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CHAD: The Infernal Circle of Bad Governance.

Recently, Chad managed to raise over $ 20 billion for a National Development Plan, while it was expecting $ 7 billion only
The goal of this plan is to reduce poverty and drive development. However, will these funds that will be collected contribute to the development of the country or is it a counterpart of geopolitical services that Idriss Deby will give to Westerners?

"Vision 2030, the Chad we want"

         Since 2003, Chad has initiated two National Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers (N.P.R.S. 1 and 2), four National Development Plans (P.N.D. 2003-2006, P.N.D. 2008-2011, P.N.D. 2013-2015 and P.N.D. 20017-2021). To this must be added the P.N.Ds 2022-2026 and 2027-2030 contained in the document "Vision 2030, the Chad we want", for which, it will still be necessary to raise funds. These documents, which were supposed to pave the way for harmonious development, proved to be fiascos. Worse, they were opportunities for enrichment for the rulers, without any real impact on the lives of the Chadian people.

According to the I.D.H. the country ranks 186th out of 188 in 2016.

         In fact, the country ranks 186th out of 188 countries according to the 2016 Human Development Index. In addition, only 52% of the population has access to drinking water compared to 3% of the population to electricity according to the Bank. African Development. More than 3.7 million people are food insecure in 2016 according to the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. Certainly, progress is being made in the field of infrastructures. But, they do not obey the standards of achievement because the owner is required to wet the beard of a whole chain of command.

Fiasco of the elitist approach to development!

         The failure of Development Strategies and Plans is linked to the adoption of a "top-down" approach to development. Elitist approaches therefore, disconnected from the real needs of the people "from below"; irresponsible because of lack of transparency and accountability, favoring the bureaucrat over the entrepreneur. But only the latter can create wealth and jobs. Also, with such a dirigiste approach of the economy, one could only create corruption, mismanagement, rent instead of creating businesses, wealth and jobs. In other words, the donors, in addition to the dictatorship bonus, give a premium to bad governance and bad economic policies.

Nepotism, corruption and tribalisation of the administration.

         Nepotism, corruption, mismanagement, the "tribalisation" of the administration, ..., are the evils that undermine the Chadian state. The country ranks 40th out of 59 African countries and 159th out of 176 countries according to the Transparency International 2O16 ranking. In addition, the 2016 Mo Ibrahim index, which assesses governance, ranks the country 51st out of 54 countries. In his report, "Chad S.A", the NGO SWISSAID, clearly castigates the patrimonial management of oil revenues. The country has garnered more than $ 13 billion in oil revenues since 2003. Yet, 50% of the population still lives below the poverty line. The reason is that "Deby would have made Chad a true family S.A."

Chad became the "Déby S.A."

         Finally, Chad is one of the countries where the business climate remains the most hostile in Africa, thus discouraging entrepreneurship. The Doing Business 2017 Index credits the country 48th out of 53 African countries, while according to the Fraser Institute's Economic Freedom Index, Chad is ranked among the 11 countries on the continent that repress economic freedom. If Chad is a failing state, how then explain the enthusiasm of the Western partners who continue to bet on the soldier-Deby?

The West needs the soldier  Idriss Déby!

         The strong infatuation of donors is explained by the importance that Chad represents in their security and power projection device. Thus, as part of the fight against terrorism, Chad is at the forefront with its contingents in Mali, Nigeria and Cameroon. In addition, about 3,000 Chadian soldiers are expected to participate in the G5 Sahel force, 5,000 are engaged in the Multinational Joint Task Force (M.N.J.T.F.) in the fight against the Boko Haram sect. 1150 operate in Mali within the framework of MI.N.U.S.M.A.. The country has also intervened in the Central African Republic as part of peacekeeping operations.

Strategic ally in the fight against terrorism and immigration.

These soldiers who should be used to ensure the safety of the people have become, in a way, a means of blackmail and exchange to drain donations and funding. President Idriss Déby Itno demonstrated this during his interview with the journalists of Radio France Internationale, on the "International" show, threatening to withdraw his forces in the fight against terrorism, if his Western partners did not come to him. help. The strong mobilization for the financing of this P.N.D. therefore responds to the logic of preserving a strategic ally in the fight against terrorism.
         As regards the fight against illegal immigration, Chad is one of the transit countries of migrants. Cooperation with France in the context of securing borders to fight against migrants is under way. Migrant sorting centers (hotspots) are envisaged as part of this cooperation. The country therefore benefits from a rent linked to its geographical position. To get funding, he agrees to do the thankless work.

Strategic subcontracting against bad governance and economic malpractices.

         At the military-strategic level, many initiatives are based on the country's positioning. The operational command of the Barkhane Force, the Headquarters of the Multinational Joint Task Force of the L.C.B.C., is in Chad. The country is part of the U.S. anti-terrorism (T.S.C.T.P.), it houses a French base of projection and attack that are advanced positions for indirect control of the country. Chad therefore provides strategic outsourcing to the Powers while sacrificing the supreme interests of the Chadian people. The country will offer its services to these powers, in return, we will close our eyes to the abuses, financial and economic malpractices. The big loser in this haggling is the Chadian people.
         In short, the N.D.P. can only benefit the Chadian people if the donors make funding conditional on true democratization and good governance. Otherwise, the funding will only strengthen President Déby's hold on the country by giving him even more means to enslave his people.

Alfred Ndegoto, Chadian researcher. Article published in collaboration with Libre Afrique, published in Info-Afrique on October 2, 2017

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