jeudi 10 octobre 2013

Tanzania: The poachers are sentenced to death without trial.

Kill them all  without warning!

Tanzania announced on October 4, 2013, that all poachers arrested in national parks and nature reserves are now killed on the spot in the jungle, ordering his gamekeeper patrolling these areas to apply this Directive with immediate effect. "There will be no forgiveness for poachers who terrorize innocent animals such as elephants, rhinos and other species in this country", said Tanzanian Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism, Khamis Suedi  Juma Kagasheki*, adding that there was no need to make a case for poachers.
The minister made ​​the remarks at the height of the International March for Elephants, held in 15 countries around the world, and Tanzania has covered 3 km in the Tanzanian capital of Arusha, which is also a hotspot for safaris the north. He warned all those guilty of poaching and all those involved in illegal hunting, inviting them to put away their weapons and to find a legitimate work "for anyone found in parks, regardless of the mobile will shot on site".

The Human rights are well worth those animals in Tanzania!

Mr. Kagasheki obviously furious poaching incidents in the country with a rich natural environment, warned that hunters illegally killing elephants for their tusks were under the protection of international rich barons and were therefore well armed and equipped and they can generally afford all necessary legal assistance to defend themselves. The head of the conservation of Tanzania said that the issues of human rights did not come into play on this issue and that Tanzania would let deter per person. "I am well aware that the so- called defenders of human rights will be a scandal, saying that the poachers have the right to be brought to justice as everyone else, but I must say things as they are , poachers do not hesitate not only to kill wild animals but also to kill any innocent that discomfort", said Kagasheki.

*Khamis Suedi Kagasheki born August 30, 1951, member of power party Chama Cha Mapinduzi (C.C.M.) is MP of Bukoba town since 2005. He is the current Minister of Natural Resources and Tourism. He is former director of World Intellectual Property Organization  and  former Tanzanian ambassador in Switzerland.

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