dimanche 13 octobre 2013

Morocco: Casablanca, garbage tarnish your whiteness!

"Casablanca is the city of the most glaring social disparities, which combines the rich classes and the poors. This is the city of skyscrapers and slums. It is the center of finance and business, but also poverty, unemployment and other ailments, not to mention the waste and garbage that dull whiteness and taint the reputation. The problem of Casablanca is essentially a governance deficit, caused in part by overlapping responsibilities".
Address by His Majesty Mohammed VI on the occasion of the opening of the parliamentary year 2013.

It is far from the description of Casablanca by Leo Africanus (Hassan El Wazzan) in 1492, during his journey at Anfa which he describes the people in these words: "People of good company, dressed with distinction and speaking fluent in foreign languages​​".

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