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Angola : The Untold history of the President Jose Eduardo dos Santos.

Angola (1.246.700 Km2), an extremely resource-rich country while Angolans (18.498.000) live in the most horrid socio-economic conditions!

         The president of Angola Jose Eduardo has always run his government like his personal, privately-owned investment holding company. His cousin serves as the Angola’s vice president, and his daughter Isabel Dos Santos is arguably the wealthiest woman in the country.
         Angola is extremely resource-rich. According to the United States Agency For International Development (U.S.A.I.D.) the country is the second-largest oil producer in sub-Saharan Africa and the seventh-largest supplier to the United States. Angola also has massive diamond deposits and occupies an enviable position as the world’s fourth largest producer of rough diamonds.
         But for all its resource wealth, the vast majority of Angolans still live in the most horrid socio-economic conditions. 68% of the country’s total population lives below the poverty line of $1.7 a day, while 28% live on less than 30 cents. Education is free, but it’s practically worthless. Most of the schools are housed in dilapidated structures and there is a severe deficit of skilled and qualified teachers. According to the U.N. Children’s Fund, 30% of the country’s children are malnourished. The average life expectancy is about 41 years while child and maternal deaths are extremely high. Unemployment levels are very high. But José Eduardo dos Santos is unaffected.

The Man who chaired Angola since 1979, is he really who we know?

         "I meet Jose Eduardo dos Santos in Exile and at that time he could not have had more than two pairs of Trousers and two pairs of shirts, so where does his massive fortune comes from?" - Declarations of the Political Activist Dr. Makuta Nkondo in a recorded interview on the 2 of April 2011 in Largo da Independecia, Luanda.

Born in the village of Almeirim, on Sao Tomé Island.

         Jose Eduardo dos Santos was born in the Island and Country of Sao Tome in the village of Almeirim, where he studied until the fourth class (that is primary School education).

His mother (Jacinta José Paulino) is of descent from people from Guinea and Cape Verde mixed with Sao Tomense after having immigrating to the island country of Sao Tome from Cape Verde, due to the draught and hunger affecting that island.

Jose Eduardo dos Santos Father (Avelino Eduardo dos Santos) had originally as his family name Vandunen. The Vandunen are originally descendent from slaves, and they are from a Dutch polygamous father that had several offspring's from different African women.
         This name Vandunen comes from the Slaves and says nothing from the culture of Angola.

The Vandunen gathered a reputation for acting as mercenaries, assassins and thieves, this being the main reasons for the Father of Jose Eduardo dos Santos being ashamed of the name Vandunen and removed this name from his full name.

False engineer of petroleum from U.S.S.R..

Jose Eduardo dos Santos is not an engineer of petroleum as he claims. He is lying to the people because he only studied until the 6th class in the High School of Salvador Correia in Luanda, after his parents immigrated to Angola. The simple proof that he is not Angolan is that he speaks no Angolan dialect like his other classmates. With them, he speaks only Portuguese.

He worked in a restaurant in Luanda and after an incident of removal and food theft, the Police agency P.I.D.E. was requested to apprehend him, thus is when he skipped as a fugitive to the neighbouring Congo.

Once in the Congo the M.P.L.A. Comrade Daniel Chipenda placed the thief Jose Eduardo dos Santos in a instruction course of telecommunications listening financed by the K.G.B., and it was due to this reason that Comrade  Agostinho Neto placed him as the chief of the Communications D.I.S.A.. This was his first work after 1975, and because of this Agostinho Neto placed him to commence fractionising the population and political manipulation of the society in order to establish a Communist State with the aid of the Russians and the Cubans.

The Right Man of Russians and Cubans after the mysterious death of Agostinho Neto. 

         He was swiftly placed as President of the M.P.L.A. after the mysterious death at age of 56 of Agostinho Neto in a suspicious medical treatment operation in Moscow following surgery for cancer of the pancreas and cirrhosis of the liver. Comrade Agostinho Neto was having second thoughts in moving his allegiance to the United States and Europe and abandoning the Communist Block.
         In the mean time the Soviets had this individual Comrade José Eduardo dos Santos, who spoke fluent Russian and was married to a Russian women, was the perfect candidate to assure the Russians, Angola would not jump ship. The autopsy of Comrade Agostinho Neto was never preformed. And if he had simply been poisoned by order of Mobutu? Who will ever know? Agostinho Neto died on the 10 of September of 1979 in Moscow. His poet’s dream was finally buried with him!
Further Reading: Maier Karl, Angola: Promises and Lies, Serif Publishing, 2007.

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