vendredi 21 octobre 2016

U.S.A. : Presidential Election to United States on November 8, 2016.


For who will vote the Americans?

I will not vote for Mrs Hillary Clinton nor for Mr Donald Trump, because I'm not American. But after following the most pathetic presidential campaign of History, that I have ever seen in the United States of America and especially after reading the editorial by Nicholas Kristof in the New York Times (which reads in part), I am convinced that Americans, Democrats and/or Republicans and others, who think as I, know now for who they will vote without hesitation.
         The foreigners must be aware of the important role the U.S. A. will play in the world, in Africa and in Switzerland (in particular). The decisions of the 45th president (or the new First Female president) will affect them directly or indirectly.

Imagine :
A piece of journalism anthologiston the air of John Lennon!

"Imagine that Hillary Clinton had five children with three husbands, she told her daughter that she" had a nice ass ", she participated in a radio interview on oral sex in a hot tub, she notes the men on their body plastic, she showed in Playboy videos of porn 'light'.

Imagine 15 men accusing Hillary Clinton of having abused or violated, and the account grows every day.

Imagine Hillary Clinton organized the competition of 'Mr teenager U.S.A.' and at that time she was slipped in the locker room to ogle young bodies, some were naked, having done the same when Mr U.S.A., and marveling at a radio show to have been authorized to do so.

Imagine that at the first election debate, Hillary Clinton is touted by stating that there was no problem with the size of her vagina.

Imagine Hillary  Clinton less government or military experience that no other person ever elected 'president of the United States'.

Imagine she says of one of his opponents in the primaries: 'look at his face! Does anyone want to vote for that? '
Imagine that Hillary Clinton is touted to have fired from his job a married man who refused to yield to his advances.
Imagine Hillary Clinton touted to be 'able to stand in 5th Avenue, to shoot someone, and not lose any voter'.

Imagine Hillary Clinton has taken the mouth into the microphone trying to evoke the male genitals in a degrading manner and to congratulate her social status allow it to catch people by their balls.

Imagine that she is touted to have committed adultery - and that she later fired from his job a married man who refused to yield to her advances.

Imagine that Hillary Clinton was accused of sexual assault by her first husband (before it shrinks) and then again once accused of harassment at trial by one of her business partners.

Imagine Hillary Cinton will be defended on a charge of violence against a young man explaining to his defense, "I can assure you he was not my first choice."

(... / ...)

Imagine Clinton, cited by one of the team members said that "laziness was a feature of Black" and she retweeted white supremacist, even including a message honoring the American Nazi Party.

Imagine that Clinton went bankrupt in its business to five times, "entubant" a long list of contractors, plumbers, painters, through lawyers.

(... / ...)

Imagine that Clinton denounced globalization while she is making shirts in Bangladesh, China ties, costumes Mexico and crystal glasses in Slovenia.

(... / ...)

Imagine Hilary Clinton refuses to show his tax forms.

Imagine Clinton demolish an ancient king of beauty and invites via tweeter to go check on the "sextape" type - even if this video does not exist.

(... / ...)

Imagine that Clinton is completely ignorant of nuclear strategy or that of N.A.T.O., and she says she 'knows more about the Islamic state that the general.'

And Nicholas Kristof concluded that long list of subsidiary question: "So are there no double standard in American politics, in American society, subjecting women to greater pressure? To you, to decide ...! "

*Nicholas Donabet Kristof (b. 1959), journalist, author is a winner of two Pullitzer Prizes.  He has been described by Archibishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa as an « honorary African ». Haut du formulaire

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