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Morocco: The Kingdom of Morocco, first exporter of cannabis in the world since 2002.

According to a report by the UN Office against Drugs and Crime (U.N.O.D.C.), presented in Vienna for the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Drug TraffickingMorocco since 2002, the first "supplier" of cannabis in the world. Largest producer of cannabis in the world, Morocco is the first provider of this traditional drug, despite the country's efforts to eradicate illicit drug trafficking.

Primary source of cannabis resin.
         When seizures of cannabis resin, Morocco is the first country-source cited by drug traffickers, closely followed by Afghanistan.The Kingdom of Morocco has been designated as the main source of trafficking cannabis resin by seventeen different countries, including eleven countries in Western and Central Europe.
         "Most of the cannabis resin comes from Afghanistan and Morocco, although there is evidence of stabilization or even a decrease in production in these countries",
however, the report said. In Europe, for example, "the herbal cannabis seizures have increased, while seizures of cannabis resin ("hashish "mostly from Morocco) decreased. This may indicate that domestic cannabis herb production continues to replace the imported resin”.
         Morocco, with 47. 500 hectares of cannabis cultivation, still far ahead of Afghanistan (12. 000 hectares of cultivated areas) and Mexico (12. 000 hectares of crops and 13. 430 hectares eradicated).

Decline of production

         According to data provided by the Moroccan government to U.N.O.D.C., cannabis production, however, would mark a significant decline. This decrease in production is also accompanied by a decrease in seizures of hashish resin - a dry form of cannabis that can be converted into cannabis resin.
         "The Moroccan authorities have attributed the decline in seizures to increased law enforcement efforts to fight against cannabis cultivation in the country, and the fight against trafficking along the borders of Morocco",
the report said.

Spain, the hub of Moroccan cannabis.

         For countries where foreclosures are the most important, Spain, the main entry point into Europe of Moroccan cannabis resin, was at the top of the rankings. In 2011, the country accounted for 34% of global seizures. The quantities of cannabis resin seized in Spain have been decreasing for the third consecutive year.
         In a report of the International Narcotics Control Board (I.N.C.B.) released in March 2013, the U.N. .already confirmed the place of Europe and especially Spain as the first market of the Moroccan cannabis.
         «Large batches of illegal cannabis grown in Morocco that are destined for Europe is transported speedboats and other small non-commercial boats. Traffickers continue to deliver cannabis through the Spanish enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla and the Moroccan port of Tangier. Seizures of several tons of cannabis regularly take place",
the report said.

Increase in cocaine use.

         Morocco also become a transit country for the trafficking of cocaine to Europe. According to the I.N.C.B. "cocaine traffickers trying increasingly to smuggle cocaine into Europe via Morocco. Drugs from South America arrived in Morocco via SSA and the Sahel region".
         Worryingly for Moroccan authorities: cocaine arriving in Morocco does not just pass through. Some is also intended for local consumption, which continues to grow.
*Article of Journalism on Line"JOL Press" based on the 2013 Report on drugs / United Nations Office against Drugs and Crime.

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