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D.R. Congo: A First in the World History: The estate of the author of the national anthem "Debout Congolais" claims the copyright!

Datasheet payment of royalties under copyright in 2011.

According to the data sheet for payment of royalties under copyright established in late 2011 by former SONECA, Debout Congolais” was run for 5.760 hours operated for 9.885 days and pulled in 3 million copies. All calculations made on that date the right of public performance is estimated at USD 6,134,268.08 and mechanical reproduction rights to USD 1,017,935.97, a total of USD 7,152,204.05 fees.
The record USD 7.2 million of fees and royalties due to the acquisition and implementation ofDebout Congolais” by D.R. Congo continues to poison relations between the succession of Father Boka Di Londi and the Executive, charged insolvency or in bad faith.
In a notice to the Prime Minister, Matata Ponyo, the Republic has 15 days from 1st July to regularize the situation, the risk that the beneficiaries give credence to specialized agencies. It is July 7, the countdown.
           Negotiations between the D.R. Congo and the Boka succession began in 2011 when the services of the former SONECA compiled a technical advice note amounted to USD 7,152.204, 05 never paid to beneficiaries to date.
The notice of Me Luvumbu requires the government to pay within 15 days from the date of receipt of the request.
So it remains only 9 days in the hands of the lawyer in an open for this purpose in a commercial bank in Kinshasa, the agreed sum account. It could, if new procrastination on the part of the Executive, at the session of the claim to specialized material, which request the estate and recognize the value of membership organizations.
I said Luvumbu have hitherto refrained from "this type of referral for fear of not only the tripling of the debt but also the prohibition to perform the national anthem on international public places."
According to Legal Encyclopedia Africa, Volume fifth, "the right to intellectual and artistic property, commonly known as copyright, can be defined as all the prerogatives of intellectual, moral and economic law recognizes that the author on his work. "
But there was a quack in this process, the Jesuit priest was bound by  his vows of poverty, "Father Boka Di Londi, the author of our national anthem, former and current, made ​​his final vows at Mayidi in the present Diocese of Kinsantu, March 20, 1968, and on this occasion, he renounced by written with his own hand, in Latin statement, any right or staff, any acquisition of a few things whatsoever fruit of his physical or intellectual work of any kind before now belong to the Company of Jesus, PAC, Central province of the Society of Jesus Africa"said Mr. Willy Wenga Ilombe.

Switzerland wants to get rid "free" of his old Anthem!

Switzerland through the Swiss Public Welfare Society (S.P.U.P.) founded in 1810 is about to change his old hymn composed in the nineteenth century against "a more modern national anthem and a driving rhythm." It has launched a contest song and text selected will be submitted to the Federal Council in 2015.
The Swiss National Anthem present "O self Mountains" was composed in 1841 by Alberich Zwissig (1808-1854) on the German words of Leonhard Widmer (1809-1867). The French lyrics were written by Charles Chatelanat (1833-1907).
The S.S.P.U.P. has received since January 1, 2014, 200 projects. The author of the national anthem will receive withheld Altogether 10,000 FRS. But S.S.U.P. has it considered that the author of the text beyond the only nationalist fervor could one day claim to the rights of copyright for each execution of the national anthem, so the question of "Debout Congolais" was now jurisprudence in the World?

Posthumous awards, flowery names and monuments in the nation's history.

The authors of the Congolese national anthem died poor!

The Jesuit Pierre Simon Boka Di Mpasi Londi and historian Joseph Lutumba composed "Debout Congolais" sang the first time June 30, 1960.
In 1971, President Joseph-Désiré Mobutu again asked the same Father Simon-Pierre Boka to compose "The Zairian" national anthem of Zaire (1972-1997) which is forbidden to be sing in Kinshasa since 1997. Did he received money from Mobutu why and how?
What is sure, his name was given to a street in the city of Kinshasa!
Why succession RP Boka (died in Ivory Coast on September 7, 2006) does she claim the Euro 5.1 million Mobutu frozen in Switzerland since 1997 as copyright "The Zairean "executed between 1972 and 1997?

The contrasting fates of composers of National Anthems in the World!


One of the composers of the music of the new Rwandan national anthem (with Jean-Bosco Hashakaimana) "Rwanda Nziza (The Beautiful Rwanda)" since 2002, the popular singer musician and artist, Kizito Mihigo convicted him out "affecting the security of the State "," terrorist "and" treason" languishing in jail since April 14, 2014.


Seydou Badian Kouyaté, author of the lyrics of "For Africa and for you," the national anthem of Mali, doctor and novelist, having been Minister for Economic and Financial Coordination and Planning September 17, 1962, was send the Bastille Kidal during the Coup of  of General Moussa Traoré while we sang the anthem on Radio Mali.

A French national anthem "God Save the King" made by the Duchess of Brinon Upper Saint Bridesmaids (created by Madame de Maintenon, morganatic wife of Louis XIV) and set to music by Jean-Baptiste Lully, to celebrate after recovery of anal fistula of Louis XIV in 1686. Visiting Versailles in 1714, the German virtuoso Georg Friedrich Handel (1685-1759), the official composer of King George of England was the first to translate the text by a certain Carrey and presented the king will be the nineteenth century the English national anthem, adopted by countries such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Jamaica, Bahamas and Tuvalu ... "Honnis soit qui mal y pense"
was also selected as the national anthem of the German Emperor, King of Prussia as that in the original version "Got, schutze Unser Kaiser" of the Emperor of Austria-Hungary. The reigning monarch does not sing this hymn as it is to pray for him, but the queen consort sings.


René Afane Jam, who died in the 80's and Samuel Minkyo Bamba died in 1995, composers of the Cameroonian national anthem in 1928 died in the outcome, have been entitled by Felix Moumie Moumie Foundation Award in 2013, established in Geneva by the Cameroon opposition to the power of Paul Biya!

Bilady, Bilady, Bilady (My Country, My Country, My Country)”, national anthem of the Arab Republic of Egypt since 1979 was sung for the first time to welcome the return from exile of nationalist Saad Zaghloul on September 23, 1923. The day of September 23, 1923, died unmarried in the popular neighborhood of Kom ed-dikka in Alexandria, by cocaine overdose, his 31 year old composer, Shaykh Sayed Darwish (1892-1923).

South Africa:

Enoch Sontonga (1873-1905), the composer of "Nkosi Sikelel iAfrica (God bless Africa)”, the national anthem of the A.N.C. since 1925, and of South Africa, Tanzania and Zambia, died in complete anonymity on April 18, 1905. His grave was located in Braamfontein in 1995 and listed as a historic monument National on September 24 1996.
         His granddaughter Ida Rabotape entitled to the National Order of merit of South Africa awarded posthumously to Sentonga Enoch.          While the composer of Die Sterm van Suid-Afrika”, the white part of the current national anthem of Africa died in 1977 at 91 years, rewarded and celebrated during his lifetime.


"Kassaman (The Oath)", the Algerian national anthem adopted in 1957, commissioned by Abane Ramdane (1920-1957), the brain of the war in Algeria and murdered by his comrades and the President of the Provisional Government of the Republic of Algeria, Benyoucef Benkeddah (1920-2003), was written by the poet Mozabite Zakaria Cheick Moufdi Zekri (national hero since 1997), while in prison in Algiers on July 5, 1955, with music composed by the Tunisian Mohamed Fawzi (Habbas Elhaw) (1918-1966) and Egyptian Mohamed Fawzi.


But why the Spanish National Football Team Does not it sing the national anthem? But just because "La Marcha Granaderais devoid of text. General Francisco Franco Bahamonde was attached to the words "Royal March", which were removed at the end of the dictatorship. One of the oldest hymns of the world, alongside the "Wilhelmus van Nassouwe" of Netherlands (1574) and "Kimi ga yo (Your reign)" Japan also have no known author!
         For words, it is impossible to agree the Galician communities, Basque or Catalan-Valencian words exclusively in Castilian). The same goes for the "Intermeco" of Bosnia and Herzegovina or in San Marino!

To avoid paying one day of copyright:

           The drafting of the national anthem should be a burden of the President of the Republic as was the case of the Abbot Barthelemy Boganda of Central African Republic, Rafael Nuñez in Colombia in 1887, Juan Benlloch y Vivo, Episcopal Co-Prince of Andorra, or Léopld Sedar Senghor in Senegal or dictator Saparmurat Niyazov, the Turkenbashi of Turkiménistan ... provided he is a little bit poet.
Or ... shared as "Anthem of Freedom" sung as well as in Greece and Cyprus, or Nkosi Sikilel Africa (God Bless Africa) in Southern Africa (Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe ...).

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