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Guinea: The untold Jekyll and Hyde, Story of Moussa Dadis Camara!*

A Capitain out of nothingness and from anywhere?

         Born on Janvier 1, 1964 or December 28, 1968 at Koulé, near Nzérékoré, guinean officer, he created National Council for Democracy and Development (C.N.D.D.), which seized power after the death of Lansana Conté in Guinea on December 24, 2008. Head injury on December 3, 2009, he was hospitalized in Morocco and Burkina Faso, and must leave office next month. A mysterious ball, badly drawn, which saved Guinea from diseaster.
         A year of nightmare for Guineans who had barely two dictatorships: the bloody dictatorship of Sekou Touré Ahmed (1958-1984) and grotesque of Lansana Konte (1984-2008).
         After donning the clothes of savior of the country after  the death of Lansana Conté, the head of state shifts to an autocratic regime and grotesque: uncontrolled slippage, permanent improvisation, authoritarianism,... What worry, when he longer hides his desire to be a candidate in the presidential election of January 2010.

Moussa Dadis Camara invented the "non- governance".

While all the time to praise the 'good governance', Moussa Dadis Camara invented the "non- governance". The leader of the National Council for Democracy and Development (C.N.D.D.), the junta that seized power in Guinea on December 23, 2008, after the death of Lansana Conté is undoubtedly the only head of state in the world not have cabinet in working order or secretariat. No record of the hearing either for the many visitors waiting for hours for a hypothetical interview. Worse, the coup captain did not participate once in a Council of Ministers, he left before the end of the session. After wandering for months through the aisles of  Alpha Yaya Diallo camp, members of the presidential cabinet failed in a palace annex of Sékhoutouréya, in the city center, several kilometers from the military enclave, where the boss is installed. Most of them never see him. And they are not alone.

Disorder in the Alpha Yaya Diallo camp

Prime Minister Kabiné Komara, and his government colleagues can do the heels for days without being received. The Schedules of "Dadis" are for something. Persistence of a habit in the first hours of the coup, when he had to stay awake to thwart any attempt against  coup, the junta leader opens only at night the doors of two small rooms that serve as office and waiting room. His working day begins at dusk.
He has head-to-head with anyone. Any visitor who enters in his office, there is a group of soldiers or civilians sometimes anonymous function without officially came to chat. A merry disarray at Alpha Yaya Diallo camp. So that the notions of secrecy and discretion have totally disappeared from the operation of the Guinean state. Every doings of "Dadis" feed continuously in the Gazette and are at the heart of conversations salon in Conakry.

And here is the Dadis Show!

The head of the junta chose outing as a method of government. Any questions, including the most sensitive, are set in the waiting room, under the eye of cameras of Guinea Broadcasting (R.T.G.). The result is a series that Guineans have called, not without humor and derision "Dadis Show"-a sort of quarter of an hour of laughter which is a box in the capitals of West Africa, where the log R.T.G. is monitored on the cable. Extracts available on the Internet beat attendance records (30.000 visitors on YouTube). Exercise of catharsis punctuated by anger, beatings and blood moralistic tirades, the "Dadis Show" allows the main actor to romp on suspected drug traffickers, officials suspected of embezzlement, diplomats or businessmen established in his country, but also on his own employees. Revocations and updates are delivered early retirement before the cameras. Better than the reality.

"If you talk to me like that, I will return to your country”

If the facts were not as serious and harmful to the image of Guinea, a few selected pieces of this series would be to shake with laughter. "I am not your equal", he says to Karl Prinz, German Ambassador to Guinea, who calls on his possible candidacy for president. "If you talk to me like that, I will return to your country," he serves as kindness to Anatoly Panchenko, Ukrainian businessman, former head of the mining company Rusal Guinea.
But, he who holds the record of humiliation is undoubtedly the prime minister, Kabiné Komara, 59 years, debauched from the African Export-Import Bank (Afreximbank), based in Cairo. On September 9, when he hosted a press conference at the premises of the R.T.G. at Koloma, Dadis takes part in a loud voice Kabiné Komara, who tried to whisper something in his ear: "Why do you talk in my ear? Why are you bothering me? ".  The poor Kabiné Komara, had already suffered a similar setback a few days earlier. Tired after vegetating in the waiting room of the Head of State, he joined the office of the Minister of Defence, Sekouba Konate (Who became president of republic after him). As stung, Dadis gets carried away: "Why are you following me? Who told you to get into the office? Why are you impatient? ". Atmosphere. Another crisp recorded scene now runs on mobile phones. Out of him, Dadis launches the phone to a counselor of Komara: "It's cheeky to receive a master gold zone without keeping us informed ... It is not he who took power ! Prime Minister , he is inflated, inflated, eh ... He does not matter to a asshole . "

It was I who called you, and I hang you from that moment.

But the most grotesque public scene is held on June 8, 2009 in a conference hall packed to the rafters of the People's Palace, seat of the National Assembly. While the junta leader meets with officials of financial authorities, he stops net the Director of Customs, Mamady Touré, just as he demands special status for customs. And struck him: "Mr. Touré, you're a demagogue. You think it is the only customs that have no status? It was I, who called you, and I hang you from that moment".
Touré left as he came. He was catapulted to the position three months earlier, having been the first to run after a petition. Dadis launched in the courtyard of the National Customs Directorate: "Let him who feels capable of be director raises his hand! " Mamady Touré has had, nevertheless, greater longevity that Lamine Sidimé. Appointed on June 9 , in full public meeting at the People's Palace , "President of the Economic and political orientation Commission", the former president of the Supreme Court and former Prime Minister was degummed two days later, after many reactions denouncing the return to power of this living symbol of the excesses of the Lansana Conté regime.

A real horn of the Web!

These repeated blunders have made their author, the inimitable mimicry, a new "puppet of the Web" in French very rough. Behavior are certainly smiling but Dadis, above all, they intrigue and worry. This captain small and thin, agitated and angry, without restraint and allergic protocol has shoulders too narrow for the costume head of state. Having a lot of trouble to take place in public, he may, in the midst of a formal meeting, a smoke, rising to shake hands with a person in the audience, cheering wildly, laughing loudly, interrupt the emcee to discuss or distribute speech ... Born into a modest family in Nzérékoré, a remote rural region of the Guinea forest that has left after his tray away Conakry, the soldier Dadis, which did not include the manners of good society or the codes of power, himself admits that he had "not known opulence". But, at 45 years, a career soldier displays a taste for watches and luxury eyewear.
Let him who feels capable of being director raises his hand!
Lacking any control over his actions, he holds the most natural of about unworthy of his current rank. "I can have a girlfriend because I am a man, but I do not turn another man's wife",  he says in September 9, to journalists dumbfounded. "The men of the troupe can attest. Ask them if I lie. Since taking power, I do not set foot anywhere without their knowledge", he says to whom rumored to many female conquests and a taste for beer and spirits. He added: "I consider widows General Lansana Conté as mothers. They do not come to camp". Veiled reference to another rumor about a connection between a Prime Minister of former president Counté and one of the wives of the latter.

"Captain savior of the nation"

Improvisations, lightness, making the punch, appointments and pop rants, the Dadis method also incorporates a good deal of inconsistency. Enough to kill the myth of "Captain savior of the nation" noticeable after his accession to power. After adored him, many Guineans reject today and multiply actions of resistance to what is akin to a creeping dictatorship. Young commuter who troubled the last years of the reign of Conté, are distinguished by events more frequent. Frontline also Forum "lifeblood" of Guinea, determined to prevent his candidacy for the presidential elections in January 2010. Dadis fun, Dadis worried, but the resistance was organized. His face twisted, his lips tighten, his eyes narrow and his voice sharpened, but the anger of Dadis are no longer afraid.

want to paralyze the administration? I'll cripple you too.

Judges are the first to have braved. End of May, they went on strike to demand the abolition of the post of Secretary of State for War, whose owner, Lt. Issa Camara, seized to litigation before the courts for decision. Furious, the head of the junta calls and threat: "When we fight for Conakry residents have access to water and electricity, you decide to strike you, as if you were senior teachers and doctors! All judges who are not present at the meeting is deleted from the public. [...] Minister of Justice, take the names of all those who are absent! You want to paralyze the administration? I'll cripple you too. And if you do not stop, I'll mater". Before impassive judges, joined by lawyers and clerks, the junta leader backtracked. On June 5, he announced that he renounces the measurement of radiation and the next day, remove, by decree, the State Secretariat for Conflict. Not without naming Issa Camara "Governor of Mamou, in charge of the fight against highway robbers and cattle rustlers over the entire Land Feature"!

"A soldier of the office"

If he proclaims loudly that he is not afraid of anything or anyone, Dadis is unconvincing. He is about not impressed when strikes in rows General Mamadouba "Toto" Camara, number two of C.N.D.D. and Security Minister: "General, I forbid you to warn me. I have no fear of drug traffickers. I am not afraid of death. Red, the color of my beret, is the symbol of blood". The former head of oil from the army, flunked the entrance to the Royal Military Academy of Meknes, has never experienced war and never belonged to an operational unit. Unlike, for example, his defense minister, Sekouba Konate, nicknamed "Tiger " for his ferocity in battle (Sierra Leone, Liberia...) and proudly war wounds. Dadis is instead portrayed by his brothers in arms as a "soldier of office". He takes umbrage and made ​​no secret of his dislike and even jealousy, for those who have risen through the ranks by making the shot. "At the officer rank is less important than efficiency", he says to Jeune Afrique following his seizure of power.

Human rights, what is that?

A few days later, on December 28, he inaugurated a wave of arrests -still ongoing- officers. The former Chief of Staff, General Diarra Camara, and twenty-one general officers are retired from office. Sixteen of them are detained in Alpha Yaya Diallo camp. Among them are three generals also Diarra Camara, Vice Admiral N'Fali Daffé, former Chief of Staff of the Navy, and his deputy, Admiral Fassiriman against Traoré. Two colonels , including Vivas Sylla , near Conte and three commanders, including Issiaga Camara, nephew of the late president and former member of the presidential guard , are also placed under arrest.
On the night of April 22 to 23, following the last minute cancellation of his trip to Libya, Dadis ordered the arrest of the charismatic Saa Alphonse Touré, deputy commander of the regiment commando, Abdoulaye Keita instructor of airborne battalion, and other lower-ranking soldiers. About to succumb to the torture he suffered, Saa Touré Alphonse was transferred in late August at Donka Hospital before being removed, under the eyes of his wife, by a commando led to a destination unknown. Since then, more news. So does the regime of Moussa Dadis Camara many civilians and soldiers arrested are kept secret, cut off from all contact with their families and deprived of counsel. Little looking on human rights, the new strong man of Guinea revived day incarceration by decree. On April 4, Amadou Mouctar Baldé, vice-chairman of the audit committee, was sacked by an act signed by the Head of State, also ordered his imprisonment for misappropriation of public funds.

Corruption to be elected democratically!

The regime hardens. And more since Dadis lifted the veil on his intention to run for the highest office in January 2010. Hostile to his candidacy S.M.S. began circulating on mobile phones? The four mobile operators operating in the country are presto ordered to block their messaging system. Private radio stations broadcast interactive programs in which Guineans express their disapproval? A decision of the National Communication Council (C.N.C.) falls to prohibit" mentioned, until further notice, political issues in any type of interactive program, and in all languages ​."The opposition leaders, meeting in the Forum forces, remind Dadis its commitment to lead the transition and to transmit power through an election in which he is not involved? The junta leader raises the audit committee established in the early hours of the coup. In his sights, potential presidential candidates who were Premiers County: Sidya Touré, François Lonsény Fall, Diallo Daien Celloun and Lansana Kouyaté. Whoever said urbi et orbi not be power hungry today clings tenaciously Chair.

Clannish, ethnicity...

This barricade and stores gradually in closets his tirades on ethnocentrism to surround himself with family members and citizens of the region. After entrusting ten departments, the C.N.C., the Economic and Social Council and the Telecommunications Company of Guinea (Sotelgui, real pump money) to nationals of the Forest (which represents only 9% of the Guinean people), he chosen as attaché office and project manager his nephew, Siba Theodore Kourouma, as henchman Papa Koly Kourouma, another family member, who plays the role of financial intermediary. Whoever there is little, cried his hatred of money spent 800 billion Guinean francs (110 million euros) in nine months. Half of this amount was disbursed by the Central Bank as proof "expenses of sovereignty".

Marabouts and fetish.

It is true that Dadis great leads train. Hundreds of cattle that his friend and Minister of State Boubacar Barry made ​​slay all day long as a sacrifice cost a fortune. As the treatment of marabouts and fetish recruited across the West Africa. He also supports at great expense a half- dozen parties (N.R.P., F.D.D., R.D.R., ...) created to support his candidacy. Anyone who founded a movement or organize a demonstration in support is invited to the camp, which showed pockets weighted. Moussa Dadis Camara multiplies walkabouts and meetings at the stage of 28 September. He surrounded himself with courtiers whose demagogue Idrissa Cherif, leader of the new Movement for the defense of the Republic (R.D.R.) and theorist, ... of dadisme".
The cult of personality and the intoxication of power seized the soldier Dadis. He promised a break with the abuses of the past. It is the balance of Guinea he might break.

*Based on the article of Cheik Yérim Seck appeared in "Jeune Afrique" on 21 September 2009.

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