vendredi 29 avril 2011

Denmark: The ecological recycling of the dead.

The Danish Cremation has revealed that she takes advantage of recycling metal pieces recovered after incineration of the bodies. According to its president, Allan Vest, metal parts of the hip or knee, for example, are recycled into scrap metal.
          Since 2006, the 31 crematoria Danish earned 77,762 crowns (10,445 euros) by selling 4,810 pounds of metal to a recycler Dutch.
          In 2005, the Ministry of Ecclesiastical amended the statute authorizing the recycling.          It prohibits the use of such residues in works of art and demanded that families be informed of the fate of their dead.
          For Mr. Vest is great for the environment. Besides a dozen institutions have declared supporters of the use of energy by the heat generated by the crematoria, or used in district heating systems.
          In 2011, new regulations require that the crematoriums filter out toxic substances such as dioxin and mercury gases emitted into the atmosphere.
          For this purpose, they should bring them to temperature 800 ° C to 180 ° C, and that the surplus energy produced during the cooling process that crematoriums want to retrieve.
          The International Federation of cremation, based in The Hague, opposed to the marketing of cremation. But the Danish Council of Ethics, which includes scientists, religious leaders and philosophers, sees no reason to oppose recycling heat.
          For him, even if it would be indecent and illegal burning grandmother to heat radiators, cremation is a friendly and hygienic method of removing the bodies, and recycling the heat of combustion poses no ethical problem.
          The Board of Ethics said that decomposing bodies buried them emerge as an energy that feeds the plants and other organisms.

jeudi 28 avril 2011

When Osama Bin Laden inspired poems to «The African Garbo», his mistress!

Naima Bint Harith, nicknamed Kola Boof , the daughter of the archeologist Harith Bin Farouk Egyptian and Somali Jidda, born March 3, 1972 at Omdurman in Sudan. She is 9 years old when her parents die before his eyes murdered for denouncing slavery in southern Sudan.
         She was raised by a grandmother, Kolbooker Najeeb, who is adopted by an Ethiopian in London before she is adopted by Melvin and Claudia Johnson, an African American couple living in Anacostia Park near Washington, DC.
          In her autobiography "Diary of a Lost,"  she describes her intimate relations with the Islamic terrorist, Osama bin Laden in Marrakech, Morocco in 1996 (she was kidnapped and forced to be the mistress of the latter!) for six months.
         In 1998 she was sentenced to death by the network of Osama bin Laden. She subsequently received numerous death threats from Islamists, including the fatwa of Sheikh Omar Bakri Mohammed of the Sharia Court in Khartoum, Sudan.
          His writing career began in 1997 when the businessman Russom Damba finance his first collection of poems "Every Little Bit Hurts."
          Mother of two children, she is divorced  and lives in California in the United States under police protection.
         Nicknamed the "African Garbo" by the New York Times, she campaigned against slavery in Sudan, against Islam and the rights of Muslim women. She is a poet, short story writer and novelist.
 His bibliography including:
-Every Little Bit Hurts (poetry collection), 1997.
-Long Train To The Redeeming Sin: Stories About African Women, Door of Kush, 2001.
-Diary of a Lost Girl (autobiography), Door of Kush, 2003.
-Flesh and the Devil (with Said Musa), Door of Kush, 2004.
-Nile River Woman, roman, Door of Kush, 2004.

mardi 26 avril 2011

Paraguay : Lugaucho has heart...but not condom!

"Lugo has heart" was the campaign slogan of the elected president of Paraguay August 15, 2008 and former Catholic bishop of San Pedro, Fernando Armindo Lugo Méndez (born 1951). In a chorus of "clip from the Cumbia," the group Los Angeles diverted the slogan given the antics of the former prelate: "Lugaucho has heart, but he did not put on condoms."
Indeed, 13 April 2009, after admitting to be the biological father of a child born May 4, 2007, his association with Viviana Carrillo (24 years) when he was bishop of San Pedro, six other women have provide reject him.
On April 20, 2009, is Benigna Leguizamon, who revived the controversy by declaring himself ready to go to court to compel the president to conduct DNA testing if he does not acknowledge the paternity of her six year old son. His love affair with the former bishop would have started when she was only 17 years!
 Damiana Hortensia Moran, mother of Juan Pablo (so named in honor of Pope John Paul II), another offshoot of Lugo who wants to create a special commission to help victims of the president to recognize their claim of paternity.
"Yes, we joke around the country saying we're going to appear five, six, sixteen children. We'll see on a case by case," said Gloria Rubin, Minister of Women in the government of Lugo.
Meanwhile, the "Cumbia" from the bishop defrocked a hit on the Net: "What change in my country! But it's a diaper changing ... They will think three times before sending the woman to confess" sings Los Angeles group.
Consecrated bishop by Pope John Paul II in 1994, his resignation was accepted in January 2005 (Fails to divine), but not his request to return to the lay state.
Paraguay, Latin American state, with a total area of ​​406,752 km2 is inhabited by 6,995,665 people.

Senegal: Sito Aliin Jatta, "the queen of Kabruss" pioneer of Casamance separatism.

Born in 1920 near Cape Kabrousse Skiriing Senegal (border of Guinea-Bissau). Fatherless very young, she was raised by his uncle Eloubaléne Diatta. Eloubaléne Diatta. She works as a maid in Ziguinchor and Dakar. Polio, and she is paralyzed in one leg at the age of 20 years.
. In 1941, she has visions and revelations "divine". She returns to her hometown of Kabrousse, began to prophesy and to reveal its congeners the purpose of his mission. She preaches resistance to the colonial administration and the refusal to pay taxes. It draws crowds who came from all around the region of Casamance, Gambia and even Guinea-Bissau.
Soon she meets a motley army which clashes with the French colonial army. When his village is threatened with bombing, she surrenders to the French police, January 29, 1943.
She was deported to Timbuktu, in French Sudan (Mali). Since then, nothing was heard of her.
About twenty of his followers were also arrested and imprisoned in Matam and Podor in northern Senegal. They die very quickly and in a mysterious way. His memory very much alive among the Diola (Jola) is the nickname the "Queen of Kabruss.
Subsequently, the Casamance were now treated unfairly compared to the rest of Senegal, which justified even today, their separatist spirit which it is the pioneer.

jeudi 21 avril 2011

Yemen: the bride of death!

In September 2009, a Yemeni girl of twelve years died in giving birth to her baby. An illustration of the many "brides of death" married off even before puberty in a country where tribal traditions are the law.
The Yemeni Organization for the Protection of Children (Siyaj) announced yesterday that the small Fawzia Abdullah Youssef had died in a hospital in Hajjah province, north of Sanaa. The girl died shortly after arriving at the hospital and the child was stillborn, according to the Siyaj.
"Fawzia had been withdrawn from school and forcibly married eleven years to a man 25 years by his family who live in need," said director of Siyaj, Ahmad al-Qourashi, adding that his father suffered from renal failure.
The family lived in a remote village in the district of Al Zuhr, in the province of Hodeyda.
He estimated that "nearly 50% the proportion of teenage girls and married for 15 years" in the rural areas of Yemen.
"These marriages are the result of poverty, ignorance and illiteracy and lead most often to destroy the lives of these young girls whose opinion is not taken into account during the marriage," said M . Qourashi.
Siyaj conducted, with other nongovernmental organizations, a constant struggle to pass a law setting the legal age of marriage to at least 17 years and imposing fines for fathers who transgress.
"Our efforts have resulted in the adoption of this law by Parliament in February, but President of the Republic Ali Abdullah Saleh has still not enacted, "says Qourashi.
Yemen, a country of the Arabian Peninsula's poorest of the world population has a tribal structure and forced marriage is widely practiced.
Last year, the case of a girl of eight years, Nojoud Mohammad Ali, who had obtained a divorce, had highlighted the situation of thousands of female children, forced into marriage.
In power since 1990, President Ali Abdullah Saleh is challenged by the population that requires his immediate departure. Popular demonstrations organized in the capital Sanaa since January 27, 2011 are repressed in blood daily.
State of the Arabian Peninsula from 24 million to the tribal organization (the most important are Hached and Baqil), Yemen was hit by poverty and unemployment rampant despite its large reserves of gas estimated at 259 billion m3. The country also produced 300,000 barrels of oil per day goal.

The paranoia of the Vampire invades Malawi!

In January 2003, southern Malawi was facing a crisis-like fantasy... the government to help the vampires to collect blood for Western agencies to fight against AIDS in exchange for humanitarian aid. The authorities have denied, but the opposition was scared and persisted.
If the scenario seems surreal, the consequences are no less serious. In many villages, people were frightened and afraid of seeing Dracula at every street corner.
In Blantyre, the capital, Governor Eric Chiwaya, a member of United Democratic Front (UDF), was brutally attacked and molested an evening on suspicion of having sheltered bloodsuckers.
"This rumor was fabricated by opposition groups who want to discredit the irresponsible government," explained Rodrick Mulonya, deputy director of the Ministry of Information.
Two tracks have been mentioned. The first was James Brown Mpinganjira, former Minister of Education, dismissed by Bakili Muluzi, President of Malawi from 1994 to 2004. Cleared of these charges, he had shouted political conspiracy. He threatened to reveal the names of corrupt officials of the UDF, the party in power.
The second hypothesis that hairpin training, accusing the government of Malawi to accept GM maize from the United States, try to turn people against him.
"It seems natural to accept this food. How to starve our people when we have the opportunity to fight hunger? Besides, what American organization would accept in exchange for his help, the blood which, given the medical situation here, might be contaminated with AIDS? " indignant Rodrick Mulonya.
It remains that the paranoia of the vampire has caused a wave of violence acute in southern cities. Residents of Thyolo beat to death a man and seriously injured three Catholic priests, all accused of being vampires and blame their hemoglobin. The tent of a clinic against AIDS has been destroyed under the pretext that it was a refuge for sucking blood. The governor of Blantyre was the last victim of this bloody rumor.
But the rumor was persistent, despite government efforts to calm the imagination. Even the speech of President of the Republic, supposedly allay these irrational fears are nothing.
Several residents have recently complained to the police for having been attacked by bloodsuckers. Some villagers refused to leave their homes for fear of making bad games. Others were no longer cultivate their fields. The story turned to bad horror movie.

mercredi 20 avril 2011

Indonesia:The right to live naked!

In 2008, the Papuans of Indonesia expressed their opposition to the bill "anti-pornography" prohibited by the Islamic parties that threat, they say, Papuan customs, including wearing the penis sheath as the only loincloths.
This text is inconsistent with the values ​​of diversity and tolerance promoted by the Indonesian constitution, has denounced Wainana Watory, President of the Commission on Human Rights in the province, asking the intervention of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (63 years ).
This highly controversial bill, passed by Parliament in Jakarta seeks to punish acts or works that encourage sexual desires and thus threaten the "moral community".
Henceforth, persons convicted of exposing their naked faces up to ten years in prison.
"The Balinese and other ethnic groups have a different vision of what can be considered sexual or pornographic. For us, the nudity is not associated with lust. We can watch an aesthetic standpoint, "said Wayan Sayoga, a scholar attending the event.
For many Papuans, this law goes against the traditions of animist tribes in remote areas of the province, where women live topless and men wear a penis sheath, the "Kotek": "Symbol of power divine in man. You can take away that forges their identity", said Karel Phil PRRA of NGO Papua New Foundation, during a press conference in Jakarta.
Indonesia is inhabited by 237 million people (spread over 18,000 islands) with nearly 90% of the population is Muslim.

vendredi 15 avril 2011

Papua New Guinea: Killing the male at birth to avoid war.

In 2008, womens of the rural district of Eastern Highlands Province, the highlands in the island of New Guinea, tired by twenty years of tribal wars have decided to kill the newborn males to reduce the number of men and thus avoid war.
Rona Agibu Luke is from a village in the district of Gimi. The verge of tears, she reported that for ten years, several women were forced to kill their boys at birth. It is an intolerable crime, she admits, but they had no choice.
They have been forced as it was for them as women, the only possible solution to end tribal warfare. Belas Kipiyona comes, meanwhile, the village of Amos.
She said it was hard to find food, husbands from their time fighting while mothers and children were left to themselves.
For two decades, in fact, the deadly clashes spread death and  to Gimi, in the region of Okapi
This is called the cut at the root of evil!

mardi 12 avril 2011

Phillis Wheatley, the first African-American poet.

Born December 5, 1753 in Senegal. At the age of seven, she is captured by slave traders. Before being landed in Boston, New England (U.S.), it was sold at auction to the family of John and Susannah Wheatley (tailor its state). They give her the name Phyllis, treats her as their own daughter and teach her ​​to read and write.
         She learns English, with an exceptionally fast and the Greek and Latin. She reads the Bible and especially a passion for three British poets John Milton (1608-1674), Alexander Pope (1688-1744) and Thomas Gray (1716-1771). Their poems and give the upset like to write poems. At 13, she began writing poems.
            In 1767, she became popular when the Journal "Newport Mercury" published his first poem on the Death of Reverend George Whitefield (1714-1770), the great Calvinist evangelist who traveled the New England and was a friend Selina, Countess of Huntington. The later invited him to London and help to publish his poems.
         In 1773, she arrived in the British capital accompanied Wheatley's son. She is introduced to high society September, 1st, 1773, "Milton's Paradise Lost Editions" published his first collection of 39 poems entitled "Poems on Various Subjects, Religious and Moral (Poems on various areas, religious and Moral by Phillis Wheatley, black servant of Mr. John Wheatley of Boston in New England).
         The book caused a sensation in England. After the publication of her book, she accompanies Wheatley's son who brought in the London high society. She is received by the Lord Mayor of London and met the future president of the United States, Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) to whom she had dedicated a poem.
         Freed from slavery in 1778, she married John Peters, an African American, poor businessman. She gives him three children. Her marriage was not happy. Her husband was imprisoned for insolvency. To live, she becomes a servant before he died in poverty in 31 years December 5, 1784.
         In 1830, abolitionists reissued his poems for it serves as an example to other African Americans. The American Foundation "Phillis Wheatley Communauty Center (PWCC), created in 1924 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, heir to his royalties and engaged in the emancipation of African-Americans perpetuate his memory.

Honduras: Music and animals sounds to oust Zelaya.

Returned to Honduras after his overthrow and expulsion by Roberto Micheletti June 28, 2009, former President José Manuel Zelaya Rosales, spent three months in exile and then takes refuge with his supporters at the Brazilian Embassy in Tegucigalpa.
In October 2009, to enhance their psychological pressure on him, the new authorities in Honduras have released music and animal sounds at full blast to keep them from sleeping.

"Since yesterday midnight, we are bombarded with loud noises, blaring music, military marches, rock, punta (rhythm Honduras)" said Rasel Tomé counsel Zelaya, Radio Globo, the One of ares opposition media in the coup regime.
"What we've experienced is typical of psychological maneuvers employed by an army against another," he added.
Among the songs used by the military, "Rata back patas (Rat two-legged)", a popular Mexican singer tube, Paquita la del Barrio, known for its ambiguous texts.
"Beast harmful, poisonous snake, a waste of life, I hate you and I despise you. Rat two-legged, to thee I speak, because even the worst dirty animals is very small compared to you" she chanted in the song.

"We feel like the middle of a howling jungle with lions, elephants, monkeys, dogs, donkeys and so on ... And then the shrill music for us prevented from sleeping"confirmed a photographer for Agence France-Presse (AFP), which is located inside the embassy.
The deafening engines used were described as "non-lethal weapons" produced by a multinational American technology, they emit sounds of 151 decibels painful with a range of 300 meters and land are used in a war zone and to counter demonstrations .
The military orders of the coup leaders have also sprayed the Brazilian Embassy toxic gases to the infiltrate the building through the sewer system.
According to the "Hondurian News Network," the former first lady Xiomara Castro de Zelaya has been watered products chimqiues when she climbed a ladder to see where these attacks originated.
She and other persons inside the embassy were victims of bleeding resulting from inhalation of toxic gases.
The Geneva Convention protects embassies and any violation of this protection is an international problem.
If this tactic had been used to dislodge the former president Laurent Gbagbo and his supporters  holed up in the presidential palace in Abidjan, that would have avoided 15 days in a pointless war with Ivorians, particularly since no international convention does provides this scenario!

jeudi 7 avril 2011

China: A fine reproduction abuse saltier

In May 2005, Chinese authorities have decided to strengthen the administrative sanctions against violators of the law on birth control. Particularly among sports stars, film or television.
According to official figures, about 10% of affluent Chinese have three children instead of one child per couple required.
« Now the rich must pay much higher fines when they give birth to more than one child! » Said the head of Family Planning in Beijing, Deng Xingzhou, who warned that the era of laxity in the matter was over.

Until 2005, the creation of abusive tax running into tens of thousands of dollars. Couples who create a second child pay a fine ranging from three to ten times the average annual income received in their hometown.
The famous football player, Hao Haidong, who earns 500,000 euros a year, was ordered to pay 5,000 euros, a modest amount when his wife gave birth to a second child.

Among the stars who has not respected the rules, Chen Kaige, Wang Lei singer, actor Li Yapeng, the star de la télévision, Yang Lan... television star, Yang Lan ...
 The actress Zhang Ziyi has been severely criticized by a Chinese newspaper for having "set a bad example" by publicly announcing his desire to start a large family.
For several months, in some regions of China, authorities have launched a sometimes violent repression against peasants having too many children: Threats, disproportionate fines and retroactive, dismantling some of the houses of "guilty", etc.. .

mercredi 6 avril 2011

Egypt: «Queen of Muslims» who captured Louis IX, king of France

Shajrat Al-Dur, "The Tree of Pearls."

        "May Allah protect the beneficial Forum, Queen of the Muslims, the blessed Land and World Religion, the Mother of Khalil al-Mustaçimiya, the companion of Sultan Malik al-Salih aC-" piously intone the Egyptians in each mosque during the short reign of Al-Dur Shajrat.
        Slave of Turkish origin, beautiful, intelligent, she loves to read and write. She quickly became the favourite wife of the Ayyubid Sultan al-Malik aC-Salih Najm ad-Din Ayyub (1239-1249) and gives him a son named al-Malik al-Mu'azzan Turan Shah.
        After her husband died November 22, 1249, is negotiating with the military chiefs hold secret of his death to avoid unrest in the country and the enemies do not take advantage Franks. Then it fought the French besieging Egypt. The victory was complete after capture by Baybars rafter of King Louis IX (St. Louis) to the citadel of El-Mansoura (the field of victory in Arabic) February 8, 1250. The Knights Templar released him May 6, 1250 against payment of a ransom of 200,000 pounds. It's the end of the seventh crusade.
        Hoping to convert the sultan of Tunis and Egypt up against his enemies, he died of cholera in Tunis, August 25, 1270. His death marks the end of the Crusades. Canonized by Pope Boniface VIII August 11, 1297, his statue stands in the chapel of St. Louis at Carthage.
        Shajrat entrusts the throne to his son al-Malik al-Mu'azzan Turan Shah. Incapable of leading troops Mamlukes, he was assassinated in 1250. Wife slave self-proclaimed "Queen of Muslims" with the support of the Guard Mamelukes Bahriya sultanic that impose al-Muizz Aybak did Turkomans as an adviser.
        She was then dubbed "The Tree of Pearls." She ruled the sultanate of Egypt from May to July 1250.
        Faced with the strong disapproval of the Abbasid Caliph of Baghdad, Mostassim Billah, she married al-Malik aC-Salih who is immediately recognized as sultan of Egypt. Yet it continues to run the country while her husband conducts military operations.

 The Queen of the praying mantis devouring husbands.

        Unable to bear the authority of a husband who had been imposed, it is murder in 1257. To avoid losing the power and return to the harem, she married General Mamluk al-ed-Din Aybak Muizz has Turkomans after obliged to repudiate his wife Umm Ali.
        The Egyptian currency is struck with their two statues side by side, the khutba is called to the mosque with his name and that of her husband, and both spouses countersign all official documents.
        When her husband decides to marry the daughter of the king, atabeg of Mosul, she sank into a terrible crisis of jealousy and murdered by his slaves in his bath April 12, 1257.
        At first, she believed that her husband died of illness but the truth comes out soon. Stopped by the Mamluks loyal to the sultan, it is first taken to the Bordj al-Ahmar (the Red Fort), beaten to death by his wife divorced in Aybak, Umm Ali helped her handmaidens. His body was thrown over a cliff where it remains exposed for three days.
        He is then buried in Cairo in the court of "Jami Shajarat al-Dur 'school she founded. The throne returned to al-Muizz, the son of Aybak and in 1260, the power fell to the Mamluk Baybars the armorer who ruled Egypt from 1260 to 1277.

Gamal Abdel Nasser taking himself as Saladin!

        In 1962, commemorating the victory of Islam against St. Louis in El-Mansoura, President Gamal Abdel Nasser taking himself as Saladin said: "The Crescent Cross laid in the mud. Only a Muslim conquest we will restore the glory of yesteryear». We will succeed only in recapturing the glory of Allah when riders trample underfoot St. Peter in Rome and Notre Dame in Paris. "No mention of the episode Shajrat Al-Dur and the reign of the Mamluks, this assertion n 'was not empty of meaning?

lundi 4 avril 2011

A Mercenary Nicaraguan Ambassador of Libya to the United Nations.

Mo'ammar Gadhafi mocks the UN & the World.

President Gaddafi Mo'ammar mounted the rostrum of the United Nations. This is the first time in 40 years of dictatorial rule over Libya. For an hour and 30 minutes (instead of 15 minutes scheduled) to 120 heads of governments, he attacks specially the Security Council dominated by five permanent members (China, Russia, USA, France and Great Britain). They have "used their veto in the design de of defend their interests and to terrorize the Third World. (...) If this is the Security Council, then it must call the Board of terror because terrorism is not just al-Qaida." He said. In fact, he took over in Arabic with theatricality, the speech of the former president of the United Nations General Assembly, the Nicaraguan Miguel D'Escoto Brockmann. Obviously, the President of the General Assembly which is none other than his former Foreign Minister Ali Triki Abdoussalam shall interrupt the president of the African Union!
And to complete the media show, and throws it disdainfully rips the UN Charter over his shoulder on the podium!

Revenge of the Security Council of the United Nations.

On 17 March 2011, the Security Council UN vote resolution No. 1973, establishing a no-fly zone over Libya.
On 21 March 2011, when he asks for an urgent meeting of Security Council, it vote for sanctions against him, his family and his senior staff (embargo on arms sales, travel ban on the territories of UN member states and the freezing of assets, before the International Criminal Court).
On 19 March 2011, the Libyan ambassador to the UN, Abdurrahman Shalgam, former Foreign Minister of the country wrote a letter to the Security Council in which he supports the use of ICC
 He emphasized that the Libyan regime has "no legitimacy. (...) This resolution is a signal to stop this fascist regime that still exists to Tripoli," he said.

Miguel d'Escoto Brockmann: A former Catholic priest diplomat

Son of a Nicaraguan diplomat Miguel d'Escoto Brockmann, born in Los Angeles February 5, 1933.  In 1947, he returned to the United States continue his studies. In 1962 he was ordained a priest after his studies at the Catholic Maryknoll College in New York. In 1963, he founded in Chile, the National Institute for Research and Popular Action (INAP), to assist the underprivileged in the slums of Santiago. After the earthquake that devastated Managua in December 1972, he mobilizes aid for earthquake victims.
In 1973, he created the foundation of Nicaragua for the Integral Development of the Communities. (FUNDECI). Member of World Council of Churches (WCC) and proponent of liberation theology, he secretly adheres to the Frente Sandinista National Liberation in the years 1970.
In 1983, he was suspended from the Catholic Church because of his political activities (he was Minister of Foreign Affairs) by Pope John Paul II at the same time as the Jesuits Ernesto Cardenal (Minister of Culture), Fernando Cardenal (Minister of National Education) and Edgar Parrales (Minister of Welfare). He has served as foreign minister of Nicaragua from 1979 to 1990. He becomes then the Senior Advisor for Foreign Affairs, with rank of Minister to the President of Nicaragua from 2007.
From September 2008 to September 2009, he chaired the 63rd 63rd UN General Assembly. He received the Lenin Prize for Peace for the year 1985-1986 and the Thomas Merton Award 1987. He chairs the National Water Nicaragua, and leads the fight for the preservation of Lake Cocibolca (8,200 km2 of 177 km in length), the largest source of fresh water in Central America.

Revolutionary activist committed to the principles of nonviolence.

The former Father Miguel d'Escoto Brockmann, a lawyer of multilateralism and respect for international law is based on figures like the Russian Leo Tolstoy (1828-1910), Indian Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948), the African American Martin Luther King Jr. (1929-1968) and American Dorothy Day (1897-1980), founder of Catholic Worker Movement. Sandinista theatrical and charismatic, he dedicates a particular resentment in the U.S., which he accuses of trying to assassinate him in 1983 "with a bottle of Benedictine poisoned." In 1984, he was noticed by initiating the complaint Nicaraguan government against the United States before the International Court of Justice for their support of the military and paramilitary activities against his country. The complaint led to a Court ruling in favor of Nicaragua. He even dares to deal with President Ronald Reagan (1911-2004)  of "Butcher of the Nicaraguan people."
What enchants Libyan President Gaddafi Mo'ammar who lost his adopted daughter in the bombing of Tripoli by U.S. planes (1986) under the orders of the same Ronald W. Ronald W. Reagan. It then attracts the ire of Israel by comparing the behavior of the Israeli police in the Palestinian territories to apartheid.

A first in UN history: A priest president of the National Assembly!

This is the first time a former prelate presiding the General Assembly in the history of the United Nations since its founding in 1945. And it is also the first time a foreign country becomes Ambassador  a foreign country to the United Nations, whatever his qualities as a diplomat. Especially since the mandate of a true ambassador of Libya, in this case, Mr. Abdurrahman Mohamed Shalgam (former Minister of Foreign Affairs) who defected February 26, 2011, is still ongoing. He now feels he is speaking for the Libyan people. Commenting on this appointment, he said: He just wants to make propaganda for Gaddafi. (...). They have mercenaries on the battlefield, so I guess this man is a political mercenary. "

A diplomat mercenary "visa free" for the UN?

The Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon can accept this second "unprecedented farce" of Mo'ammar Gaddafi?  Even with the support of Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega (Mo'ammar Gaddafi Award for Peace 2009), Miguel d'Escoto urged to accept  his mission « to help  Libya to defend its right and to solve his problems without foregn interference ». He replaces Ali Triki Abdoussalam appointed in early March 2011 and has never obtained a U.S. visa  to return to his post in New York, given that relations with the Libyan Embassy in the United States were "suspended". For Susan Rice, U.S. Ambassador  United Nations, this strange appointment raises some embarrassment. "He came to the United States with a tourist visa. He can not represent a country, Nicaragua, Libya or another, the United Nations, "she warned. Although born in Los Angeles, California, he had voluntarily renounced his nationality U.S.. His certification signed by the Foreign Minister, Musa Kusa has lost its legal force with the resignation and flight to London this last March 28, 2011.
"The Libyan episode is a new chapter in his career based on the confrontation with the United States. That Colonel Gaddafi is this colorful character to represent it is perfectly logical, "said Colum Lynch, Washington Post correspondent at the United Nations.
April 1st, 2011, after much criticism and inability to perform his duties, Mr. Miguel d'Escoto has indicated his intention to settle for simply being representative of Nicaragua to the United Nations.
But what other incongruity we reserve the "King of kings traditional African" Mo'ammar Gaddafi to win his crusade against his people and the rest of humanity?

dimanche 3 avril 2011

Hitimana, code name of Adolf Hitler in Rwanda

To overcome the reluctance of Mwami Rwanda, Yuhi V Musinga during the integration of his kingdom in the "Deutsch Ost-Afrika" in 1890, the German resident Richard Kandt (1867-1918) moved to Kigali to intervene in custody the affairs of the royal family (Nyanza) and government.
He maintains excellent relationships with the Mwami Musinga who learns to read and write Swahili. He even learned the basics of German and maintains a regular correspondence with the Emperor William II (1852-1918). At the end of WWI and the defeat of Germany, Rwanda falls to Belgium for the distribution of war.
In August 1918, the kingdom of Rwanda is reduced to its current size (26,338 km²) loser Bufumbira (Uganda), Gisaka the Buganza, Mutara ultramontane and his party: the Bwishya, and the Buhunde Gishari and Idjwi Island in Lake Kivu now become part of Belgian Congo. Mwami Musinga crying including the loss of Sake, his native village in North Kivu.
In 1921, in a letter addressed to His Majesty Albert I (1875-1934), King of the Belgians, he tried unsuccessfully to use the same emotional arguments to bring the Europeans not to dismember Rwanda: "My mother Nyirayuhi that j love dearly has experienced many disappointments in his life.. That is why I am convinced that if I ask you something for my mother, myself and my children, you can not deny my request. Have pity on my mother and my children. All of us here in our country, we cry, thinking that we want to divide Europe into Rwanda."
In December of that year, was raised when the "deal of Gisaka" (surrendered in Rwanda in 1923), he said sad and angry at the time: "It would be better to be shot rather than see my country torn in two by these white invaders.
Now he began to despise all Europeans and especially the Belgians he regarded as "men with no word of honor." ... And dreaming of the days of Germans who had helped him to reconquer the north in 1912.
In 1924, the mandate entrusted to Belgium to Rwanda (and Burundi) by the League of Nations (SDN) was a "civilizing mission based on a system of indirect rule.". But against all odds, new colonial authorities interfered in the affairs of the kingdom and considerably reduced the prerogatives of his powers.
Ignoring such as the royal custom forbade a king named Yuhi to cross a river during his reign, the Belgian colonial authorities summoned at random through meetings in Butare and Kigali that boycotted it without explanation. Several other customs, including polygamy (he was married to five women), the right of the sword, etc. new converts were prohibited by Catholic missionaries.
Thus he refused baptism imposed on him by the french bishop Mgr Léon Paul Classe (1874-1945), vicar apostolic of Rwanda, saying "Hitimana, it is God who uses the name".
In 1931, he said the ruler of Rwanda, "Musinga became an element of discord, suspicion, embarrassment for all, no use to the country and a great inconvenience to the government."
On 16 November 1931, four days after his testimony, Deputy Governor General of Ruanda-Urundi, Charles Voisin (1887-1942) enthroned his son 20 years Rudahigwa, under the dynastic name Mutara III (1912-1959.
 Musinga  was accused of « selfishness and lust » was recorded in residence at Kamembe (Cyagungu), on the border with the Congo.
Topics Rwandan who had not been consulted constituted one of the first political opposition the most imaginative of Africa. To continue to supply it with victuals, money, and to receive his instructions, they hide in cross-border traders traveling, intelligence officers and relay of information.
The Queen Mother Kanjogera not stand much opprobrium died in 1933.
In 1939, when it was declared the second world, the Nazis who had promised to restore to power once they have won the war and were spending their propaganda and. progression of these dealers by German front of a new genre. From Kigoma and Dar es Salaam in Tanzania today, through a complex network, goods and information were routed from hand to hand and passed from mouth to ear.
The Belgians did not understand how these people were so uneducated informed about a world war so far from home, forbidden to pronounce the name of Adolf Hitler (1889-1945) in the region.
Thus, to circumvent this prohibition, they nicknamed German Chancellor "Hitimana."
"How's Hitimana," ! "He's fine" is hailed between then. On the basis of suspicion, the Mwami was even jailed twice and released each time without trial.
Amplified at will, the pro-German forced the Belgian colonial authorities to relegate Musinga Yuhi V in Moba, Kalemie near the shores of Lake Tanganyika from 18 June 1940.
Accused of wanting to be proclaimed king in the region, he was again imprisoned and then released without trial.
On 13 January 1944, he died at age 61 without ever seeing Rwanda. Would he learned that the Germans were losing the Second World War?

USA: Ernest Hemingway, KGB spy

American novelist laureate of the Nobel Prize for Literature, Ernest Miller Hemingway (1899-1961) was a spy for the Komitet Gossoudarstvennoï Bezopasnosti (KGB) or Committee for State Security, the Russian spy service. Recruited in 1941, just before visiting China, he received code-named "Argo"
So says the collective work entitled "Spies: The Rise and Fall of the KGB in America: (Spies: The Rise and Fall of the KGB in the U.S.)" published by Editions Yale University by Harvey Klehr, John Earl Haynes and Alexander Vassiliev.
The author of "For Whom the Bell Tolls (1940)" and "Old Man and the Sea (1951)" met with Soviet agents in London and Havana and has expressed a desire to help.
Alexandre Vassiliev, a former KGB officer and co-author of the book had access to the archives of the Soviet secret service. Among the 1,000 notes he has taken and which served as base material to "Spies", we learn, among other things, that the physicist Robert Oppenheimer (1904-1967), father of the atomic bomb, yet the victim McCarthyism in 1953 never became a KGB spy.
Interestingly, he was not a great help, unable to give a single "information policy". In the columns of the Guardian, John Dugdale is the question: "Was he a spy junk, especially considering his experience as future literary material illegal? Or a spy authentic but hopelessly inefficient?"
The archives of Ernest Hemingway, formerly kept in Cuba, were sold to JF Kennedy Library in Boston, digitized and put online. But no sign of adventures "dilettantes" the old writer.
Friend and support of Fidel Castro, he settled on the hill Finca Vingia Cuba. In Havana, he founded a small paramilitary organization, the "Crook Factory" designed to hunt down the Nazis on the island. He patrols himself on his fishing boat called "El Pilar", accompanied by his faithful captain Gregoria Fuentes who later served as a model for the hero of Old Man and the Sea
Born in Oak Park, Illinois, USA July 21, 1899, Ernest Miller Hemingway committed suicide July 2, 1961 in Ketchum, Idaho. He participated in the First World War, before earning a Pulitzer Prize in 1953 for his novel The Old Man and the Sea and the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1954.

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Romania and Ivory Coast : Elena and Simone, despostism in the feminine

The forger Elena Ceausescu Petrescu

The wife of Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu (1918-1989) had built a myth of intellectual delirium autocratic. As she had only two years of primary school, Helena Ceausescu had a title "Doctor of Engineering" in Chemistry from the Polytechnic Institute of Bucharest acquired in 1967.
Elena Petrescu Rastoçesa born January 7, 1917 into a family of poor farmers of Judet in Ilfov County, in Wallachia in southern Romania. She spent two years at the elementary school, where she is poorly recorded before ending up working in a textile factory in Bucharest. In 1937, during a strike, she met the shoemaker's Nicolae Ceausescu, an agitator communsite two years his junior.
The same year she joined the Communist Party. They married in 1939. When Nicolae is found twice in a labor camp, she plunges into hiding. In 1944, Ceausescu became secretary of Communist Youth under the protection of Gheorghe Gheorghiu-Dej (1901-1965), Secretary General of the Communist Party.
In 1965,  at the death of Gheorghiu-Dej, Nicolae Ceausescu became the Communist Party boss. Elena joined the Political Bureau, Secretariat, Assembly and at the Academy of Sciences. To be accepted, it is a thesis in Chemistry on "The Structure of apples" by Professor Ion Ursu, University of Timisoara. Her husband is content with the title of "Genius of the Carpathians", but asked the Foreign Universities to award honorary doctorates to his wife that fills its publications on polymers that can not even read.
In 1975, France of Valery Giscard d'Estaing play the game and obtains a doctorate honoris to Elena Ceausescu by the Faculty of Sciences of Nice. This  Ph.D. will be exhibited by Elena until her death sentence and his execution on Christmas 1989.
She had given Nicolae, three children : Zola (1949-2006), married to a mathematician Professor Ion Mircea Oprean which had been created "a special section of scientific creation." And two sons: Valentin, born in February 1948, Engineer Atomic, trained at the University of Bucharest and at Imperial College London, who has kept out of politics and Nicu, born in 1951, renowned for his dissolute lifestyle, but who was nevertheless prepared to succeed his father. First as head of Communist Youth, he was co-opted member of the Acting Executive Committee and appointed by the regional party first secretary in Sibiu. Arrested in December 1989 along with his parents, he was released in 1992 to die from cirrhosis of the liver in a hospital in Vienna, Austria September 26, 1996. Imposed in 1985 by his despotic mother, his wife Polyana Cristescu was a member of the Central Committee, secretary of the Communist Youth League and chairwoman of the pioneers.

Simone Gbagbo Ehivet alias "Xhénia Warrior"
In "Words of Honor, the First Lady of  Ivory Coast  Says ...", published by Editions Ramsay in Paris in 2007, that his supporters call him "Xhénia Warrior" because of its "harsh, dry, uncompromising and passionate", Simone Gbagbo, born Ehivet who shared power with her ​​husband Laurent Gbagbo Kudu, nicknamed the" Baker" (because of his propensity to roll his political partners in the flour) already dealt with cunning and petty, the seducer of her husband, Alassane Ouattara. Because she was convinced he would eventually rob them of power over the Ivory Coast that God had granted her husband ...
Constable's daughter born June 20, 1949 Ehivet in siblings of fifteen sisters Moossouin Ivory Coast. She attended high school in Grand-Bassam near Abidjan, where his father was assigned. During her studies in college, she campaigned for women's branch of the Catholic Student Youth (JECFA) of which it becomes national leader from 1966 to 1971. After studying at technical school in Abidjan, she enrolled in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Abidjan, where she graduated in 1973. In 1976, she obtained a Masters of Modern Literature at the University of Villetaneuse Paris III.
From 1974 to 1979 she taught modern literature at the “Lycée classique” of Abidjan. In 1981, she obtained the Diploma of Applied Studies (DEA) at the University of Dakar. She is preparing a doctoral thesis in graduate oral literature in 1983. From 1980 to 1984 she worked as a researcher at the Institute of Applied Linguistics (ILA). In 1984 she graduated in African linguistics at the University of Abidjan.
In 1971, she founded in Abidjan with four friends (Professor Pascal Kokora, Abdouramane Sangare, Maurice Boga Doudou and Laurent Gbagbo Kudu) "Organization", the embryo of what later became the Ivorian Popular Front (FPI), which bears his husband Laurent Gbagbo (Met in 1973) to power in October 2000.
When Laurent Gbagbo was declared "persona non grata" in Ivory Coast by the regime of Felix Houphouet-Boigny and exile in France from 1982 to 1988, she is a teacher and researcher at the Institute of Linguistics and Deputy Secretary General of the National Union Research and Higher Education and Scientific Research (SYNARES).
On 20 November 1988 at the official establishment of the REIT, she became secretary general. She is imprisoned for six months after student protests February 18, 1992.
In November 1995 she was elected MP in Abidjan (electoral district of Abobo). From 1996 to 1999, she was first secretary general of the Ivorian Popular Front (FPI).
When her husband was elected president in Ivory Coast October 22, 2000, she was again elected to parliament in Abobo (a suburb of Abidjan) to the National Assembly. In January 2001, she became president of the Parliamentary Group of the Ivorian Popular Front (FPI). Leaving the role of muse to the simple second office of her husband, the Muslim erased, Nadiana Bamba.
Having tasted the supreme power, she will let him go for anything left to "break definitively Ivory Coast" leaving her husband play  the role of "The clown service."
Xhenia-Simone Ehivet Gbagbo, Ivorian warrior does escape the popular anger that has ended the power and life of her alter ego, Elena Petrescu Rastroçesa Ceausescu?