dimanche 27 octobre 2013

Zaïre/Venezuela/Uruguay: What Does not we invent on the name of the revolution?

Zaire: Ministry of mobilization and political Animation.

         In Zaïre (current D.R.C.) of Mobutu Sese Seko (1965-1997), there was a Ministry of mobilization, propaganda and political animation. He was responsible for consolidating of the dancers, singers and writers hodgepodge of slogans in praise of enlightened guide of authentic Zairian Revolution. They were paid, housed, fed, clothed, cared for each event throughout the whole of the Republic.
         They were even sent abroad, including Togo, Rwanda and Chad to teach their brothers and African sisters how to wiggle rent Gnassingbé Eyadema (1967-2005), Juvenal Habyarimana (1973-1994) and Hissène Habré (1982-1990), apprentices of the Zairean authenticity!
         On the death of the helmsman and builder of Zaire, dancers disappeared without hope of recycling, while performers filled the streets of the Congolese cities with "Bastards" born during the policy group sessions.
         The budget of the Ministry of the more unproductive country was more important than agriculture, proclaimed "Top priority" each year. Thus Mobutu, who ruined one of the most potentially rich country with unbridled worship of his person!

Venezuela: A Deputy Minister of supreme social happiness of the people.

         Venezuela has innovated with the enlightened imagination ... Fire Hugo Chavez. In his socialist revolution, the late Hugo Chavez has not had time to put feet on a ministry devoted his boundless populism. His successor Nicolás Maduro Moros corrected this error. He has created Vice Ministry, in charge of "supreme social happiness of the people". The deputy minister Dr. Rachel Rios, former Socialist deputy is responsible among other things for overseeing government assistance programs for people with disabilities themselves homeless.
The goal, says President Maduro, is "to take care of this as there are more sublime, more sensitive, more delicate, more aimbale in a person who assumes a Christian, revolutionary Chavista"
         In Europe, it is called simply "General Hospice" and we do not need to be a Christian, revolutionary or "Chavista" for leading the institution.

The  true revolution is on the border of Venezuela!

         While the president of neighboring Uruguay, Jose Mujica Cordano, alias "Pepe Mujica" (78), former Tupamaros guerrillas and the smaller the world head of state, gives 90% of his salary presidential to charities grants or to help "small business" of his country without a ministry ....the pompous title.
         In June 2002, during the cold spell suffered by Uruguay, he entered the presidential residence, that is to say his small working farm outside of Montevideo, where he lived for 19 years on the list of shelters for the homeless. There is only one well. A 23-year-old Beetle and his family fortune (with his wife, Senator Lucia Topolansky), was evaluated in 2012 to 4.2 million Uruguayan pesos (about 170,000 euros). Safety of his farm is provided by two policemen.
"They call me the poorest president. But I am not poor (...) The poor man is one who fights to keep a train of expensive life", He said.

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