mardi 4 février 2014

Africa : Mistresses Stories ... We don’t care !

François Hollande-Julie Gayet  affair: What's that ?

French president, François Hollande could easily find his African peers solidarity and comfort in the event that constitutes the revelations his hidden relationship with actress Julie Gayet . He accomplished one, two, or three terms are still several decades at the helm of his country, the African head of state does not have to fear unpacking its relationship with actual or supposed mistress. Neither the press, yet more and more free on the continent, nor his most vocal opponents never venture on this ground . In a part of the continent, nobody is offended that the president has a first, second or third "office" . The real power is measured in terms of conquests. And elected welcome generally be passed through the bed of the head, which leverages conferences, seminars and meetings, according to a proven method. The "target" is found, because usually its conquering chest or behind its attractive, then the protocol into action: "The boss wants to see you after ..." The head can therefore type" in all directions. But the teachers must refrain from any kind of boxing to endanger public order.

The African leader has the right to collect mistresses!

Elsewhere on the continent, one never knows nothing of secret of the "boss" . Sometimes a requirement of moral rectitude requires the latter to abandon his nocturnal escapades before access to the highest offices. And if, exceptionally, he indulges, his "subjects" do not talk about: it is a taboo  In some countries, it is recognized that the leader takes a second, a third and even a fourth wife. All legitimate. So there is a first, a second and a third first lady. A real headache for the protocol. Especially for the organization of official ceremonies.
One last reason explains that in Africa, relations with the chief women not generate any public debate: the first ladies have no status, do not have an office in the Palace, not included in any official organization . To live no longer hidden and differentiate themselves from their rivals, most legitimate wives thus create a foundation for the fight against A.I.D.S., malaria or excision. Patrons are scrambling to fund their initiatives, including public media are widely reported. This is the difference between a first lady, a lawful wife and a mistress. For the latter, even in Africa, continues to live in hiding.
Based on an article of Jeune Afrique of January 27, 2014.

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