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Egypt: Welcome back home my Pharaoh!

An exile for living, a single trick for the eternity.
After 132 years of exile in North America, the mummy of Ramsès I, Ramessu Menpehty  Ra, was transferred to Egypt for free. He was thus brought on October 26, 2003 in Cairo in a Plexiglas coffin covered with the Egyptian flag. He was greeted by a Military Band. Schoolchildren, dressed in pharaonic costumes, then sang a song in praise of Egyptian history: "We are the sons of the Nile. Welcome Ramses, the builder of esteemed Egypt".
         Exhibited at the Egyptian National Museum in Cairo, the mummy was then transferred to Luxor Temple (south).
         "The night of the reception there was a powerful storm, with thunder and lightning and hail; a tornado just missed us. It was a very unusual storm for Atlanta. I think it was Rameses, letting us know that he's happy to be going home." occurs Gayle Gibson, an Egyptologist at the Royal Ontario Museum in Canada, who has studied the Niagara mummies for years.

Who was Ramses I, Ramessu Menpehty Ra?

         Founder of the nineteenth dynasty. He is the son of Seti, the commander of egyptian troops  and a singer named Tia Ra. He succeeded him in 1295 B.C.. His first wife is the queen Satre, mother of his heir Seti I. His name is Ramessu (Ra has given birth), his coronation name is Menpehtyrê (Stable is the power of Ra). He moved his capital to Memphis to escape the influence of the priests of Thebes. His reign lasted exactly one year and four months. He did not have time to make monuments except the decoration of the temple of Amun at Karnak and the building of a monument to Buhen. At his death in 1294 B.C., the throne returns to his son Seti I Meriamon Menpehti Re. His tomb in the Valley of the Kings is also unfinished.

Only one year and four months of reign, I will live in America!

         His true story is rather posthumously. His mummy was discovered in 1881 at Deir el-Bahari in Luxor, was stolen with other royal mummies and effects in 1891 by the family of Abdel Rassoul Qurna. The mummy of Ramses I was so purchased by the Museum of Arts in Niagara Falls in the United States and bought 2 million U.S. dollars by the Michael Carlos Museum in Atlanta (Georgia), where he stayed for three years. He was precisely identified by the German Egyptologist Egberscht.

From Jean I.N. KANYARWUNGA, Biographical Dictionary of Africans, NENA, 2013.

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