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France/Libya: Muammar Gaddafi or Albert Preziosi Jr., ultimately matter?

Gaddafi: A product of the war that ended by the war!

         Ousted in an unheard of violence and killed on October 20, 2011 in Sirte, as was the Duce Mussolini on April 26, 1945 (then hung upside down with his mistress Clara Petacci on Piazzale Loreto in Milan), the Libyan dictator could very well not to be who he claimed to be, that does not change his character or his behavior, let alone his adventurous life !
         Malicious persistent rumor was in the 70s on the origin of the one whose completed name is
Mouammar Bin Mohammed Bin Abdessalam Bin Humaïd Bin Aboumeniar Bin du Naïl Al Fohsi Al Kadhafi”, officially son of a certain Abu Minyar and Aisha: he was simply the natural son of Albert Preziosi.
         Albert Preziosi was a Corsican pilot who joined London on 17 June 1940 to enlist in the Free French Air Force (F.A.F.L.). The lieutenant is assigned to the Middle East, the hunting group number 1 "Alsace", then in the hunting group number 3 "Normandie". Assigned to the Middle East, his plane crashed in 1942 in Libyan desert, exactly in the region of Fezzan, that's where Gaddafi was born.
         According to former members of his group, the soldier Preziosi would then disappeared for a month, during which he met a young woman. This Eastern idyll versions diverge. According to Lorillon Pierre, one of the last survivors of the squadron Normandie-Niemen
"Albert was collected by a Libyan tribe, then cared for by a young noble woman with whom he had a child ".
          François Tulasne, son of the commander Tulasne, one of the two founders of the Normandie-Niemen, evokes a fun episode of "Libyan Princess". "For my father, Preziosi was like a son latter, which yet had a disability in the neck, was a good soldier . And apparently a seducer".
         The romance with the Bedouin, gave birth on June 7, 1942 to a son named Muammar Gaddafi promised to a destiny beyond common because his name Muammar means "Who God gives long life!"

The true progenitor of the Libyan dictator ?

         Albert Preziosi, son of Constable was born on July 25, 1915 at Vezzani (321 inhabitants in 2011), a village in Corsica, where a golden plaque pays tribute to the memory of the French aviator. Seeing photos of the adult Gaddafi, the Vezzanais were impressed by the striking resemblance between the Libyan leader and the hero killing in action in Russia at Karatchev on July 28, 1943. The gold plate honoring Airman corse on the front of communal House Vezzani date of 2003.
         Albert Preziosi leaves his village in 1930. In 1935, he was part of the first graduating class of the School of the air Salon-de-Provence. Did he never returned ! Above the mayor's office is a framed portrait of the captain of the Air Force wearing his aviator cap. Annie Genasci, then town clerk, loved the photo of this beautiful man and liked to believe the unbelievable story that accompanies her destiny.
         "We have no evidence of this relationship (with Gaddafi), but no evidence either contradicts it,"
says Jean-Pierre Pagni (then Mayor of Vezzani). Designating the former police station, a high stone house where small Preziosi was born. "And then there was the likeness ..." noted Annie.

What the French said about this filiation Preziosi - Gaddafi ?

         This story, members of the Normandie-Niemen liked to tell the forehead, even embellish. Libyan Princess for some, Jewish Palestinian nurse for others ... all meet on one point: a child was born of this trip in the desert.
         Philippe Beaudoin, retired second office air force, got wind of a discussion between the Commander Joseph Pouliquen, co-founder of the Normandy-Niemen, and Albert Preziosi. The latter would have made ​​the following confession to his superior: "You know, I had a child in Libya if something happens to me in maneuvers, do send him this letter. ".
         A few weeks later, airman Preziosi dies on a flight on the Russian front . "Subsequently, no one has had this letter in the hands",  says Philippe Beaudoin, for which the theory of the authorship of Gaddafi is "plausible". In 1988, Joseph Pouliquen dies and carries the letter in his grave.
         The descendants of Albert Preziosi, them, take this story with a grain of salt . "Every time we said,"
So you're the Gaddafi family?, " my arms fall " irritated François Preziosi, son of a cousin of Albert, who works at the maintenance of the memory of his grandfather. This former of Algeria recognizes still have led his small survey by contacting an "old acquaintance" which was during the Second World War in Libya for "Indigenous Affairs"  In vain. In the army, it is not fashionable to communicate on privacy. The cousin Preziosi also prefer his focuses more on the heroism of Albert at this embarrassing descent. He does not forget to mention just a few miles of Vezzani, Solenzara airbase is named after Preziosi. And can not imagine that one day she could be renamed "Gaddafi"!
Corsica Gaddafi : his relations with Europeans, Arabs and Blacks !

         Despite his character "Corsaire" wacky, Gaddafi loved France, the country of his presumed progenitor, he treated the Italians with disdain but consumed Italian dishes thoroughly. He distrusted the English to whom he owes his military training yet. He despised the Arabs and ridiculed when he had the chance. They made ​​him well. He said he is Muslim without understanding the Quran. Whenever I heard mention the Koran, I wondered what the Koran, he drew his suras or verses. In fact, he interpreted his way to accommodate his speech. Also, the fatwa of Sheikh Youssef Al- Qaradawi stated that "Kafir Murtadd Mustahlil or Apostate"
on February 21, 2011, while N.A.T.O. bombed Libya was contested by any Muslim in the world.
         He was patronizing to Black Africans, he dreamed of converting by the sword or by the corruption (and a complex vis-à-vis of Black Americans especially those who challenged the current administration). He preferred the Eastern Europeans, who gave him a beautiful woman Sofia (aka Safia) and his beautiful offspring.
         As with any natural child, the life of Muammar Gaddafi Preziosi has been a life of adventure often bloody as the incomparable another Corsian, born better and more intelligent, remained in French history : Napoleon Bonaparte.
         Phenomena in power like him, Africa abounds: Idi Amin, Jean- Bedel Bokassa, Hastings Kamuzu Banda, Samuel Doe, etc.. All share one thing in common :  they were "
Ambiguous birth and unhappy childhood" that lead them to exercise tyranny, trying to be loved by the whole world or.... avenge their ambiguous birth and multiple frustrations of childhood* !
*For More Reading about Tyrants: Charmet Véronique,
L’enfance des dictateurs (Childhood of dictators), Editions Prisma, Paris, 2013.

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