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Islam: Sex and Islam*


         The contradiction is striking between the myth of a prudish Islam and the reality of a religion that glorifies the act of love. An absolute right to the faithful in the eyes of the Prophet.
         The puritan Islam is inherently anti-sex and Muslims nature. Here's what came out of a survey of C.S.A. published in “Le Monde des religions” in January 2005 that 72% of French believe that the Qur'an represses sexuality (against 43% for Catholicism and Judaism 38%). But it turns out that the reality is the opposite of the prevalent ideas about the religion of Mohammed.

Sexuality in Islam.

          First of all, because if it is a people, a religion, a language where love has a prominent place, it is in the Arab-Muslim world. Not exist within sixty words to express the love, "as Eskimos have sixty words for snow" says the Tunisian filmmaker Nacer Khémir. This ranges from simple tilting (mawadda) the total transport (tatayyum), through the passion (ichq) or dying love (sababa). No one aspect, a detail, a characteristic of this feeling that Muslims have not studied: its symptoms, types, its states and its remedies.
         People loving essence, the Arabs have left their mark on the European courtly poetry of the Middle Ages and initiated the West the art of seduction and gallantry. In Ibn Hazm, Andalusian poet of the eleventh century like they believe that "love is not subject to dislike, or taboo, for religion".
Muslim tradition has it that whoever loves and dies of love is considered a martyr.

To Marry is to fulfill half of his religion!

         But love is not sex, it will say. Again, you are wrong, because Islam sexuality is a given for granted and an essential chapter in the life of the believer that imams taught at the foot of columns mosques whose faqihs took the defense as Al-Makhzumi, we saw clinging to curtains of the Kaaba in Mecca, and praying: "O my God, be merciful with lovers, softened the hearts of their beloved".

         In fact, the religion of Prophet considers that sexuality is an act of faith and pleasure an absolute right. Unlike Christianity, it condemns celibacy and states that "marriage is to fulfill half of his religion"
. Similarly it recognizes and magnifies the explicit pleasure. No sin weighs on sex, not even original sin, which does not exist in Islam: Allah does not charge Eve but the devil, and forgives the first couple of humanity.Therefore, no trace of pleasure banned, no chastity belts or padlock on female belly, much less desire indefinite retirement. Being recognized and praised for itself , enjoyment is not subject to procreation. If the sexual act leads to the latter: "Allah gives them [ the couple ] a child and the devil will do him no harm ever" (Al- Bukhari).

         Moreover, any sexual act generates a reward in the following tradition. The Prophet said: "There is a reward in sex than you".
His companions exclaimed: "Oh! Messenger of Allah, one of us has sated his desire and he is rewarded in this?". Mohammed replied: "If he had met in the haram [unlawful] would he not sinned? Thus, if it satisfies the halal [lawful], he gets this reward".

Caresses and preliminaries.

         The Prophet also entrusted to his disciples: "In your world, God made ​​me love women , perfume and prayer"
. And it is true that believers recommended beware the seductive power of women. "I did not let temptation would be worse for my community as represented by women for men", he saw no harm in what the loved. It is said that a man came to see him and said: "O Prophet, there was an orphan home sought in marriage by a poor and a rich suitor. She loves us first and second". Mohammed replied: "There is nothing decided for better lovers than to unite".
         Moreover, he loved to encourage and preliminary caresses , saying: "It is good that the believer plays with his wife before they report to increase his desire and to take as much pleasure as it". We told the Umayyad Caliph Omar Ibn Abdelaziz ( 682-720 ) that the Prophet would say: "Do not enter until it is not as much as you desire, so that you do not jouisses before her. Kiss her, let her winks, caress her, and when you see that she has reached the same level of desire as yours, enters her ". Finally, he recommended: "When one of you has something to do with his wife and he satisfies his desire, he did not press until assouvisse as her own."

 In contrast to an ascetic Christ, Mohammed is the perfect lover!

         In the imaginary Muslim, the Prophet is the perfect lover, not only because he knew honor women , but he was having a sexual power that it did, say, around all his other wives during the same night. Claim this power is an ambition of every true believer , but an idea that frustrates more faithful to the faltering manhood ... And , above all, shock Westerners, for whom the prophetic figure is, like Christ, ascetic by definition!
         With regard to women, they have many rights and duties , in accordance with the law "decency"
that must govern relations between spouses. Contrary to popular belief, Islam has never forbidden women pleasure. Rather, he considers bad believer who does not provide them. And allows those who are dissatisfied to seek divorce and get it. Wives forced into practices they disapprove can refer to the judge.          Thus, it is said that forced sodomy Muslim once came to see the qadi and overthrew their slippers, a gesture intended to refer this practice to seek justice.
         That's what sources of Islam. The practice, attitudes or modern times have made ​​the Muslim puritans and repressive towards their half is a reality that can not be denied either. But we must look for the reason other than the Koran or the Sunna.
* Article of Fawzia Zouari. Tunisian journalist and writer, PhD in Comparative Literature, she published including "Ce Voile qui déchire la France (The veil, that tearing France)"
, Ramsey Editions, Paris, 2003.
- See his Biography and Bibliography in Kanyarwunga I.N. Jean, Biographical Dictionary of Africans, Nouvelles Editions Nouvelles Africaines (N.E.N.A.), Dakar.

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