lundi 3 novembre 2014

Israel: If you hate the Muslim Burka, what would you say to the Jewish Frumka?

Funny Similarity!

If religious ultra-Orthodox of the World often hate, they have many more similarities than they think. Jews and Arabs are cousins ​​by descent hate, but what they look like yet?
Seeking their differences, I always come across some amazing similarities. Besides that Jews eat "Cacher" and Muslims eat "Halal", there is another incongruity that come to resurrect the Jewish Ultra-Orthodox: wearing full veils called "Frumka" worse than the Burka and Niqab the Chador together!

The hidden face of Eve!

In her daily practice of medicine, Egyptian writer, Nawal el Saadawi shot this excellent title essay published in 1982: "The Hidden Face of Eve" which summarizes all the suffering that man inflicts on women in name of a certain religious morality.
Ultra-Orthodox Jews who gather at least 10,000 members in Israel nothing, require their women from the age of three years, the port of Frumka.

The Frumka: a full veil that transforms the woman like walking mummy!

Today, it is common to find in recent years, particularly in the areas of Beth Shearim Mea and Chemmech, where lived most of the Jews Haredim, many women and girls in Frumka: full black veil!
The frumka is also called "Sal" usually in black or gray, whereas before it could be white. Worse than the Arab niqab under the Frumka, Jewish woman carries seven veils, ten skirts and gloves!
Non-religious Jews nicknamed them "Talibanim". Women Rabbis, Orthodox Rabbaniots refer to the Torah to impose Frumka. And as if to emphasize the difference with Muslim women, Jewish Frumka there in addition to the front, the yellow star of David, a painful memory for former prisoners of Nazi camps!

Fashion resurrected by Rabbaniot "haredim" Bruria Keren, not so chaste that!

In 2007, the foundation of this movement, the Rabbaniot Keren Bruria was imprisoned for having abused her twelve children, with the help of her husband. Keren was poursuided for twenty-five counts, including child abuse. Members of the ultra-Orthodox sect are regularly pinned to cases of pedophilia, incest or forced marriage.
Instead of being shocked, the haredi community has chosen another rabbaniot name Bracha Benizri, who leds the "Keter Malchut (Royal Crown)" movement whose mission is supposed to fight against the "decadence" of the Jewish Orthodox world. "Slowly but surely, more and more women adhere to my principles", she says. She has recruited new followers and fashion was adopted by the Lev Tahor community, moved to Canada and headed by Shlomo Elbames. The Hardims or "God-fearing", wish to apply strictly the rules of modesty ("Tzniut" in Hebrew) of the Talmud and "hasten the coming of the Messiah": an old Sephardic tradition four hundred years old based in Jerusalem. the sectarian movement Keter Malchut however has approximately 10,000 members throughout Israel. A considerably higher than the hundred followers identified by religious authorities, who strongly reject this practice number.

What does the rabbinical council?
Not only rabbinical authorities condemn the wearing of Frumka, they condemn and prohibit them altogether. In 2010, the Rabbinical Council issued a decree banning the first port of frumka. "We have the Torah and we have a tradition, and these things have not been authorized or required, said Rabbi Shmuel Pappenheim, a representative of conservative Orthodox stream. We see a real danger and an exaggeration that leads to a just result opposite to that desired: serious transgressions".
At a time when the world is struggling against the Muslim backwardness, this kind of sectarian practices does not hardly honor Judaism, Zionism or even a fundamental principle of the Tanakh and the moral values ​​of the Jewish society, the bed of antisemitism?

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