mercredi 6 août 2014

Cambodia: A trunk of dead wood with magical powers!

Thousands of Cambodians travel to pray in front of a dead tree trunk with supposedly magical powers.

It is a whitish trunk thirteen feet long, out of the bottom of a pond in Pursat province (west), which has already attracted at least three thousand people. The wood is credited with healing powers and could also bring good fortune to anyone who has the chance to touch him. The rumor spread like wildfire, as so often in Cambodia, and since this is an ongoing parade of gullible people in charge of offerings, chickens and other heads of pigs in the village of Prey Yeang.

The dead tree crystallizes all the hopes and all the fantasies.

          Some pilgrims go up dust and pet timber with talc in the hope of seeing the winning National Lottery numbers. The story of a villager who won this game after touching indeed has it all. "I try to tell people that this is not magic, but they do not believe me. They believe, that's all. I can not stop them", says the director of the provincial department of cults and religions. Other visitors are covered with mud from the pond in the hope of being cured.
         In February, it is a ship anchor of the nineteenth century supposed cure diseases that hit the headlines in Phnom Penh. Regularly, Cambodia is rife with popular superstitions that unleashed the passions of the population, largely Buddhist but still very attached animist cults, like this turtle "magic" that had upset the daily routine of a peaceful village the banks of the Mekong in 1998 again, Cambodians lent to the animal the power to heal people

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