jeudi 11 décembre 2014

Switzerland/France: When Napoleon Bonaparte cult reached the pinnacle.

There will be Napoleon in your watches.

         "When Napoleon Bonaparte was cutting hair in his lifetime, fans gathered to keep it" said Ms. DeWitt, of Corsican origin.
In 2014, Viviane DeWitt, watchmaking in Geneva, Switzerland, whose husband is a direct descendant of Jérôme Napoleon (1784-1860), Napoleon's youngest brother, decided to launch a new watch with a particularly curious campaign: "There will be DNA of Napoleon in our watches. "
Indeed DeWitt brand launched a limited edition watch decorated with micro-fragments of hair of the emperor, acquired in an auction in November 2014.
These hair Like for some longer hairs, will be cut in lengths of half a millimeter. Visible only under a microscope, each element will be set under the glass of the watch, over the image of the emperor, who is the logo of the DeWitt brand.
And to make genuine, the first operation was carried out in the presence of a bailiff. DeWitt, who makes about 1,500 watches a year with a staff of 60 people, plans to manufacture a limited series of 400 to 500 watches with DNA of Napoleon, the price will be at least 8,000 euros.

A Franco-Napoleonic cult proportional to the British hate!

"Napoleon was already revered in his lifetime, when he was cutting hair, admirers gathered them to keep," Ms. Witt has said, which is of Corsican origin.
The hair comes from two lots acquired last November by Ms. Witt at the auction of the collection of the princely family of Monaco for 16,750 euros respectively (estimated between 3,000 and 5,000 euros) and 12,880 euros (estimated between 1,500 and 2,000 euros).
There are about fifteen years, I attended the Great Hall of the posh town of Cologny in an exhibition on Napoleon Bonaparte to make you hate the French emperor particularly hideous British caricatures, objects and trinkets equally detestable ... certainly lent by a British living in the commune which is other ... that tiny penis of Napoleon Bonaparte (3.8 cm) in hands of the American Doctor Evan Lattimer of New Jersey, which was given by his father, a renowned urologist after he had bought at an auction in Paris for $ 3,000 ... not yet authenticated by DNA analysis.
"My father believed that urology must be clean and decent and not a joke", said Lattimer. "It [penis] is very small, but it is known to be small. It is perfect structurally, the university has conducted X-rays and examinations and this is obviously what it is".
This is Napoleon Bonaparte, a controversial man, loved by some, hated by others until the end of time!
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-Bierman MD FACP Stanley, Napoleon's Penis: More Engaging and Other Outrageous Tales, Trafford Publishing, 2012.

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