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Burundi: Ntare III Rushatsi, the founder of the Baganwa dynasty had licentious manners.

Issued of an irregular union between his father and the wife of his brother.

         Successor of mwami Ruhinda, founder of Ganwa Dynasty (1700-1725). His complet name is
Ntare I Kivimira Savuyimba Semunganzashamba Rushatsi Cambarantama. Son of Chief Jabwe of Mugamba, by an irregular union with the wife of his brother, Chief Nsoro of Butatsi. It has been suggested that he was born in Mugamba, Burundi around 1657 as a member of the Ganwa class and may have been related to the Twa and Tutsi ethnic groups. Adopted by his paternal aunt, Inamabuye, and her husband, Chief Ruhinda (Ruhaga) of Buha, he conquered his father's province of Mugamba and expanded his kingdom to include Ngozi, Muramvya, Kitega, Bururi and Rutana.  Burundians have devoted him several legends. Some legends claim that he fell from the sky on the shores of Lake Tanganyika in the company of religious hero Kiranga. The nearest version of the truth brought the Kingdom of Rwanda, where he was educated by a wren Mashira, before becoming Kanyaburundi. The most common version claims that his princely education would have given him by his aunt, wife of King of Buha  under the pseudonym of Cambarantama “(He who is clothed in the skin of a sheep)".

He introduced the emblematic drum Karyenda in Burundi.

         The soothsayers were then escorted to Nkoma, where he fashioned his drum emblem "Karyenda". To proclaim himself mwami, he would have eliminated a usurper known as Jabwe rya Nkabata rya Rurenge and killed him near Bururi. He would have conquered the Nkoma and fought against the bami Ruganzu Ndori and Mibambwe Sekarongore of Rwanda. Upon his arrival in Burundi, he was accompanied by the judge "umushingantahe" named Sacyaga. He introduced in Burundi, the technique of forging, Ubushingantahe institution and ritual Muganuro (Feast of the premises). Feeling his death coming, he would have killed his favorite and his faithful or cute, Gikori saying "Those who love to not leave". . His estate seems to have been particularly bloody, until Mwezi II Rufuku wins. His reign ended in 1709. He died in 1709, having had issue, a daughterHe was succeded by Mwezi I Ndagushimiye. Considered as the first real Mwami of Burundi by some versions (Mworoha E, 1977), from the reign of Ntare I Rutshatsi-Cambarantama up to the sixteenth reign which was that of Mwambutsa IV Bangiricenge.

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