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U.S.A. / Cuba: Diplomacy of Sex and Sperm.

“Cuba: The United States has wielded the stick diplomacy, the dollar and the last: the sperm diplomacy," wrote the Washington Post.

The mysterious honeymoon of Fidel Castro in New York.

         Married on October 12, 1948 with some Mirta Diaz-Balart, Fidel Castro went for the first time in his life in New York on honeymoon. He stayed more than three months and will often return. He rents an apartment in the Bronx and began to learn English by memorizing 200 words per day, which he will use later. But for the journalist Serge Raffy, author of “Castro, the infidel”, this trip is a "black hole." "For three months, we do not know what he did," he explained on French television. But it ensures that early in his adult life, Fidel Castro will initial the network "Caribbean" of Soviet secret services, and hypothesized that he could be brought to the United States.

Fidel Castro and his mistress from C.I.A.!

         The Hilton will be the site of an incredible romance between the new Cuban and a German number 1 that the C.I.A. later charge of killing the "Lider Maximo". Her name: Marita Lorenz. This last meeting Fidel Castro on February 27, 1959 during a stopover in Cuba. She is 19 years old. Barely two weeks later, she lives on the island. Castro installs in the 2406 room of Hilton Havana. She gets pregnant and has an abortion, and then joined the anti-Castro Florida, and ends up being recruited by the C.I.A. through a certain Francisco Fiorini, alias Frank Fiorini Sturgis. They give her poison to slip into Castro's food. Back on the island in 1960, she explains that he confessed the truth and would have proclaimed his love of Fidel Castro. She again left the island and Fidel Castro have seen her for the last time in 1981.

Artificial insemination with pouch!

In Cuba, the wife of one of the three Cuban spies released in December 2014, Adriana Pérez is pregnant with her husband Gerardoo Hernandez in prison for sixteen years in the United States. He was serving a double life sentence in prison. Artificial insemination was made possible thanks to an agreement between Cuba and the United States. This culminated with the announcement of the resumption of diplomatic relations between Washington and Havana in December 2014. During the past 18 months, while diplomatic negotiations took place between Cuba and the United States, the US government agreed transferring frozen sperm of the Cuban spy in Havana.

It is the U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy, who advocated a resumption of relations with Cuba, which launched the process. Adriana Pérez he met in Cuba had told him of his desire to have a child with her husband, a wish that has moved. In exchange, the senator asked the authorities an easing of conditions of detention of American Alan Gross in Cuban jails.
The second attempt insemination, paid for by Cuba, worked Adriana Pérez expects a girl who should be born in two weeks. This case is part of the continent according to the press as one of the strangest in the history of American diplomacy.

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