samedi 19 avril 2014

China: When death becomes an unattainable luxury!

Housing "death" in China: the cross and the banner.

With rapid urbanization, the price of building land climb everywhere. But what can not be seen in real estate agencies, this is the price of graves ... Yet !  
         At Gangzhou , the price per square meter falls climbs faster than desktop because land shortage to bury the dead with dignity. While government advise their citizens to enjoy the vast sea of waves to scatter the ashes of their loved ones.
         To encourage the timid who are wary of the big blue, the administration offers premium sounding species and stumbling families who are willing to get rid of the ashes of their loved ones with the waves : 1000 yuan (122 euros) in Guangzhou, 5000 yuan (612 euros) in Shaoxing says Xinhua.
         To encourage people to use the sea for the funeral, the Chinese authorities organized mini cruises all expenses paid The Washington Post adds: whole families leave tens bus, the ashes of their dead in a trailer for a maritime ceremony to throw flowers.
         The above may well be free in the big blue, the Chinese are so attached to the traditional setting tare weight of ash supposed to provide the rest of the soul. In large cities, the eternal repose feeds a juicy black market.

On April 4, the day of the traditional festival of Qing Ming!

          On  April 4, each year, all Chinese gather in cemeteries to clean the graves of their deceased relatives and ancestors. They burn offerings they intend: banknotes above all, Ipad and Iphone and other gadgets to ensure their blessing. Some spend fortunes as a sign of filial piety.
         In private cemeteries of Changping District in Beijing, the high-end plots often reach 1 million yuan (over 122,000 euros), The Global Times
wrote, but according to the law, burials solo or two places not exceed not a square.
         Shortly, the surface graves decline further. According to government statistics, by 2025 , 20 million Chinese will move into the beyond every year. They have the right to place an urn beneath the earth or have their ashes dissolved forever in the waves of a sea, somewhere in China.

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