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United States: This is how the F.B.I. tried to tarnish the reputation of Martin Luther King Jr!

"The biggest notorious impostor in the country" according to J.Edgar Hoover

Confidential documents have been made public. They demonstrate the methods of J. Edgar Hoover in an attempt to destabilize and discredit the leader of the civil rights movement. J. Edgar Hoover, the all-powerful head of the FBI and Martin Luther King Jr. maintained a stormy relationship. The large parton the F.B.I. called the symbol of the struggle of civil rights 50-60 years in the United States "You’re a great impostor, an evil and vicious impostor", while King was accused of inaction on civil rights and repression of the black population.
         In a letter written in 1964, that which is presented as the most powerful man in the United States has threatened Martin Luther King Jr to undermine his reputation by revealing his extramarital affairs document. And in order to discredit the emancipation of the African-American population movement.

 A Single sheet of yellowed paper…

         It was a single sheet of yellowed paper, typed with typos and supposed to have been sent by a disappointed admirer of the civil rights leader. It involves infidelity pastor in very harsh terms, denouncing "sexual orgies" of "adulterous acts" and "immoral conduct." The author seems to have accurate information, namely identifying an alleged mistress and claiming to have evidence on other routes. He concluded by leaving Luther King a period of thirty-four days, "before your filthy and evil nature is revealed in the country." "It only remains for you to do one thing," the last paragraph. "You know that!"
            When Martin Luther King received the letter, he informed some of his friends we wanted to drive him to suicide. It was also clear that the F.B.I .was responsible for the letter.
Hoover, the homosexual trying to make Martin Luther King Jr. for a sexual pervert!

The New York Times Magazine recently published a letter which proves the occult practices of Hoover. In this anonymous letter, the author invites King to pay the greatest attention. "Incline your ear sexual pervert what is to follow”.
         The case will never be revealed. As the Times, in the end, it is the image of the F.B.I. and J. Edgar Hoover that will forever chipped. "The media were fortunately more cautious in 1964. Hoover is never finally managed to discredit the public image of King. Fifty years later, King is considered a model of moral courage and human dignity. Ironically, Hoover is almost universally vilified. in this context, the thing probably the most surprising of this story is not that the FBI tried (to do), but it did not ".

The dreamer assassinated in Memphis, but not his dream!

Assassinated in Memphis April 4, 1968, Martin Luther King was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964. A few days after his death, the United States will observe a national day of mourning, a first for a black man skin. Moreover, since 1986 the country commemorates the birth (January 15, 1929) activist by a holiday on the third Monday of January.
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