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Egypt: Mousharafa Ali Moustafa, the best physicist in the world!

Mousharafa Ali Moustafa: Real father of Special Theory of Relativity!

Born on July 21, 1898 in Damietta. After obtaining his degree in 1914, he entered at the École Normale Supérieure, where he graduated in 1917. Thanks to a scholarship from the Ministry of Education, he conducts studies to Tottenham University in Britain where graduated in Mathematics (B.Sc.) in 1920 and a doctorate (PhD.) at the Royal College of London in 1923. Returning to Egypt, he became a professor at "Higher Teacher's College". When Cairo University opened its doors in 1925, he became the assistant of Applied Professor Mathematics at the Faculty of Sciences. The following year, he became a full professor. In 1936, he became Dean of the Faculty of Sciences. 

 When Egypt was on the top of Sciences!

In 1947, when Albert Einstein founded the Institute for Advanced at the University in the United States Science, he became one of the first professors visitors. When his teachers offer him the professorship, they face the refusal of King Farouk and the Egyptian government. King Farouk gives him the title of "Pasha", he politely refused preferring his academic title of "Doctor of Science". Maybe that's why he was not appointed president of the University and remained dean of the Faculty of Science until his death in 1950. 

 Did he been killed by the Israeli Mossad?

He died under mysterious circumstances on Moday, January 15, 1950. Press reports at the time suggested thet he was assassinated by one of the Israeli Mossad's operations against prominent Arab  scientists. International Scientific circles as they were at the death of the Eygptian genius.
At his death Professor Albert Einstein said: "I can not believe that Mousharafa died, he saw through his research. We need his talents, it is a great loss, he was a genius. I followed his research into atomic energy. This is one of the best physicists in the world". Among his best students, we find the first and brightest "atomistic Egyptian" Samira Moussa*. His bibliography includes 15 scientific volumes of Relativity, Mathematics, Atom and Space Exploration, translated into French, German and English:
-Us and Science.
-The Science and the Life,
-The atom and the atomic bomb,
-Scientific Claims,
-Technology at the time of the Pharaohs, etc..

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