revolution" had vanished in Kinshasa maze!
         To reappear in the memoirs of French President " Le pouvoir et la vie (Power and Life)".

Kenya: Nobel Prize after topless protest.

In 1992, Kenya, Wangari Muta Maathai (1940-2011) joined the event of a group of older mothers from rural areas. Women were a hunger strike protesting publicly and to pressure the government to release their son in prison made ​​political prisoners.
         In response, the police attacked the women with batons and tear gas. In defiance, Wangari and older women are being naked. My Kenyan colleagues tell me that the police ran away! On 8 October 2004, Maathai was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for "her contribution to sustainable development, democracy and peace".

Gambia: Women naked in the streets of Brikama.

On 24 September 2001, the Gambia have gone further by scrolling completely naked in the streets of Brikama, the second largest city in the country. They were protesting against a ritual in which the opposition is organizing the "sacrifice" of a dog for electoral reasons. The Independent tells this amazing event: "The people of Brikama remained in awe of these women dressed Eve, which fell uttering incantations against the opposition, held responsible for the ritual killing. Naked women, chanting in Diola language, asked God to punish the opposition for this vile act. They then dug a hole, around which sat some, while others continued to express their anger".

Uganda: topless activists denounce the arrest of a political opponent to Museveni.

In April 2012, in Uganda, women did show the same tenacity. 15 Ugandan activists had expressed in bras to protest the arrest of a muscular active political opponent in the country. Because they are outraged, African women do not hesitate to shock or to defy the authorities showing a part of their body. Is not one of the principles headlights happening organized by the FEMEN movement worldwide?

Togo: In bright and topless to protest against a political crime.

May 18, 2012, at the call of Save the collective Togo (CST) , a group of women showed topless in front of the local gendarmerie in Lomé, on the sidelines of a peaceful march to protest the death in custody the opponent Etienne Yakanou, member of the National Alliance for Change (A.N.C.). The opponent was part of the group of persons detained following the case fde fire markets. He died of a "heart attack", according to State law. Next milestone in Togolese : strike gender!

Burundi: shopping show naked against the police in Bujumbura breasts.

On 27 September 2013, in a market in Bujumbura, capital of Burundi, shopping protested topless in front of customs and police, the bewildered. More than 300 women weeping, hair in the air, some waving fists clenched, the other pointing their breasts at police.
They scream to that better - best: "Kill us, we have nothing to lose."
         Among them, the "survivors" of the fire of Bujumbura central market, earlier this year: "At that time, in January, at least the fire took only our goods . Today, at the same time , it is the police and agents of the Burundi Revenue Authority (O.B.R.) who want to harass us and rob us of our lives trying to get its hands on campaigns that our Congolese neighbors give us credit".

The police were preparing to seize illegally imported cloths. Burundian journalists did not know what scene filmed or where to look. "The heads away, stuffy speechless when one tries to dismiss out of hand a mom who rushes to an agent of the GNP by pouring a torrent of abuse ... The police are sometimes booed by women revolted, sometimes by the crowd of onlookers", writes Pierre Ngendakumana of Iwacu or The voice of Burundi .
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*Title of article of Nadera Bouazza, Courrier International, 2 October 2013.

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