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Zimbabwe: "Breakfast with Mugabe" the Shakespearean tragedy of Africa

Like King Lear or Frankenstein, Robert Mugabe victory in a tragedy at New York.

         He is the oldest African head of state (89), after the departure of Abdoulaye Wade of Senegal in 2012. He won every presidential election in Zimbabwe, despite the economic sanctions that have rolled his country. We say sick, but never enough to die and relinquish power. Neighboring younger heads of states mysteriously fall like flies, when they reach or cross the sixties.
         His predecessor Sodindo Canaan Banana, a Methodist pastor became civilized manners when he died, the laughingstock of the Conservative Africa. Accused of sodomy in his bodyguards by his Zimbabwean Justice, under the orders of Mugabe who hates homosexuals. The unfortunate pastor was sentenced to ten years in prison, he was released through the intervention of Nelson Mandela after eight months in prison. His wife and children flee him as a disease and get political asylum in Britain. At 67, he died of grief in Harare on 10 November 2003.

His longevity is inversely proportional to that of his neighbors!

         Samora Machel, President of Mozambique, 53, enters the top of at Mbala in Zambia, on October 19, 1986, his plane, a Tupolev 134- TU-b, flies over Zimbabwe crashing Mbuzini in South Africa. The summit which he has just witnessed reunite Mozambique, Zambia, Angola and Zaire. Samora Machel had accused Mobutu Sese Seko of Zaire and Hastings Kamuzu Banda of Malawi to support his armed opposition of RENAMO. Two great wizards who hardly support the boldness of the young Marxist of Mozambique. Who was able to place the false radio beacon mobile (developed by the Israeli MOSSAD) used to divert the aircraft in its path as he headed right to Maputo? To hide his crime, Mobutu asked his ambassador of Zaire, the former footballer Emmanuel Batala Tokwaulu to return to Maputo aboard the Tupolev of Samora. He will be part of 24 victims of the crash. While Hastings Kamuzu Banda was stayed warm in his palace plan probably hit with Hans Louw of the South African Special Forces.
         Laurent Désiré Kabila, president of R.D. Congo, whose bodyguard was provided by Zimbabwean soldiers and though he was his great friend was murdered on 16 January 2001, in his office in Kinshasa in 62 years. And for the record, Zimbabweans have carried his body bullet riddled in Harare, before his funeral in Kinshasa. Mugabe himself has he done an autopsy to the African (Witchcraft) that his ghost can not come back to haunt his adopted son putative and successor Joseph Kabila? In return, he dedicates to him a partner admiration!
         More prosaically, the explanation given by the radio sidewalk Kinshasa: he had his fingerprints still hot to open his chest full of diamonds to the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe.
         His predecessor Mobutu Sese Seko, he overthrew on the 17 May 1997, died at age 67 in Rabat of prostate cancer on September 7, 1997. He came to reign supreme on Zaire for 32 years. Exhausted by absolute power, sick, abandoned by all his favorite!

Unexplained heart attacks and waterfall!

 Levy Patrick Mwanawasa, President of Zambia was felled by a stroke in the summit of the African Union in Cham el Sheick (Egypt) on June 29, 2008. Admitted to hospital of Clamart in Paris on July 1, 2008, he died on 19 August 2008. He was about to celebrate his sixtieth birthday. In his capacity as Chairman of the African Union , he had declared he would take care of Zimbabwe!
         Three years after his death, his predecessor Frederick Jacob Titus Chiluba who led Zambia from 1991 to 2002, was also struck at age 68 of a heart attack on June 18, 2011, after being humiliated by a trial for misappropriation of public funds and corruption.
          Bingu wa Mutharika, President of Malawi died of heart attack on 5 April 2012. He had crossed the sixties before access to power on May 20, 2004. Coincidentally, he had just replaced Mo'ammar Gaddafi as chairman of the African Union (which he had already assumed the General Secretariat) and the issue of elections in Zimbabwe was still valid. In addition, he had lost the mother of his four children, Ethel Zvauya Mutharika of Zimbabwean origin and is about to marry his former Tourism Minister: Calliste Chapola-Chimongo (his junior by 28 years).

Grand Master of the Central and Southern Africa , year after year, he reigns over Zimbabwe for 33 years.

         "Breakfast with Mugabe", the piece of British playwright Fraser Grace is inspired by an article in the "Times of London" after the disputed presidential election of 2002. It was played in London premieres in London in 2005. It triumphed in November 2013 at Pershing Square Signature Center in New York. Mugabe of Fraser Grace is a depressed patient, secluded in his palace, haunted by the spirit of a dead comrade. He brought an English psychiatrist for treatment.
         But he could, given that Mugabe is haunted by an evil spirit the
"Ngoyi" from the Shona mythology.
         "Whenever Mugabe was in the papers, he was described as a monster. And my starting point was that we are not born monster, one becomes”
says Fraser Grace :“There is no doubt that some features of behavior are monstrous But it is interesting to see that he had many experiences that Nelson Mandela has been: struggle for black emancipation, prison ... They both suffered terrible humiliation and oppression under the settlement".

The frame and the drama they meet reality!

         In the play sessions with the psychiatrist invoke the demons that torment probably Mugabe : his betrayal of his first wife, abandoned by his father in his childhood, the death of his own son during his detention by the colonial regime , and refusal of Ian Smith , leader of the white minority at the time, to leave to attend the funeral .
Breakfast with Mugabe has only four characters: Mugabe and his wife Grace ( 58), Gabriel , his bodyguard and Andrew Peric , the psychiatrist employed by the White Zimbabwean president. Peric , played by actor Ezra Barnes , is the first meeting of Grace Mugabe, wife of the secretary became president after the death of the previous one. Known for his taste for luxury and his escapades that have contributed to the presidential couple banished from the Western community , it is called by its detractors "First shopper " (" first purchaser " ) or " Gucci Grace" , or simply " Disgrace " .
Mrs. Grace Mugabe aka " First shopper " or " Disgrace "
Played by Rosalyn Coleman, alternately friendly and menacing , the first lady causes Peric while waiting Mugabe. He assures her that his intentions are "pure" . Then she replied : " And what do you think there are so Zimbabwe is pure ? " , Adding : " Do what you're told , or you will not treat long your patient. "
         Played by Michael Rogers, Mugabe has certainly sought help from Peric, but it supports it difficult to be vulnerable to a white man. Their relationship is so electric. While the psychiatrist asks Mugabe on the ghost that continues, he is engaged in his usual aggressiveness, attacking Peric, his White ancestors who had stolen their land from the Africans and their voices.
         Peric, who has a good knowledge of the Shona culture, which is described by Ezra Barnes as "postracial", retorted that, as many of these Whites whose European ancestors came to settle on the mainland, he considers himself African. Unfortunately for the psychiatrist and his family  his meeting with Mugabe will have terrible consequences.

Robert and I have stayed with Ceausescu!

         Praised by critics for its Shakespearean dimension , the piece explores the tragic nature of power : the loss can sometimes be synonymous with degradation. "I'm afraid of the future",
said the first lady.
         "Robert and I stayed with these people Romania, Ceausescu ... Look what happened to them", she said referring to the infamous dictator, executed in 1990 with his wife, whose arrogance was not without evoke that of Grace.
         The piece was produced for the first time in a London theater in 2005. It now plays in New York until October 6, 2013, ten years after its conception. "In many ways things have gone down in Zimbabwe",
said Fraser Grace .

“Fuck you hang!”

         Heidi Holland, the South African journalist, who published in 1975 a book entitled "Dinner with Mugabe"
* had hanged herself in his garden in Melville (Johannesburg) , at 64 11 August 2012 without really knowing why. Ms. Fraser Grace Will it suffer the same fate ?
Mugabe said: "I ​​do not make enemies. Others make me enemy of theirs", and after his victory in the presidential elections on 31 July 2013, who swore he wants to govern Zimbabwe to 100 years, has launched his opponents who challenged his victory in court: "Fuck you hang!
". An insult or a curse, we will never know?
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*HOLLAND H.,, Dinner With Mugabe : The Untold Story of a Freedom Fighter Who Became a Tyrant
, Nathalie Ross, 2008.

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