dimanche 21 août 2011

Argentina, Germany, England: Fan of the football club for all eternity!

A cemetery for fans of El Boca in Buenos Aires.

The famous football club "Atletico El Boca Juniors of Argentina" better known as the "Bombonera" opened a cemetery at Parque Iraola Peresra, 30 km from Buenos Aires, reserved exclusively for its supporters is commonly called "Su Hincha."
         By visiting the famous goalkeeper of the club in the 1960s, Antonio Rattin Obaldo exclaimed: "It is very beautiful and we want to stay."
The site covers a hectare afforested with up to 12,000 graves. It is decorated with blue and yellow flowers, the colors of Club Atletico El Boca.
The cemetery was blessed by Father Jose Luis Monzon in the presence of Secretary General of Boca Juniors, Luis Buzio.
"It's an honor to be here on behalf of Boca Juniors and have a tomb. In addition to the supporters, there is room for players and managers. We rest here," said during the inauguration Buzio .
The idea for this cemetery came after strong demand from fans to spread the ashes of his dead on the ground of Boca Juniors.
         Football Club El Boca is regarded as the best club in the first decade of the century of Latin America.

Hamburg SV fans even in the afterlife!

The football club Hamburg SV, who plays in the Bundesliga, Germany imitated Club Boca El Cemetery by installing a 15 meters from the stage for his ardent supporters.
"For many, it's important to feel close to his club, even after death," says the vice president added that the cemetery look like an outdoor stadium.
         With 42,000 registered supporters at the club for only 500 seats, the competition promises to be fierce. Supporters receive a 25-year concession and can choose between different types of burials: a funeral urn from 2,500 euros, a single grave at 8,000 euros, or both, to 12,500 euros. The cemetery, with an estimated cost of 70,000 euros, was launched in September 2006.
In England, Everton FC in Liverpool was founded in 1878 made famous by dispersing the ashes of his fans around the field.

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