lundi 6 novembre 2017


Dear Sponsor,
Dear Financial contributor,

         I cordially invite you to help finance the publication and promotion of the first African Biographical Dictionary. Whoever you are, wherever you are, this call concerns you!
         This "Biographical Dictionary of Africans"
is in legal deposit at the Swiss National Library, the Royal Library of Belgium and the National Library of the D. R. of Congo and will be self-published on the Amazon / Kindle digital platform. The first edition in paperback format was published in 2012 in Brussels and had a volume of 855 pages. The dictionary currently contains 3,630 updated and corrected biographies representing more or less 4,000 pages (including pictures). I intend to publish it in a downloadable paper format and in a purely digital format.
         Your financial contribution, whatever the amount, proves that you have at heart the quality of the story you want to transmit to your contemporaries and especially to your own offspring! This is the way we teach them our story, that they will pass it on as our legacy to future generations. And it is thanks to your generosity that this fair, equitable, responsible and safe transmission will be made possible. Your contribution, however modest, will have the value of an immeasurable investment. In addition, it will allow me to apply to the book an unbeatable price. Like the Talent of which Jesus Christ speaks in the New Testament, yours will be multiplied to infinity and will be returned to you a hundredfold. Whenever a user or a reader will consult the Dictionary biographical of Africans, it will be in the process of fructifying the "Talent" which you will have given to build this WEB portal. And every time the Dictionary gets bigger, you will say to yourself: "It is thanks to my voluntary contribution that this dictionary improves and serves me as well as thousands of other WEB users around the world ".

         Perhaps you will have your place one day, if you are not already there! If you have your entry, you will be even better known and recognized. So, what you have generously donated is a hundredfold every moment!

         The Biographical Dictionary of Africans responds to an essential need for thorough knowledge of the landmarks of African history. To be understood, the story uses illuminating tags throughout its course. These tags are often, without their knowledge, personalities whose biographies I have chosen to detail.
         These personalities are not only bridges between generations, but are true lighthouses for future generations. When they are not lighthouses, they shine in the sky like stars that brighten the monotony of the time they live. Sometimes they pass very quickly like comets that mark history or shooting stars that see a minority of observers.Whether they attract our sympathy or arouse the antipathy of the majority of us, they become our benchmarks or references.
Whether they deserve the pedestal, the purgatory or the gallows of history, they remain essential and mark our destiny forever.
         Paul Valery said "There is only one man left to think of his name, and the works that make this name a sign of admiration, hatred or indifference".
         Thus, the political history of the Democratic Republic of Congo can hardly be written without reference to Patrice Emery Lumumba or his anti-thesis Joseph Désiré Mobutu. How would one tell the history of South Africa by failing to talk about Nelson Mandela?
         Blaise Compaoré's longevity in power has scarcely succeeded in erasing the swift passage into power of his fiery comrade Thomas Sankara, now a hero and father of Burkina Faso. Understanding the evolution of African history is essential to understand that of the world in which it occupies a place of choice.
         By participating in its sustainability and its dissemination, you will have made a gesture out of all proportion to the amount of your financial participation. As I have included everyone without distinction of race, origin, religion, sex, age, culture, etc ..., I expect that you too, give you without exclusiveness, as you order your
         Those who wish to remain anonymous can report it during the payment. Thus, their personal data will remain forever in our archives.
By giving you my bank details below, please send me your address to thank you in return.
         We will thus share the pride of having made available to Humanity a historic work tool of the first order and thus giving Africa's history the place it deserves.

Jean Iya Nyandoha KANYARWUNGA

Banking Coordinates:

-United Bank of Switzerland (U.B.S. S.A.).
-Address                   : C.P., 1211 Geneva 2, Switzerland
-Phone Nr                  : 0848 848 051
-IBAN                       : CH07 0024 0240 8784 35M1 P
-Account Nr            
  : 240-878435.M1P
-Client Nr                  : 240-878435
-BIC                           : UBSWCHZH80A
-Account name         : IYA NYANDOHA KANYARWUNGA

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