vendredi 18 octobre 2013

Greece: Food aid to the Minister of Finance.

Municipal employees to Athens tried on october 19, 2013, to deliver the Greek Finance Minister baskets containing food aid (olive oil, tomatoes, etc.). To mock the great financier who had complained of the situation vulnerable members of his family.
         During a radio show last week, said Yannis Stournaras fully understand the events of his fellow hard-hit by the austerity measures imposed in 2011 in exchange for international financial assistance.
         "I know what it 's like to live with 500 euros per month"
, said the Minister. “This is the case of people in my own family, who are trying to get food with very few resources, my mother, my stepfather, my stepmother…" he added.
         The security forces have prevented dozens of demonstrators from approaching the Syntagma Square, where are the Ministry of Finance and Parliament. Some waved a photo of minister surrounded by pictures of homeless sleeping in the streets. "For the mom Stournaras" could be read on some banners.
         For unions, the symbolic event was meant to "an act of compassion for a hard hit by the crisis family"
         "We hope that the Minister will appreciate the gesture and will not ask us a receipt".

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