samedi 27 septembre 2014

Malaysia: Prohibited to use "Allah" for God of Christians!

The Muslim world in turmoil.

         At a time when fundamentalist brutally trying to establish caliphates (Organization of Islamic state in Syria and Iraq, Boko Haram in Nigeria and Cameroon) at the same time the Sunni Sudan accuses Iran of spreading Shiism and since September 2014 ordered the closure of all Iranian cultural centers in its territory under pressure from the Wahhabis of Saudi Arabia.

         Christians are made ​​sandwiches in these conflicts from another age. Khartoum has gone further by simply banning the construction of new churches on its territory (which are absent in Saudi Arabia). In Asia, there is a real step backwards with the introduction of sharia in the rich sultanate of Brunei Darussalam Hassanal Bolkiah very respectable Sir Muizzadin Waddaulah.

A war between Shiites and Sunnis threatens the Muslim world.

         As the conflict between Protestants and Catholics tore Europe in the seventeenth century, war between Shiites and Sunnis is redrawing the map of the Middle East at the beginning of the twenty-first century and to define the future of Islam policy worldwide. Shiism and Sunnism today are political models and geographical areas, rather than religious beliefs, as Salafism and Jihadism.
         By overthrowing Saddam Hussein, the Americans have largely ignored the religious dimension of the conflict they had new again. Today, there he was somewhere another Lawrence of Arabia to unify the Muslim world to end this conflict from another age?

MoreInch'Allah Sunday” in Malaysia!

         A Muslim country that seemed advanced, marking time with a retrograde legislation. The Supreme Court has banned Malay Christians to use the dull Allah for God in the Malay texts!
On 23 October 2013 the Court of Appeal rejected a decision by the trial court, which had been favorable to the position of the Catholic Church.
         "The Court of Appeal has applied specific reasons and it is not for us to interfere",
said the president of the Supreme Court, Arifin Zakaria. The Church had begun its legal campaign after having been threatened in 2007 by the local authorities to suspend the publication of the weekly of the diocese of Kuala Lumpur, The Herald, if its Malay edition had not removed the term Arabic "Allah" to mean the Christian God.
         For Christians in the country, the use is nevertheless so spontaneous and rooted in tradition for centuries that it can be considered that by virtue of its origin or only for the exclusive use of the Muslim community. Counsel for the Catholic Church also argue that a total ban will affect all minority religions and all walks of life, not just the media, but also, for example, as part of the celebrations and religious liturgical texts.
         "Allah is great"
screaming Islamists gathered around the court after the judges' decision to despair of the small Christian minority in the country (representing nearly 10% of the 26 million Malaysians).
Will we speak of one God, if we can not give him the same name in the Torah, the Bible and the Koran?
         The twenty-first century will be or will not be spiritual! André Malraux predicted!

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