jeudi 5 mars 2015

USA: The distant origin of the dollar and its mysterious symbol "$"

The mysterious hidden story behind the $ dollar sign!

The dollar is symbolized by the S barred while there is no S in the word "Dollar"! Why?
The $ Peso rather symbolizes the currency of the former Spanish colonies.

Bohemia in 1500.

Bohemia is in 1500, a kingdom in Europe for the current Czech Republic. The kingdom is enriched with the discovery and exploitation of its silver mines. Silver is also found in Saxony and the German Tyrol. These regions are beginning to mint their money on large silver coins gradually replacing small gold then current.
In the German Tyrol, it mints a 32 grams silver piece called "Guldengroschen". Its success was immediate. In 1519, the Kingdom of Bohemia has enough money to beat its currency "Thaler". Pure silver, has a weight more "acceptable" which makes it compatible with all European currencies. In Slovenian, it also says "Thaler",  it becomes "Daaler" in Dutch and in English it is translated as "Dollar". Its success is such that it is used for all business transactions!

The entire Spanish power!

1530, The World is dominated by the Spanish Kingdom, who discovered and colonized the Americas and the New World. Mine production is idling in Europe, while the Spanish operates silver mines in its American colonies. Now 85% of the world production of silver comes from Latin America and enriched Spain. Spain alone has more money than all of the world combined. She decides to fight its own currency and with its economic power and stability, the Spanish mints "The" Real Ocho (The real eight or peso) " which replaces thalers in world trade.

The Spanish peso to the US dollar with its acronym "$"!

When the United States of America wanted to create their own currency, they are inspired by the "Peso" but they kept the English name of "Dollar" because they were English speakers. The play 8 Pesos regularly abridged by 8 before P and S, abbreviated 8PS. In 1770, some have found even more connected to write P and S on each other, which has gradually given the acronym of the dollar that we all know, the famous striped S: $!
And that became the "$" symbol that represents the dollar!

What now of other worlds in the world?

Today, the Peso has retained its influence in the world: eight countries still use it (Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Philippines and Uruguay). The riyal of Saudi Arabia and Qatar derives its name from Réal 8 Spanish. And the yuan and yen - the currencies of China and Japan - are currencies appointed from round pieces of 8 Spanish.

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