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Vatican: The bergoglisms and other neologisms of Pope Francis’s Church of Street!*

Anxious to use a simple and direct language, the Pope Francis often uses the terms of “lunfardo” or neologisms of his own. Expressions that L'Osservatore Romano, the Vatican newspaper , tries to explain.
         "How could I have imagined fifty years ago, the most rebellious of my students
write in L'Osservatore Romano (the Vatican newspaper) If I had known, I would have you may not sent pass your exam ... ? " launched Jorge Bergoglio (Pope Francis) Milia Jorge, of Santa Fe "And me, how could I imagine there fifty years that I would be received by a pope 'néologist' reinventing the Latin, Spanish, Italian?" Francis replied to his former pupil.
         This dialogue took place during a meeting between the two friends in the Vatican, there is a little more than two months. There, the pope praised François comments Milia, published by L'Osservatore Romano,
on his “argentinisms” and neologisms. As soon as he kissed the pontificate, François surprised by his actions but by his language. Not only he invited bishops and priests "to be pastors who feel the sheep", but he started to use almost slang , words of lunfardo ( slang of Buenos Aires and the tango language ] and neologisms he created to focus on a particular concept.
         When Francis spoke “primerear”,
many wondered what he meant, especially in the Vatican. Milia then wrote the first of his articles for the blog Terra de America, led by Alver Metalli. "All this had a great impact if they asked me to continue to write about what has come to be called bergoglismes and then L'Osservatore Romana began to publish these articles" says Milia.

"Defending the youngsters (Mioches)”

         A list of words he says - "balconer", "fish an idea", "run dry", "miséricordier", "go fuck" - one could add many others, such as "make a head vinegar","out of the cave"or "beware of swindlers". Considered as the "bergoglisms" expressions of Pope give a hard time to translators and surprised everyone, except those who knew him.
More than once, Jorge Bergoglio apologized for having used a vulgar or popular word. Thus, in his homily at the Mass for the education he gave in April 2009, where he was outraged that the drug be sold at the doors of schools, he said: "We must defend the youngsters, go pardon the expression, and sometimes this dark world makes us forget that brats defensive instinct".

The Blessed Virgin Mary, a woman of the streets!

         That is why the father Javier Klajner responsible for the youth ministry of the Archdiocese of Buenos Aires, said: "Much of what the pope said, his expressions, his way of being, means the live as a reality”.
And recalls that the former archbishop of Buenos Aires described “the Virgin as a woman of the streets. You must be like her, a woman of the streets, and be on the street", he said to the priests.
"The bergoglisms are the expression of a hundred percent catechesis the Pope Argentine exports, he diffuses into the world, not to assert a regional identity, but by missionary fervor", Virginia Bonard, author of Nuestra fe es analysis revolucionaria (Our faith is revolutionary),
a collection of homilies and messages Jorge Bergoglio, the time when he was archbishop of Buenos Aires. Ms. Bonard adds: "The Pope says he prefers a rugged Church (because it takes risks) to a church he too sick, it is clear that he prefers to use words and gesturing taking risks. rather than keeping something for him".

Some definitions of the papal language.

         "Lord we first he awaits us. You sin and he is waiting to forgive you".
According to Bergoglio, this term (primerear) comes from footballing language from Buenos Aires. It expresses the fact of taking the initiative to arrive first.
         Do not “balconez” life, enter into it, as Jesus did.

In one of his articles, Milia explains that lunfardo "balconer "
(balconear) means watch from a balcony as a spectator and not the protagonist, without participating in what happens.
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*Article published in International Courier on December 6, 2013.

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