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United Kingdom: The Anglican Church revives its original sin.

The Anglican Church was born of sinful flesh.

         In 1509, when he married Catherine of Aragon (1485-1536), widow of his brother Arthur (died of a sudden disappeared and the sweating sickness epidemic called in 1502 after finding virginity dispensation of Pope Julius II (1443- 1513), he hopes in vain to have her a male heir (all male babies die in infancy). having suffered in 1530 a final refusal of Clement VII, he proclaimed himself the following year "Supreme Head of the Church and Clergy of England 'and broke diplomatic relations with Rome. the cancellation of the marriage of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon, is finally obtained of Rome in 1527.

Pope Clement VII, illegitimate son of Giulio de 'Medici and his mistress Floretta.

Pope Clement VII (Giulio de 'Medici), illegitimate son of Giulio de' Medici and his final mistress Floretta Gorini, enemy of Charles V (1500-1558), King of Spain and Emperor of Germany, had also made Henry back. The King of England had asked the Holy See permission to divorce his wife, Catherine of Aragon to marry Anne Boleyn (1500-1533), a brilliant ambassador girl, devout Catholic, he had fallen madly in love.
Despite the maneuvers many cardinals attempting to support this request, Pope clung to the doctrine of the indissolubility of Catholic marriage. He even excommunicated Henry VIII, ignoring, had married in secret with Anne Boleyn, on 25 January 1533 (this union was made public on May 23 of that year). Reprisals were not long in coming: the Nuncio (Vatican ambassador) of Rome was expelled from England and severed diplomatic relations. In January 1534 the English Parliament announced the independence of the Church vis-à-vis Rome, creating the Anglican Reformation. British priests loyal to the pope were ruthlessly repressed, executed or pilloried. And six months later, Clement VII died poisoned (?) To 56 years in unexplained circumstances ... 25 September 1534. Revenge of the English king? The question remains open.

Anne Boleyn, queen consort beheaded for adultery ...

Anne Boleyn becomes the "queen consort" Henry VIII of 1533 until his beheading in 1536. After giving him an illegitimate daughter followed three miscarriages, Henry VIII came to believe that his inability to give him a male heir is a betrayal. He believes that his marriage was cursed by God. At the time, we do not yet know that it is the Sperm of the husband determines the sex of the future male heir.
Without knowing it, its execution "for adultery, incest and high treason" made her a "Protestant" martyrdom of religious political Reformation in England and the birth of the Anglican Church. His daughter Elizabeth I (1533-1603), known as the Virgin Queen, a Protestant was the first queen of England despite his excommunication in 1570 for "Regicide" by Pope Sixtus V (1521-1590). It was she, who permanently establishes the Church of England.

The Primate of All England, the Archbishop of Canterbury, is an illegitimate child!

Appointed Archbishop of Canterbury, therefore Primate of the Church of England by Queen Elizabeth II November 9, 2012, to replace Archbishop Rowan Williams (born 1950), Justin Portal Welby (born 1956) has just admitted that he is not the son of Gavin Bramhall Welby (1914-1977), a seller of Whisky. His mother Jane Gilian born Portal works as a secretary to Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill (1874-1965) from 1949 to 1955. At that time she met during a particularly drunken night Sir Anthony Montague Browne ( 1923-2013), the diplomatic adviser to Prime Minister Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill. She never should have been seduced by this distinguished pilot R.A.F. because she had conveyed the knot with Gavin Bramhall Welby (1914-1977). A mortal sin as much among Catholics than among Anglicans for a bride, even under the influence of alcohol.
This was to be called originally Weller as his German Jewish father, Bramhall Weller, importer of luxury goods who converts to Christianity around 1914 and anglicized his name to Welby. Justin Portal Welby not learned until adulthood. Otherwise, it should never have been admitted to the theological Durham College where he earned a B.A. in Theology in 1992 and later exercising his religious career especially to access the Archbishop functions.

inescapable destiny of noble for Justin Portal Welby!

His parents divorced in 1959, her mother Jane Gillian, born Portal married Charles Williams in 1975. She became Lady Williams of Elvel when her second husband, is elevated to the House of Lords as a life peer in 1985. Through his mother , Welby is the nephew of a former deputy prime minister Conservative Richard Austen Butler, later Baron Butler of Saffron Walden (1902-1982), Deputy Prime Minister from 1972 to 1973); the grandfather of Justin Welby, Sir Sherard Montague Dawes Butler (1873-1955), Lieutenant Governor of the Isle of Man in the Irish Sea from 1932 to 1937) father and grandmother Welby, journalist and Iris historian Mary Butler (1905-2002).
The Bishop Justin Welby of fate had not only saved him to have Jewish blood but especially to keep intact its noble roots. But if it has made a brilliant intellectual UK (Licensee and M.A. in History and Law from Trinity College of Cambridge University in 1990), there is not an illegitimate child.
The discovery nonetheless led the ecclesiastical authorities to consider canon law, since illegitimate son were barred from the archbishop function for centuries, according to the Daily Telegraph. "Although my memories are fragmented events, I now recognize that in the days before my wedding very suddenly, and under the influence of a large amount of alcohol on each other, I slept with Anthony Montague Browne, "she said in a statement.

Surprise or not, for who?

This is after being contacted by the Daily Telegraph that Justin Welby has resolved to submit to a test A.D.N. revealing that it was likely to 99.9779% that he is the son of Anthony Montague Browne. Despite some rumors and a striking physical resemblance to Montague Brown, Mgr Justin Welby has met several times with former driver R.A.F. in his childhood never had the slightest suspicion. This affiliation is a "huge surprise" to him and his biological mother. The mother of the archbishop, Welby Jane, aged 86, spoke of an "almost unbelievable shock." The widow of the biological father Shelagh Lady Montague Browne had suspected for a long time.

Would the God of the Catholics really homophobic?

With its doctrinal development in the late twentieth and early twenty-first century, the Anglican Church is strengthened to conversions of his flock to the Catholic faith and mini schisms. This sudden conversion hit the former minister Tony Blair or Anglican bishops of London, Graham Leonard (1921-2010), of Chichester, Bishop John Hind and the Auxiliary Bishop of Newcastle, Paul Richardson is due, according to their own wishes , divisions on gay marriage, the ordination of women and homosexuals as priests and even bishops in the Church of England. The last most enigmatic case is the daughter of Archbishop Desmond Tutiu, orderly when she was a lesbian, she had to resign to marry a Dutch. Meanwhile, the Catholic Church fights gay marriage, pedophilia, etc ...
To give a guide to better receive the Anglicans, the outgoing Pope Benedict XVI published on 9 November 2009, an Apostolic Constitution entitled "Anglicanorum Coetibus (Groups Of Anglicans)." It provides that Anglican priests who would rally the Vatican receive a personal ordinariate allowing them to preserve their traditions, including liturgical, within the Catholic Church. On 19 September 2010, Pope Benedict XVI has set an important signal towards the Anglicans, in beatifying on September 19, 2010 at Birmingham, St John Henry Newman (1801-1890), the first Anglican Bishop converted to Catholic in 1845.

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