lundi 26 janvier 2015

Uganda: GSM Thief infected with Ebola virus.

Thwarting the attention of the guards, a 40-year-old managed to enter incognito in a Ugandan hospital in Kibaale district in the west of the country to steal the mobile phone of a patient. Evil took him ...

         The theft took place in the unit of care of the hospital of Kagadi reserved for people with Ebola virus. Ebola is characterized by sudden fever rise accompanied by bleeding. In the absence of effective treatment, they often end up be fatal. The Ebola virus is also terribly contagious: the risk of spreading among hospital staff are very high, especially if the sterilization of equipment is not guaranteed. The outbreak occurred in early July in Western countries before spreading to the capital Kampala.

         The injured patient also died of the disease shortly after reporting the theft to the clinic's security guards.

         As for the thief, he already had the main symptoms of the virus when the police got their hands on him, says the Ugandan newspaper The Daily Monitor. The online newspaper did not specify whether the thief was able to survive the consequences of this contamination.

            On November 23, 2012, the Ugandan Ministry of Health has reported 10 cases (6 cases confirmed and 4 probables), including 5 deaths in Luweero and Kampala.

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