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Japan, Switzerland, Rwanda-Belgium: Course outsized of our young prodigies. Lighted candles to illuminate humanity.

The real miracle of Fukushima!

Yuzuru Hanyu is beautiful like a god, he is graceful as a papyrus, slipping on the ice with a lightness of a swan. He is the undisputed champion of Figure Skating Olympic Winter Games in Sochi (Russia) in 2014. Some Japanese have flocked to cheer and rejoice in his gold medal barely know that he is a survivor of Fukushima. His fellows of Sendai kept awake at 4am are in tears. The rest of the world discovers this fine gentleman with the television on an air of "Romeo and Juliet", won gold in the free program gentlemen. Nobody can even imagine the intimate relationship that there is between the young of 19 years old born in Sendai and the largest nuclear disaster in the world due to the Tsunami that devastated Fukushima and deeply wounded the Empire of the Rising Sun.

"I really thought I was going to die at 16!"

"Suddenly, without warning, everything collapses, the ice under my skates, the roof of the ice. I thought I was going to die at 16 ", he told reporters. Later a little more, a wave of 15 meters high hits the house of his parents. His whole family lived in a prefabricated house of 60m2.
Like thousands of other Japanese family of Fukushima, Yuzuru Hanyu faces lives broken by grief, a stuffy future. Only the mother of Yuzuru does not yield to despair and firmly believes that his son slipping since the age of three years will be a skater on ice. She goes in search of a skating rink, away from Japan, if necessary. A donation enables her to bring him to Canada, where his coach Brian Orser was impressed by his perfectionism.
Today, three years after the disaster and its scars still fresh in the hearts of his countrymen, the gold medal Yuzuru Hanyu gives courage and hope to survivors in Fukushima. The fact that he is a survivor of Fukushima is there anything in this dazzling success?
"Everything is a matter of luck",  he says humbly to the influential Japanese business newspaper Sankei! Destiny and miracle I might add! He is the first Japanese world champion of artistic skating rink!

The Champion Swiss Dario Cologna, a survivor of a catastrophic accident!

These Sochi Olympics are full of miracles. This is the case of Dario Cologna, the champion of free skiing on 15 km ,that made ​​me want to understand Romansh, the fourth Swiss language only learned in  primary schools of Grison.
He was already the Swiss Olympic champion at the Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver in Canada in 2010. Nothing unusual so that at 27, he won his first gold medal at the Olympic Games in Sochi in 2014.

"I also think he has never been stronger mentally" adds Guri Hetland.

This foundry business in Val Muster, who trains with his brother Gianluca says "This is a great victory, perhaps the greatest of my career". And his career looks bright. A career that has almost stopped in mid-November 2013, when he tore ligaments during training, a serious injury that would not only stop competition, but also deprived him of mobility simply. "When he is torn ligaments, we had a few tears at home", says his mother Christine Cologna.
"Morally, I was willing to suffer". After an hour and a half from ankle surgery, he returned to bodybuilding at Macolin a special device and especially on December 19, 2013, he goes back on skis, installed on a strange stool adequate progress only by force of arms without seeking his injured leg.
"It is our role at Swiss-Ski to us the height of such a champion", said Hippolyt Kempf, head ski skiing at Swiss-Ski. "So we worked a lot in the hardware sector by buying a special truck and machinery, but also a dedicated commitment to that person. Since the previous Games in Vancouver in 2010, we invested 600,000 francs. These efforts have paid off ", he said.
"I remember his first Tour de Ski in 2007, in the stands of the finish area. He appears from the forest on the 20 km. He had bad skis, shoes several inches below the slats. But he continued and finished the thirtieth race. Dario never give up!" tells Remo Cologna, his father.
A second, why not a third, whatever, he has transformed his accident in victory, he is already a legend! He was nicknamed "Super Dario", a well-deserved nickname, whose origin Canton is known to the affluent world jostling in winter Davos Economic Forum and the hotels of the resort of St. Moritz. They speak little Romanche as does Super Dario, when he timidly replied to questions of his namesake Darius Rochebin of Télévision Suisse Romande, which uses an interpreter to understand the fourth Swiss language!

Belgium: Stromae: Papaoutai or Dad, where are you!

I had fun comparing the long neck and hairstyle of Paul Van Haver to those of Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaton, but also those of Tutsi whose "Anthropologists" Belgians, analysed the "anthropomorphic characteristics" to classify Rwandan races at the begin of the twentieth century.
Like his father, architect, returned to "build" Rwanda, that he regrets the absence in his songs, he would not have escaped this type that led to genocide last quite a million dead in Rwanda. I shep tears in front of my TV not only because it reminds me of my own children, but also because his music and his apparent fragility were both his strength and brings me much more frightening images.
I then asked a less optimistic question: what think those thousands of hidden genocide (and their accomplices and genocides deniers) in Europe by observing, what the neck sliced ​​with machetes in the streets of Kigali and the Rwandan hills in April-May 1994, on behalf of an unjustifiable political ideology!

Wonderful lesson for humanity!

One day everyone will be gone, but will we simply be spawning or geniuses?”
When the Rwandan-Belgian singer triumph, with three awards at the 29th "Victoires de la Musique" in Paris, curious coincidence, a few steps away place the first trial of a Rwandan genocide in France: the former captain Pascal Simbikangwa, whose name simply means "I am not afraid of these things" is tried for "aiding and abetting genocide and conspiracy to commit genocide, organized crime". Far from Kigali, the fate of Rwanda takes place, it is simply a true "Wonderful lesson for humanity". The artist-musician behind his simple, almost naive appearance, has sold over one and a half million records in France and more than two millions in the world, while the genocidal, born of a Tutsi mother and a divorced woman Tutsi is confined to a wheelchair since 1986 with 20 Euros by day.
These three champions “any class" from Japan, Switzerland, Belgium and Rwanda are three magisterial lessons administered to the youth of mankind for their tenacity in sobriety, because when we believed that the World Around collapses, the hope of a better world is written elsewhere for even more beautiful than before!

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