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India: It is more cheating in exams in Bihar.

When cheating in examinations becomes an art!

         In 1977, in the Department of History at the University of Lubumbashi, I had a colleague who instead of studying in his room, just out in night club as usual  and sometimes returned deaf! The next morning he went perky on examination and succeeded handily in the dismay of my promotion. Whatever the form of the examination (oral or written), he was only a few minutes in the examination room.
Our teachers especially Belgians  believe that he was very clever, but not especially inventive. While we strive to remember events and dates, helped by multiple mnemonics, he invented in his little room of the Campus, tips, and new methods to cheat.
         Thus, at an oral examination particularly difficult of an old Belgian teacher named Sylvester, he was presented with a military pants limped and  a cane. Claiming a bus accident the day before, he had no difficulty to be admitted to the examination of the old professor, who did not care to apologize! During the examination, he constantly leaned on his thigh falsely sore before answering a question.
         All responses to questions read through the gap opened by a velcro at his thigh. At the end of the exam, he closed the Velcro pants with a simple touch and came out sparkling. It was the last year of the License. A few years later, when I learned that he was appointed General Secretary of Education Graduate Institute, I understood that he had cheated certainly yet to reach that position without going through the different levels!

How to put a definitive end to cheating!

         Indian military authorities of the state of Bihar in the east, the poorest of the Indian Federation, were sick of the cheating of individuals for military recruitment. They had developed various methods to obtain anti-dry and other tricks of cheating.
         To prevent this practice become too common that allowed "buggers" and other "dunces" to integrate the Indian army, the royal road to win later employment in public administration and elsewhere.         
 On February 28, 2016, the Indian Army has ordered thousands of applicants to get in squatting underwear on an open field to Muzaffarpur to pass the written test, copies put on the floor or on the thighs. A test of both physical and intellectual. Unable to communicate the answers because of the respectable distance between the candidates and above all the military presence of the examiner, in attention in front of the troops. No need for camera surveillance and other expenses that can not afford Bihar.
         The state of Bihar, one of the poorest and most populous of India, is particularly affected by this phenomenon. This included "save time in the search of people" over a thousand candidates admitted to the competition!

The scandal came from the press sensations!

         The army had pulled it off. Everything went as planned in silence and discipline. But then the newspaper "The Indian Express" published a photo of what candidates thousand hairs, legs crossed, squatting like Buddha on their exam papers. An impressive sight especially because of the number.
         "We had no choice but to bend to the instructions we though it seemed strange," he told a puzzled candidate everyday. A spokesman of the army in New Delhi declined to comment. There is one year, a giant cheating of police recruits in the same state in India had resulted in the arrest of a thousand people.

Bihar, the region of origin of Buddhism and Jaïdism.

         The High Court of Patna, capital of Bihar, asked the defense ministry to explain this unusual step after filing, a lawyer, a request for the army. The photo of the front of an examination center in Bihar, on which were clinging relatives of candidates to blow their answers in their room, had last year a high profile in India. Cheating in contests is a common practice in India, particularly to get a public job, highly sought.
         Region of origin of Buddhism and Jainism, Bihar or Bengali with capital Patna or Pataliputra is very populous state (104 million inhabitants on 94,163 km2), underdeveloped economically, located in the east of the Indo-Gangetic plain.
         Bihar is ruled by the former lawyer Ram Nath Kovind, born in 1945, appointed on August  16, 2015 by the first President Bengali of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee (born 1950).
         This is where the lawyer Mahatma (Great Soul) Gandhi (1869-1948), later became the on his return from South Africa in 1915, began the "Satyagraha" or resistance movement oppression through mass civil disobedience, based on ahimsa or "non-violence".
         His political philosophy of "non-violence" inspired Nelson Mandela (1918-2013) for the political liberation of South Africa from apartheid.

The second military power in Asia.

         The Indian Army created in 1942 has 1,125,000 members cant, 1155.000 1.293 million reservists and paramilitaries. Its budget amounts to 46.8 billion US dollars by 2020, military spending in India is expected to exceed those of the United Kingdom, France or Japan. Except China,  Indian Army is the largest of any country other Asian countries.

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