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Switzerland / Bolivia: The return of Ekeko, the goddess of abundance and prosperity in La Paz.


Give us back our ancestors and gods!

         Today the claims of the former colonies have entered a deep phase. The former colonized not simply claim the same social and economic justice, but also their cultural property, and finally their religious soul. Unfairly treated wild, their civilizations were stripped of their rich heritage. Their gods of gold, stone, bronze, wood and ivory were exchanged against glass beads because they were only statues and fetishes païens. The museums of ancient cities still harbor other qu'ignorent secrets former colonized.
Curiously Switzerland is not a former colonial country, but it was one of the countries that has accumulated the most cultural wealth of the colonized countries as it currently hosts their archives and their money.

And if the god of abundance was in Switzerland?

"That may be why Switzerland is what it is, it has the energy of abundance," declared one of the "Ekekos" the oldest of Bolivia visiting the Museum of Archaeology of Bern.
The Historical Museum of Bern has since 1929 a stone figurine of 16 cm that Bolivia has just recovered after a long political and diplomatic approach. Bolivian Foreign Minister David Choquehuanca had come to Switzerland on an official visit to underline the importance for his country of stone figurine that represents Ekeko, god of abundance and prosperity. He had first met Jakob Messerli, Director of Berne Museum to begin the long and difficult negotiations. Because he had to find a profitable solution for both parties. It does not separate a deity of abundance and prosperity without party against! The second was to establish expertise to determine if it is indeed the Ekeko divinity.

Was there an agreement on cultural goods between Switzerland and Bolivia?

Foreign Minister of Bolivia met the director of the Federal Office of Culture Isabelle Chassot. They discussed the signing of a bilateral agreement on the transfer of cultural property as exists between Switzerland and Colombia or being signed with Peru !. The next step is expertise that must determine whether there is indeed a representation of the god Ekeko. The magistrate also met the director of the Federal Office of Isabelle Chassot culture. They discussed a possible agreement between the two countries on the transfer of cultural goods. Such an agreement exists with Colombia. and in discussions with Peru.

How is the Bolivian god Ekeko arrival in Bern?

In 1858, the ambassador and explorer Johann Jakob von Tschudi reaches to Tiahuana (Bolivia) around Lake Titicaca (which is the border between Peru and Bolivia). He was struck by this stone figurine of Puccara culture. He offers to the old owners of a good Cognac. Poor Bolivia, who had never tasted such a good drink, do not hesitate to give him the only property they owned: the sacred deity of the abundance of Pucara: Ekoka. Since then, the Lake Titicaca will not be the foster mother of Pucara and Bolivia will know only misery and dependence. Johann Jakob von Tschudi was pleased to have acquired a real ancient pre-Columbian tiahuanacota (200 years BC.) for so little (he also had a fetus 7 months mummified Peruvian Huancas). His career was brilliant because he ends as Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary in Vienna, Austria in 1882. After his death in 1889, his heirs did not know what to make of Pucara, sell it (we still do not know if it's man or woman) for a loaf of bread in the museum of the city of Bern in 1929.

Welcome to La Paz airport with honors by President Evo Morales!

"During the colonial period, our natural resources were continuously looted. Countries of the conquerors who have made their arrival in 1492, some 12 October, on the continent now called America. Cultural property of indigenous peoples were stolen in countries where came the so-called powers, companies, personalities, and especially in Europe (...) In all countries in the past looted cultural property of indigenous peoples, we will ask that they be returned to all the indigenous peoples of the world diplomatically".

An appeal should be heard by many peoples of the Third World !!

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