dimanche 15 février 2015

Tanzania / Canada: The best mayor of the world is a Muslim Tanzanian origin: Naheed Kurban Nenshi .

Mayor of Calgary, Alberta's largest city!

Son of Tanzanian migrants Kurbanali Nenshi Hussein (1940-1912) and Noorjah Nenshi born on February 2, 1972 in Toronto. In 2010, he was elected mayor of Calgary, becoming the first Muslim mayor of a Canadian city of over a million inhabitants. On February 2, 2015, he was crowned the best mayor in the world by the International Foundation City Mayor. Calgary account in 2014, 1,195,194 inhabitants. Its economy is mainly focused on oil. Since the exploitation of oil in 2000, it is the most prosperous city in the wealthiest province in Canada. In 1988, Calgary was the first Canadian city to host the Olympic Winter Games.

A saint of politics?

"He is the most admired mayor of all major Canadian cities. It is an urban visionary who does not balk at making the most thankless bureaucratic work", enthuse the members of the foundation who are all City Mayor professional local governance issues. Read the rave reviews of online published on the website, Naheed Nenshi appears as a saint of the policy. "This is an example of honesty, integrity and generosity. He accepts everyone regardless of religion, gender, color or socio-economic level", writes a Toronto Internet. Moreover, he is himself emigrated from Tanzania, but Asian.
Others praise his "dedication" and the ability "to actually turn a positively city for all". His action during the 2013 floods, which have forced more than 70,000 people to leave their homes for several months, is also remembered by many people.
Few, however, to remember that he is a Muslim. The foundation City Mayor does, moreover, that incidentally. Especially the trajectory of this son of an immigrant who rose to the top of the social ladder to the sheer force of the studies that impresses.

A university curriculum model.

After a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Calgary, he obtained a Masters in Public Policy at Harvard University in the United States. He appears with a public administration graduation, was noticed by McKinsey & Company and worked for several years for the prestigious US consulting firm. He refused a lucrative post in Geneva, Switzerland, and prefers to return to Calgary to start his own consulting firm. He taught for six years the management of non-profit organizations at Mount Royal University. He was then 29 years old and is going to share her expertise several public institutions including the United Nations.

A Muslim in the cowboy’s country.

At 42 years, he takes everyone by surprise, when he decided in 2010 to enter politics. Profile seems incompatible with a city known for its conservatism. Few people believe that a son of an immigrant, a Muslim and rather marked left to become mayor of this city of over a million inhabitants. Two weeks before he was elected, he is, indeed, credited only 8% of the vote. The candidate then stepping up efforts to go door to door and above all, he intensified his media blitzkrieg on social networks.

 Purple revolution of the Canadian Obama!

It's on the Internet that popularized his "Purple Revolution", a sort of political platform that can appeal to both the young and trendy left the traditionally more conservative electorate. His Twitter feed is one of the most followed in Canada and his victory is largely blamed on its social media frenzy.
His success against much more established candidates and provided much pocket is considered historic in Canada. He became "the Muslim country of cowboys", he managed gradually to seduce. When seeking a second term in 2013, he has no problem being re-elected with 73% of votes. His success at the head of Calgary in fact, according to the annual ranking of the Canadian magazine "Maclean's", the second most influential figure in the country behind Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

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